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The most worthwhile MV at the end of the year is the Marine Corps version of your answer.

cctvnewscenter @ 2019/12/23

There is a kind of glory. call

I am from the Marine Corps.

With this MV
Your answer.
Dedicated to the Marine Corps.

A kind of

This is my passport photo.

No makeup, no PS

The most authentic me on the passport!

This is my life photo.

Bathed in fire

In the mud


In the snow

Can take nine days to collect the moon

You can catch turtle in five oceans.

This is my food.

Eating too many delicacies

It's not bad to eat some game occasionally.

This is my specialty.

Young and brave, agile.

Let go of the day and fight from the clouds.

This is my face value.
Face and connotation

He can attack good and defend, and invincible.

Heaven and earth are furnaces, youth is carbon.
Forging the strongest soldier in the motherland
Source: Contemporary Navy

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