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Qing Nan Xing Jun Yue Yun 7.01 - 7.31

qingnanxingjun @ 2020/06/28

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Just in the late June, I believe many sheep and goats felt the invasion and power of the water retrograde, and the unexpected situation of family, roommates and real estate increased.

Entering July, you seem to have adapted slowly to this rhythm, and coping with it. There are many energetic stars in early July to help you advance and perfect those "unfinished" matters.

1, 2 days, some sheep and goats will gain profits in real estate or rental, or receive financial support from their families. On the 5 day of the Capricorn penumbra eclipse, a project or career goal that you are responsible for seems to have a phased result.

We can try to recall the 19 years from December to January 20, whether we embarked on a new project, which included many "sudden, special and forward-looking" factors. I believe that after six months of accumulation, you have gained a lot of growth.

Other babies may want to "end" a career near this day, or need to identify matters related to their families, settlements and property.

After the middle of the day, this dilemma will be eased, and you will find the window in your life. Because Mercury is still retrograde 12 days ago, it is best to make a decision later in July.

At the beginning of July, the emotional life of some sheep and goats has already been active. For single babies, especially those who used to be lovers, friends and colleagues, they may appear in your life again. It makes you feel like you are walking around, and you may quickly determine the relationship between lovers.

What you need to notice is that you recently met through the Internet. Then, the risk of risk will increase. Later in the day, you may find that the other person is not the same as you think.

In short, this month is very suitable for you to get close to your heart for a while, and know more about yourself. What do you like? How can it make you feel comfortable? Who do you want to connect with? And choose who will be your family.

Student party, the learning efficiency slowed down in the first half of this month. Some babies will be interested in psychology, real estate and other industry knowledge. Relax around 7 and 8, avoid being influenced by family members and roommates, and give yourself more positive help.

In late days, you are full of motivation and can better invest in your studies.


I don't know whether you have had some "headache" in your life at the end of June.

Entering the July, there will be strong energy in the beginning to help you make progress in learning, earning, going out, expanding, negotiating and so on, and these are related to past events, such as refresher courses, wages payable and unfinished contracts.

In July, you can expect life to be gentle with you. Venus will gradually regain its energy, and you will slowly determine your value, and it will be clearer to see whether the so-called friends and platforms around you will be clearer at the end of the month.

There will be more work matters this month. 7 to 14 days, the effect of water retrograde is very obvious. It is very easy to appear small errors. Some babies may feel a little "battered", so try to avoid arranging important things in this period.

On the 12 day, Mercury will end its retrograde motion and return to normal speed after late. You will find your own pace and make more reasonable time and work arrangements.

Feeling is not the focus of your life this month. Compared with June, the single bull will have the chance of online love and campus romance at the beginning of the month.

Now that you will treat your feelings with a more pragmatic attitude, it is inevitable that there is a contradiction between perception and sensibility. So you haven't come to the right time to arrange your own affairs first.

The student party, in late June, did not know if you had some obstacles in your schoolwork. In July, there seemed to be some opportunities for "twists and turns". It was more obvious near 1 and 2.

On the 5 day of the Capricorn penumbra eclipse, you have been puzzled by your past two years of study, examination and other problems. Some unexpected and unexpected results occurred. The balance between overall examination time and details was carefully arranged around 7 and 8 days.

After mid and late, you can better arrange your studies, and in late July, you will no longer be rigid in form.

In the past June, I wonder if there has been any change in your emotional life. In July, you will have a more objective understanding of your feelings and yourself, and your emotional progress will gradually be on the right track.
At the same time, you will spend more time and energy in paying attention to finance this month. You can expect a long delayed money to arrive at 1 or 2 days, and increase the number of meals, parties and meetings this month. You should increase your social cost in the middle and early days.
After the middle of the month, you will pay more attention to the development of your business and your income. You will make better progress, earn more and spend more.
The incumbent baby has the opportunity to find better income generating and increasing income projects and opportunities in the existing work, which is also very valuable in the current employment situation.
Emotionally, you still have many opportunities for peach blossom and love this month. Unlike June, there are fewer opportunities for peach blossoms and rotten peach blossoms in the past.
At the end of the month, you may feel a sense of disillusionment or the influence and pressure of your family members. This will help you to confirm what you want slowly.
Student party, you may be somewhat confused in the first half of this month. You can't distinguish between the primary and the secondary, and your eyebrows and beards can be grasped. You may as well give yourself some time to plan.
7, 8 days to find their own rhythm, not to be affected by the outside too much, later in the day you will spend more time and energy in academic aspects, is easy to make breakthroughs and progress.

