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The 14 year old dog's ashes were burned into glass. She saw the black and white dog faces on the beads and red eyes.

q_catdog @ 2019/12/22

The husbands of netizens are already 14 years old this year. Unfortunately, the dog died in June 8, 2019. After she cremated her beloved dog, she wanted to leave her ashes around her as a souvenir and sent it to make a commemoration of the glass beads. On the day she saw the finished product, she found that the shape of the coloured beads was natural and could not help her eyes.

Husky, the young master, was weak and ill from the small body. He had also suffered from canine distemper. But he still managed to tide over the difficulties. After 14 years, he left the world until he had a good home.

Since the death of her dog, she has lived for a long time in a life like a walking corpse, and suddenly felt a great vacancy in her mind. "I recall that when the young master died, I promised to take good care of myself, and it would ease my last breath."

When a dog dies, leaving a bone ash is like a proof that it once lived in the world. In order to make this "proof" exist for a long time, the owner asks someone to help him burn the ashes into glass beads, and want to be left behind as treasures.

A few days later, she got the finished product of the glass beads, and found that there was a special texture in the bead. A closer look was more like a dog's face with eyes and nose. It was like "the face of a young gentleman", which was actually printed on the round bead. Under the shock, it was hard to suppress the excitement in the heart, and tears burst the embankment.

The owner said that because the "young master" was weak and had been taking medicine for a long time, the toxin remained in the bone. After 3 times of burning, chemical changes caused discoloration and cracks.

The glazed beads appear semi liquid at high temperatures. They will be finalized after cooling. What patterns will appear on the beads are hard to predict, so it is very rare to see such a clear dog face on the beads.

"This fate has been well preserved. I believe that my love for young masters has become eternal, no longer the existence that others can replace, and I believe that young master is watching me and protecting me in heaven. The host said with tears.

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