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Not to lose Japan, to soak the immortal beauty hot springs around Chengdu.

wugushi1 @ 2019/12/23

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People who are concerned with "top story" are cool.

When it comes to hot springs, many people will think of Kyoto and Hokkaido for the first time, but the price of a trip to Japan in winter is pretty expensive.

In order to save money for the new year, and at the end of the year, I have been working hard for a whole year to have a perfect annual vacation, and I have made a lot of ideas for the magazine's red line with the same blockbuster.

Intimate contact with lesser panda

Seeing giant pandas at giant panda base

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Today I am going to show you a cost-effective tour, all located in my hometown, Sichuan.

Mention Sichuan, not only has the saliva hot pot, the naive panda, the beauty of skin white snow. At night, a barbecue, a hoof soup, a string of incense, a vegetable, a rabbit's head, a dry pot, an ice powder and a taro chicken will not disappoint you.

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This article has been collecting materials for three years, and spent countless weekends and parents driving, consuming and experiencing the selection of hotels and lodging in Sichuan. (thanks for mom and dad tossing me) The poor sense of lodging experience has been dropped by my pass, so the list can be chosen carefully.

Several of these The Springs Hotel are in my famous hometown of 5A scenic spot in Dujiangyan, and I can play cards once enough at the foot of Qingchengshan.

After a trip down to eat and drink good people are less than one thousand, drag their families, call friends, join hands with sweetheart, spend a pleasant weekend or a small holiday.

Lishan Shan Dao Ming


"The empty mountain is silent, the heart is born, the valley is far away, the wild bird is singing."

The silence in the mountains filtered through the dust, and the birds in the empty valleys came out. The occasional birdsong came from the sparsely empty mountains. Finally, after leaving the hurried life, all the troubles were left behind, and the green empty mountains were felt, and the long silence was found in the smoke and rain. In the lake, there is only one person in the boat.

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Poetry and painting, in the empty mountains, such beautiful scenery, was really restored. Then recommend a vacation, a good place to go. I met with my family in a small hotel around Chengdu - Ming Kong Shan Road. When the temperature is cold again, the nest is warm in the hot spring, and the heart is soft. Although not long after opening, many stars, such as Ethan Ruan, Qi Wei and Sun Yizhou, came here to punch cards.

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It's less than an hour's drive from the downtown area, and weekends can easily get together with family members and friends. There are not many rooms, only six rooms, 198 yuan / person for meals, eight adults and two babies in our family have stayed overnight, and the accommodation is close to 8K.


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The cost is not cheap, but the happy memories of family reunion are enough to bring back the cost. After a long journey away from the bustle of the earth, the beautiful scenery of the empty mountain is coming.

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The elegant environment of the hotel is very suitable for filming the antique style, with the leisurely tea aroma and the ethereal sound of the piano. Empty mountains are empty mountains. They do not care about gains and losses. People come and go with their cause and effect. They are able to find everything in the world. Even if they are tired, they can still find themselves in the empty mountains.

After a busy period of time, accompanied by family and friends, I came to such a relaxing place. I enjoyed the simple happiness of the bubble hot spring. There were many ducks and geese in the hotel.

Qingcheng Road, Qingcheng


Chengdu's super beauty fairies hotel is cost-effective. The experience of hot spring bathing is comparable to that of Hokkaido, Japan.

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Chinese style When I checked in, it happened to be on New Year's day, and a heavy snowy and snowy and unsettled, southern child's mood was also clear. After snowing in Qingchengshan, I went to punch a super beauty home hotel to enjoy the snow bubble soup. Miya Taeya, a friend circle, everyone thought I went to Japan, ha ha ha ha.

When you live, it's still the original price, 998-1588/ a night. Send fruit packages, Voss mineral water, fridge mini bar drinks free of charge, toiletries by star hotel configuration, Japanese bathrobe, adequate room heating, warm and melted to melt the heart. The bedclothes are comfortable and soft, and can not help but roll in bed. Private housekeepers are on call. All kinds of breakfast snacks, drinks, night snack, milk dim sum, hot spring pool, swing, super lawn, private garden, swing, and his lovely dog. Meng loves a good person and has a reason for heartbeat.

Traffic: from the Chengdu urban area, it took 1.5 hours to drive to the street town, and then to go up for more than 20 minutes.

Meals: Frankly speaking... This mountain top is their own home. There are no other restaurant restaurants in the surrounding area. It's more troublesome to drive down the mountain unless you bring your convenience food up the mountain or drive down the hill to eat in town. Otherwise, basically only in the hotel to eat, the price of food is of course relatively high, pork ribs and soup pot according to the head count, I remember a person is more than 150 like? But adhering to the principle of "coming all coming"... Um... Or eat...

The name is called Qingcheng. Luckily, there are two pools that are newly opened, so I am lucky to be the first batch of Experiencers. With the first snow in Qingchengshan on New Year's day, the movie is enjoying the scenery and enjoying the snow.


It's still worth it, because the scenery and service are all in place!

We must punch cards.

Ramada gull Valley


Small Swiss + small Hokkaido punch cards around Chengdu.

Gulggou is located in Lixian County, Aba Prefecture, near the famous scenic area, and it is four hours from the urban area of Chengdu.

Ramada Hotel house prices range from 1600 to 10000 yuan. Family outing, girlfriends travel together, couples' houses, and even the company's mission are able to find suitable rooms.