Happy birthday, dear crab! I wonder if there are some important changes in your life in the late June. It may be work, appearance, identity or occupation. It may also be a partnership. This birthday month in July is also important for you.
First, at the beginning of the month, the baby who is in the media, public welfare and financial industry may get good news late.
Five Near a Capricorn penumbra eclipse, there seems to be a result and an end to a relationship or partnership, such as identifying relationships, seeing parents, discussing engagement, or saying goodbye.
This relationship and transformation began in 19 or 12 or 20 January, and brought you many growth in the way you did not expect.
So far, the topic of intimacy in the past two years has been the most volatile and peak hour for you. After that, it will gradually become stable. In late July, we can expect a long-term, stable and three dimensional relationship.
12 days ago, mercury was retrograde in your sign. Some babies will feel old and self denial. Others will feel the pressure of career development. These will gradually improve after mid and late.
At the same time, it is easy to say "many words will lose" during this period, so as to avoid hurting words or oral cheques.
Although work and career pressure and things are more, but this month is actually very suitable for traveling with your spouse, watching movies, reading and exchanging time, especially in the middle and late days, these will make your feelings more solid and deep.
In terms of career, this month, as a whole, you are ambitious in your career and have a lot of things you want to do. Though busy, it is also a good time to break through.
What we need to pay attention to is that on the one hand, there will still be a feeling of "being controlled by people" throughout the month. For example, partners are very strong; platforms and industries are restricted; busy things can not be seen in a short period of time, which requires you to survive in the existing resources and environment.
After 22 days, money will become your main concern. You will feel pressure near the end of the month, such as repayment pressure, commission, salary, not meeting your expectations and high social cost. So before that, it's best to get in and out.
Student party, as a good memory of water signs, this time you will recall a lot of past knowledge points, 7 or 8 days only need not to give yourself too much mental stress, too nervous, but not conducive to play, to cope with challenges.

At the beginning of the month, it is a good time to announce romance and flash love. Single children also have the opportunity to contact the past lovers and friends again.
In July, for you, the overall keynote is more suitable for low-key regimen and recuperation for a period of time. It is also very suitable for conditioning the body, treating old diseases, and may see the therapeutic effect at the end of the month.
Others may be busy preparing, preparing, and working behind the scenes. At the beginning of the month, there may be an unexpected investment and account, and a period later in the middle of the year will usher in a period suitable for generating income, reclaiming bonuses, commissions and relatives.
22 days later, the sun will enter your sign to bring you energy and new goals and start. Before that, you need a little time and patience to deal with delays and unexpected situations.
Emotionally, your peach blossoms this month are more reliable than in June. Single babies are suitable for expanding social circles through friends' introduction and Internet.
At the beginning of the month, there will be a chance to fall in love. At the end of the month, there will be friction between the companion cat and the lover, especially the conflict of career development and conflict with the elders.
On the job side, this month is very suitable for you to study, recharge, and study for a long time, quietly upgrading your skills. Some big cats may have the work of going out and traveling. Others will have a career change plan at the end of the month.
Later development will depend on the accumulation of your skills before long after that, but you also need to take care of your body and avoid overwork.
The student party, this month, you are very busy in your studies. You are constantly pursuing your ideals. You have high requirements for yourself. Relax 7 days or 8 days, pay attention to the quality of your sleep, and put on the light. By the end of the month, some cats will harvest their ideal academic knowledge.

