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Chairman Mao asked, "who is the parent?" Is it an official or a people?

weiren-kc @ 2019/10/09

Before the national day of 1968, the Central Committee informed the CPC Central Committee and Chairman Mao to invite workers from all over the country to attend the National Day ceremony at Tiananmen, Beijing. Liaoning was then the major industrial province in the country, and the central government gave 300 places.

Upon receipt of the notice, representatives from all sectors of the province, including iron and steel workers in Anshan and Benxi, coal miners in Fushun and Fuxin, workers in heavy machinery and military enterprises in Shenyang, Dalian, Jinzhou's shipbuilding and locomotive workers, Liaoyang and Dandong textile workers... In particular, those veteran workers and veteran workers who made significant contributions to the state after the founding of the PRC formed one of the national delegations: the Liaoning provincial workers' National Day Watch delegation.

After arriving in Beijing, the workers' delegation of Liaoning moved to the Beijing Hotel, which could be regarded as the most expensive hotel in Beijing. For ordinary workers who fight all the year round in the first line of production, this is a dream that they never dreamed of.

Then, the central authorities also informed that Chairman Mao invited workers from some provinces and cities to live in Zhongnanhai and gave one hundred places in Liaoning, and twenty workers' representatives could climb the Tiananmen tower together with Chairman Mao on national day.

The news caused a great sensation in the Liaoning delegation. On the phone, Premier Zhou told me that the Liaoning workers' representative in Zhongnanhai lived in a squadron's barracks.

At that time, he was very excited. A squadron was a squadron of the central guard regiment who was responsible for Chairman Mao's security task. The barracks were on the opposite side of the South Gate of the chairman's residence. As soon as the delegation stayed, I rushed to a squadron to visit everyone.

As soon as I entered the yard, the representatives of the workers in Liaoning surrounded me, holding my hand tightly, and feeling excited.

"Who has heard of it since the dawn of the earth? A coal sunspot who has dug a lifetime of coal can live in Zhongnanhai and live in the side of Chairman Mao......" An old worker in Fushun coal mine grasped my hand tightly.

An old model worker at Anshan Iron and steel company, with tears and tears in her eyes, said: "I was doing odd jobs at Anshan Iron and steel company in Japan for thirteen years old, dressed in sack bags, nibbled with cold, clasped bread and cheese, and had been beaten by the foreman's whip, and had been kicked by little devil's leather boots. I can't even dream of living in this life to the side of the great leader, Chairman Mao. "

Under the emotion of many emotions, many workers' representatives can't stop talking to me. Some say they live in places where the emperor could stay in the past. Some say this is the place where the red sun rises. I was deeply moved by what I saw in front of me.

That evening, I went to the swimming pool of Zhongnanhai to see the chairman. I still could not restrain my excitement and report the old workers' reports to the chairman. Especially when I mentioned the old model worker at Anshan Iron and steel company, I even stood up excitedly from the sofa.

The chairman listened to me in silence. He did not interrupt me, and he never interrupted. When I said almost the same thing, he put his left hand down for two times, gestured me to sit down and talk. I returned to the sofa and sat down slowly, and my mind began to cool down and gradually calmed down.

At this time, I noticed that the chairman was not satisfied with the expression, but there was a disapproving cold.

"The prime minister told me that the chairman decided to invite workers representatives to Zhongnanhai." I said. "Do you have any more?" The chairman said.

"The prime minister arranged that the workers' representatives in Liaoning should live in a squadron camp." I said. "Do you have any more?" The chairman said.

I didn't utter a sound, but shook my head slightly.

The chairman squinted and smoked silently. I looked at him blankly and felt that we had been sitting in silence for a long time.

The chairman snuffed up the cigarette butts and looked up at me. "Are you finished?" The chairman slowly said, " It is my proposal to invite workers representatives to Zhongnanhai. Is it also worth making such a fuss about? "

Get excited over a little thing? Did I say something wrong?

The chairman looked at the ceiling and sighed. "Or the Central Soviet Area of Jiangxi. "

Central Soviet area? I was even more confused.

The chairman said, "In the Central Soviet Area, old watches can come to my place at any time, and I can go to their homes to chat with them.

