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I really don't understand. What is the significance of the small and expensive mini bag? Well, it's delicious.

rayli_2013 @ 2019/12/23

Want to be fashionable girl. ???? Hurry up and use "star sign" to keep me!

I believe that those who are keen on surfing the Internet must find out.

This winter's hottest bag is the long cheese cheese bag.

"Long" is always the one in the impression.

An honest canvas bag.

And this year, Mr. Bao *Longchamp

2020 special limited series

Change the image of the past.

Mini little bag inspired by lovely yellow cheese.

Speaking of mini bags,

Or mention the originator Jacquemus of the mini package.

In February of this year,

The French brand Jacquemus has launched the mini Le Chiquito package.

This little handbag can only contain a few peppermints.

Despite the ridicule on social media,

But the mini package is famous.

It's still the heart of all the fashion designers.

Subsequently, LV and Prada launched their own mini bags.

Jacquemus mini bag, LV Mini mouth red bag

I know you want to ask.

Don't worry. Listen to Rui Xiaomei.

Take the Jacquemus brand.

Mini Le Chiquito bag queen Josephine

It is said that

Napoleon's wife Josephine queen

It has played an important role in promoting new styles of clothing and accessories.

Is the size of the handbag important?

For women, handbags are always political.

It reflects the current economic situation and gender roles.

A big bag, no matter how ugly or expensive it is.

It also has certain use value.

But in history,

Small handbags will be taunted and taunted.

The same is true of women who carry them.


When a woman's trousers, dress,

Even when the wedding dress is often spacious,

A small handbag may be enough to hold any other necessities.


It can not only have,

It is also a fashion symbol.

It can also express other characteristics.

For example, a minimalist way of life.

A personality that does not require much care.

In fact, the mini bag has its embryonic form.

Coin Beads in Europe

It was made from 1780 to 1810.

Japanese seals in the first half of the nineteenth Century.

Decorated with Lin's Kwan Sai and Zen master.

American knitted Coin Purse

It was made from 1830 to 1850.

American bag made of flax and glass beads.

Made in 1838

But many of them feel cute and cute.

Most of them want to buy, but the price is too low.

Today, Rui Xiaomei is everybody.

A few of the famous ones besides famous ones.

Small and cost-effective Mini Bag!

Y's Necklace mouth gold bag

Y's, a brand from Japan.

Y's was born in 1972.

Y's, as Yamamoto Teruji's brand, is famous for its high quality.

In the unique philosophical category of the brand,

Yamamoto Teruji draws inspiration from universal values.

The Y's series has been created with its unique style of playing style.

Y's fully embodies the essence of Yamamoto Teruji's brand.

The silver is very bright.

The little one as necklace accessories is very cute.

Mini gold necklace.

Yamamoto logo English version.

Y's's popular products.

There are mini necklaces and gold bags.

And the English version of Yamamoto logo.

You can have lipstick or something.

Many colors can be chosen.

It can be purchased from Yamamoto Teruji's official mall in China.



Yese studio

Yese studio is a designer brand from Italy.

The brand hardly does any advertising.

The style is very fresh and the price is also close to the people.

But the official website often breaks up.

The bobbins who want to buy must aim at the timing.

Low key crocodile pattern and very high green collocation.

The fresh sense of coming.

Rice white is super gentle and gentle in winter.

This Aya bag egg shaped bag.

It's just a form of artifact.

It can be hand held or slanted.

Can be purchased in official website:



Anteprima is a Japanese fashion designer.

Ms. Izumi Ogino

Italy fashion brand founded in 1993.

But we have to mention branding bags.

Knitting design is the strength of brand.

The success of Wire Bag is more prominent.

The Wire Bag is woven into handbags for Wire material.

Wire Bag, led by MS Ogino

It was first introduced in 1998.

The appearance is bright and gorgeous.

People who do not know at first glance always think they are wearing beads.

But beaded bags tend to be more delicate.

Once the line is broken, it is hard to repair.

If you don't pay attention, you can easily hook your clothes.

Wire Bag uses one kind of name.


It was woven by hand.

A variety of Wire Bag.

This panda shaped mini bag is very cute.

Detachable chain and folding handle

The bag can be exchanged as a satchel or handbag.

Bow opening,

Simple and elegant.

Glittering multicolored jewels and beads.

It gives people a sense of abundance and luxury.

Though very small,

But it can accommodate daily necessities.

Can be purchased in official website:



Ah, full of maiden heart!

Rosantica is from Italy.

It's jewelry designer Michela Panero.

The brand created in 2007,

Use all kinds of pearls, flowers, diamonds, etc.

Let girls heart element.

But it doesn't make people feel familiar.

Combination of retro and fashion.

The ball shaped bag with small capacity is still a hot style.

A little mini.

The combination of feather elements and diamonds.

Anyway, Rosantica belongs to you.

You can know its brand by looking at it.

I believe every girl can not refuse such a girl's bag.

It can be purchased on Fifth Avenue online shopping platform:


ATELIERS is an independent designer brand in China.

It was designed by Summer Zhao.

Jewelry brand founded in 2016,

It is a kind of pure aesthetics transformed from real and natural.

Take the "breath texture" on the silver surface as the core of brand design.

Designers understand their understanding of art, philosophy and reality.

Empathize with every creation.

Give them ideas and words.

This silver shell Mini package highlights the core of its design.

Whether it's black shirt or white shirt, there are bright spots.

Ghost horse elves Dongyu Zhou and Zhang Xueying have recited this bag.

Can be purchased in official website:



Like Zara, little CK, which we know very well.

Mini bags have been launched.

The bobbins who do not want to wait can buy them conveniently when they go shopping.

These are good ones.

Can be purchased at Tmall flagship store.

Let's start with mini bags and get started.