I wonder if you felt the attack of water retrograde at the end of June? For example, friends and colleagues who have not been contacted for a long time get in touch with you again.
In July, for you, it is generally more relaxed and clear. At the beginning of the month, you may increase your knowledge in social networking, especially for children in the media, communication and education industries.
Emotionally, this month is generally relatively stable. The interaction and communication between you and your lover are very harmonious. It's a good time to work together and plan for the future together. Single babies may have unexpected gains in social gatherings and start a serious and long-term relationship.
In the past, the past June is not ideal. You may not get the results and achievements you expect.
In July, there has been some improvement. There are some lagging achievements. The relationship with leaders and officers will also be improved. It should be noted that after the end of the next decade, they may be affected by the relationship between their partners and colleagues, so we should carefully select our teammates.
On the other hand, for a whole month, the people and platforms you are dealing with will be in a bit of a mess, so you need to be more cautious in dealing with investment, financial management and recharging. After a long period of time, your income will remain at a high level to ensure that you have enough margin.
The student party, this month, your overall state is better, will enrich their knowledge reserves through many channels, but it will also disrupt your original pace, causing confusion and no end.
7, near 8 days, these unorganized things may make you feel anxious, adjust your mind and seriously control the relationship between the overall situation and the details, you will achieve the desired results.

At the end of June, I didn't know if there were any "accidents" in your life. In July, your status will pick up, especially in travel, study, further education, and charging. You will gradually find your way and get on the right track.
Most of the time in July, your energy will be transferred to career development, and overall progress is going smoothly. Some babies will even have the opportunity to get promoted and be entrusted with heavy responsibilities. At the beginning of the month, a long delayed project seems to bring you some commission and income at last.
On the 5 day of the Capricorn penumbra eclipse, you may have sudden changes and progress in family, residence, settlement city and real estate.
In the past two years, the choice of career and development cities will gradually settle down after July, and you will have a new understanding and start about family and sense of belonging.
Starting in the middle of the year, you may need to plan your time to balance your family and career development. Until the end of the month, some babies may even have conflicts and disputes with their loved ones. You can consider helping your co-workers and helpers to coordinate.
On the emotional side, the single Libra rose in July. At the beginning of the month, there was an opportunity to develop feelings with friends and leaders, and the influence of water retrograde could make it difficult for you to concentrate more on love and try to communicate with each other.
A partner may neglect his lover for a whole month because of his busy career. He or she is divided with his wife because of his career direction. There is greater competition pressure in his career development. It is suggested that the feelings between the two people should not be affected by too much work and opinions from their elders.
The student party, this month, you attach great importance to your studies, and overall performance is obviously better than June, near 7 or 8 days. The strong attitude of your competitors will make you feel stressed, adjust your mind and encounter strong opportunities, and face challenges.


After the sun enters your water sign, you can also release your energy better. This month, some babies will have plans to travel, study, learn and recharge. This will be an important period for students.

In the late June, you may have some hesitation and repeated emotions in study and examination, or get some unexpected news to disrupt your original plan.

On the 5 day of the Capricorn Moon eclipse, you seem to have completed your career in a certain discipline and field, such as completing a semester's course, completing your defense and writing articles, and finally having a long history for the office workers.

7, near 8, we need to pay attention to the tendency to pay too much attention to details and neglect the overall progress. Good time allocation and good balance will help you achieve better results.

Academic progress is relatively smooth throughout the month, and it is expected to start a new process in late June to open up a new learning cycle.

Emotionally, companion scorpions may plan to travel with their loved ones or gather together in the other's city.

Single babies have a higher chance of online love and campus romance at the beginning of the month. Retrograde Mercury will bring some smoke bombs, while enjoying love and protecting themselves.

In late May, there will be differences in spending, cohabitation, career development, elder relationships and other lovers. After 22 days, you will devote more energy to your career.

Just in the past June, some scorpions may feel unwell and pressure in the economy, and will gradually improve in July. The arrears of wages, commission and contributions are expected to arrive in succession.

In the late part of the year, you should still avoid extravagant consumption. You may find it difficult to balance your family, your lover and your career at the end of the month.