When I arrived in Yanan, I was not very free. When I was walking along the hillside along the river, I met with my wife, dolls and men in Northern Shaanxi.
Now, well, I invited some workers' representatives to live in Zhongnanhai, so it's worth making such a fuss about. Uh huh? "

Only then did I realize that the chairman was blaming me.

" What is the first time in the world, where the red sun rises, where the great leader lives, what the emperor can stay, what honor is there? Are you cursing me? "The chairman has listed many" what "in one breath. That is exactly what I said just now, but how is it a curse?

I feel wronged and apologetically say, "I only repeat what those old workers say. I think they are all from the bottom of my heart. No one is made up by me."

" The masses can be understandable by saying the same thing. " The chairman interrupted me without waiting for me to speak, and he pointed to my nose and said, " And you are now the leading cadre of the party. How can you enjoy these things, and you will be surprised to see me in front of me. It's too bad for you to lose your head! "

With such reprimand, I realized that I had inadvertently made the chairman angry.

The chairman went on to say: "As a leader of the party, you can't say that! Don't you even understand this simple truth? What do we do in the Communist Party? A Communist is a duty worker serving the people, and the masses are the masters of this country. "

The chairman pointed to my nose, and the chairman pointed to his nose again. " In front of old workers, old models, you, Including me, all of them are servants for them. The servant asked his master to come home. What could be worth it? What a surprise! Uh huh? You say it! "

My forehead was sweaty and I was speechless.

"You have completely reversed the relationship between the master and the servant. This is a wrong political principle. And defend yourself. " The chairman said very sternly.

Calm down, the chairman's criticism did make sense. I was deeply disturbed by my performance, and stood up again from the sofa to apologize to the chairman. "I was wrong, yes, wrong in principle, and turned upside down..." "Relationship", I only felt that I was swelling my fever and I was ruthlessly poured a basin of cold water.

The chairman picked up a towel from the tea table and handed it to me. Remember this wrong lesson. "

"I will always remember it." I wiped the sweat off my forehead with a small towel.

The president waved again and asked me to sit down and say: "You are still young. Lenin said that God will forgive young people who make mistakes. No one can avoid making mistakes, but the same mistake can never be committed again. " He pointed to the teacup in front of me, and I took up two drinks.

The chairman's tone was calm. "I can't blame you all. It's only a few months since you arrived in Liaoning. After entering the city, many of our cadres are getting bigger and bigger and away from the masses. This is a fairly common problem within the party.
In the war era, we could not live without the masses. Without the masses, we can't keep our brains intact, just like fish can't get away from water. After entering the city, he became a high-ranking official. He opened his mouth and said what he was like. The relationship between fish and water has gradually become oil-water relationship, and it is floating on top of itself, and it does not allow the masses to breathe.

The chairman continued. "Who is the parent? Is it an official or a people? Our party members, especially party members and leading cadres, only have the duty of Yasukyo Keikeitakei's parents. There must be no power to ride on their parents' heads.
Many people in the party have turned the relationship upside down and reversed the relationship between the master and the servant. The Kuomintang turned the relationship upside down and finally got to an island. If the Communist party turns the relationship upside down, I think sooner or later, it will be rushed to the island by the masses. Do you believe it? You don't believe me. "

Chairman: "To reverse this upside down relationship again. To make our Party cadres clear about this relationship, the masses are the real masters of the country. Under the supervision of the master, hold your tail and be a good servant. "

The chairman went on to say: It is the masses that lay the foundation for our country. They are the real masters of the country. You Liaoning is a big industrial province with many industrial workers and great contributions to the country, but wages are very low. The value they create is much higher than that paid to them. It's not reasonable. I'm sorry, Mao Zedong. They owe them debts.
At present, the foundation of the country is thin. There are too many places to use money. If we build a tall building, we must lay a good foundation, and then we will get better. What can be compensated for at present is their birth, illness, death, housing, children's schooling, and the public are all wrapped up as much as possible.
You tell Chen Xilian, you Liaoning must ensure the workers' work safety benefits, otherwise, I will be even more sorry for them. "

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