Have you made any significant progress in your emotional relationship in the past June? Those who have a partner have higher love sweetness. Single shooters may encounter bad peach blossoms or experience with their predecessors.
In July, your attention will be applied to real life and money. At the beginning of the month, some babies will have the opportunity to receive long delayed bonuses and reimbursement.
On the 5 day of the Capricorn penumbra eclipse, there will be a phased result of income, investment, loan and so on. In late July, it is expected to enter a new financial cycle and make progress in family and real estate.
It needs to be reminded that if there are significant investments and expenses, it is best to decide later in late July that Mercury will be retrograde on the 12 th, and that there will still be a week after that.
Emotionally, the emotional life in July will be more realistic than that in June, and gradually fade away from the filter or prejudice. The companion baby may seriously consider the practical problems of cohabitation and living together this month. The single shooter has the opportunity of online love and his predecessor and other flash love at the beginning of the month.
However, there will be some disillusionment in later love. It may cause differences in family, real estate, economy and so on. It requires patience to communicate and avoid wasting comparisons.
The student party, at the beginning of the month, has a better academic progress. Some babies will harvest good news on study and examination. There will be some fun playing around the 7 and 8 days, and they will get better results. Later in the month, you will pay more attention to school and professional choices.

I believe that in the late June, you have made some important progress in your love and marriage. Entering the July to find a suitable partner for you is still an important theme in your life.
There is a strong energy in the beginning of the month. The single child will have a chance to flash love. The other person may be your old friend or former lover.
This month is very important for your personal and emotional life. On the 5 day of the Capricorn penumbra eclipse, about a relationship, your identity or goal is at the time of acceptance, this partnership or occupation or identity may start from December to January 20.
Up to now, you have grown and gained a lot. As the end of this month, the days of the roller coaster finally passed, and observed as much as possible to new acquaintances.
Later, it will be a more suitable time. Some babies are expected to launch a new, more stable and mature relationship, whether they are lovers or career cooperation.
The economic problem is also outstanding this month. At the beginning of the month, it will be very good to deal with the past, unrecovered and arrears of funds, and it is expected to get a sudden return, and investment is not the right time at this time.
Near the end of the month, you may feel the financial pressure, so before that, the amount of money has come out.
Starting from the end of June, you will need more attention and time for family, real estate, residence, decoration and so on. This will last for quite a long time.
How to balance your spouse, family and career in the first half of July and at the end of the month will also make you feel stressed or even not understood. Communication and help are very necessary at this time.
The student party, near 7 or 8, avoids being overinfluenced by family and other people. First, it does not need to think too much about the problems that need to be solved in the future.


July is not easy for you. Health and work require you to put more energy into coping with it. For office workers, you should also avoid overwork while dealing with work matters.

On the 12 day, Mercury will end retrograde, but there will be residual power in the next week. It will not be suitable for impulsive job hopping and resignation. In late July, it will be a better time to launch new jobs and new projects.

After a while, busyness will gradually become a normal form of your life, so it will become very important to develop good work habits and habits and increase self-discipline.

Emotionally, the overall emotional energy of July will be smoother than that of June. At the beginning of the month, the single bottle will have the chance to flash love with friends, predecessors and colleagues.

You will spend more energy in your work this month, so the chance of romance in the office is improved, and you need to dress mentally when you go to work.

A partner will spend more time with her lover in daily life and work. After 22 days, you will spend more time with each other.

The student party is very busy this month. Some bad learning habits may drag you down. It's time to standardize. 7, near 8 days, we should be more careful in learning and avoid careless mistakes.


I wonder if you have made some new progress in your love and children in the late June.

In July, most of the time, this is still your area of concern, such as actively preparing for pregnancy, accompanying children to enjoy parent-child time, actively taking off the list, enjoying love and so on.

Of course, some single children are not in love, so you will know how to enjoy life, play games, catch up with dramas, and relieve yourself.

This month, the overall tone for you is more cheerful, and the energy of love is even smoother than that of June. Single children may fall in love with their former lovers, classmates and netizens at the beginning of the month.

For those who are preparing for pregnancy or new knowledge, it will be a more suitable opportunity later in late July to harvest good news.

Under the catalysis of enjoying life, you will spend more money this month, and reward yourself with some small fortune. It is natural that you will be lucky. But for high value, luxury and unnecessary goods, you'd better go in and out.

The student party, this month, you enjoy learning very much, while others need to avoid learning progress due to playfulness.

7, there may be a lack of concentration around the 8 day. Avoid distractions, give yourself some positive encouragement, and seriously invest in achieving good results.


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