I set the hot spring double bed room, 2600/ after tax.

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The hotel can also receive non accommodations, and the friends who feel that the price is more expensive can only buy a hot spring ticket for 178/ people. If you want to stay in the hotel, you can choose other more affordable hotels. However, individual visitors will be more tired when they climb the mountain. Because the parking area is limited, non hotel guests can only park in a relatively far place to walk, and after entering the hotel, the queuing process is rather troublesome.

The service is all right and thoughtful. The reception from the doorman to the front desk, the introduction of the room and the room service are all strict five-star specifications. (it is not because of the deep mountains that the standard is lowered).

The room is equipped with floor heating and equipped with a humidifier. Details can show the hotel's intentions. The hot springs set in the suite made me never think of rooms, soaked in hot spring water, covered with masks, played with light music, and the sound of flowing water on opposite hills, all of which were worth a lot of money.

The buffet breakfast is also rich in very, and Chinese and Western combination is abundant. Authentic Sichuan awakes a good morning's full score.

Besides hot springs, the high altitude and boundless swimming pool of Ramada Hotel is also a key point to be missed. Basically, young people are rushing towards it. I originally planned to stay in the red leaf season in mid November, but unfortunately I missed it. red The leaf season is only two weeks a year. When I move in, the red leaf forest has long been over. Perhaps the scenery of life is always filled with regrets and more blankness. I hope there will be a chance to visit the red leaf season again without any regrets.

This is the official website map, which makes me envy, jealousy and hate. I haven't had a heavy snowfall this time. I'm going to do it again in late December or January when there is heavy snow. (Southern girls are really rare snow!!!)

It has to be said that my great Sichuan is so beautiful that the unique topography of the basin has nurtured the beauty of spring, summer, autumn and winter at different levels and seasons.

Adhere to the consistent strategy of my trip, travel in the wrong peak!!!! Before the arrival of a large number of tourists in the morning, we had to finish shooting in outdoor swimsuits quickly and quickly.

At ten o'clock, when the opening time of the landscape swimming pool arrived, I rushed in with a bathrobe. After walking a little more outdoors, I felt that I had become a stiff ice lolly. The largest swimming pool has a good effect, but it is a swimming pool at a normal temperature. It is cold and dead. I just took two shots of the hot spring pool that has gone to the top of the water. Linbayashi is close to 30 hot spring pools with different efficiency. It is really fun for men, women and children with different needs.

The hotel can bring pets along with the local friends, pets and family paternity tours arranged in Chengdu. The routes and landscapes introduced today are not only suitable for young people to take pictures and punch cards, but also for middle-aged and elderly people. I'm very happy, like my parents have been taking out their cell phones.

?? Because parents have to work on Monday, so short two days, the trip is a bit hurried, but it is exceptionally substantial! Friends who have made friends, who are usually not commentaries, have all blown up and forced to ask me where this is. Did you go abroad?

Sincerely recommend, I hope the fairies can eat my Amway.

Joy without disgust. Huaxi.


A Japanese Zen Hotel with private soup in the mountains.

Snow and hot springs in winter are better than yo.

There are too many places to go around Chengdu, and spend one or two days at weekends, relaxing the body and mind, relieving the nerves and feelings of oppression. This The Inn Boutique is famous for its sense of design and ingenuity. It is located at the foot of the scenic spot of the Mount Emei, and it has been driving for more than an hour from the urban area of Chengdu. During the day, you can also walk to the Mount Emei scenic spot, and the air is clean and cool.

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Choose a "hot home" or "hot springs bank villa" room with hot springs. At that time, my check in price was between 1.7k and 2k+. Holidays may fluctuate. The room price also includes double breakfast + afternoon tea + dinner + the ticket for the country Pavilion.

I went with my mom and dad. Three people lived in a spacious room with a large bed. They could choose two beds and put them together. The management and service of the hotel is worthy of praise, and the meals are always praised for the price.

Howard Johnson Hotel Qingchengshan


The hotel's room price includes free hot spring vouchers. There are many items in the hotel, such as horse riding, fishing, lawn maze and so on. Some are free and some are charged.

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The most recommended ones are hot springs. There are twenty pools, big and small, and each room has an independent hot spring. Not many people, but every hot spring pool is open, and the staff will check the water temperature at any time.


The facilities of the hotel are very comprehensive, and it covers a large area. It is an old resort hotel. There are lots of rooms and ferry cars, which is a great experience.

Qingchengshan Xin Yue Hot Spring Resort Hotel


It's very suitable for weekend trips, and can be driven in an hour from the urban area. Starting from the Qingchengshan high-speed rail station, the starting price can be reached. It is very convenient. The hotel is very humane and can bring pets. In this case, my dog will not have to stay alone.

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There are four outdoor hot springs, two indoor hot springs, and open to 2:00 a.m. on weekends, but after eleven o'clock, there are few people.

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The hotel is highly rated, with an average price of around 1000. It is newly built in 17 years and has very new facilities. Their toiletries are the essential oil brand of luxury five star hotels, appelles. The decoration style combines the culture of the road and the Japanese style.

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The hotel also provides meals, and the price is not cheap. If you travel in summer, you must first plug in electric mosquito repellent incense to prevent mosquito bites. If we want to talk about shortcomings, the pool is a little small.

Waldhotel Qingchengshan


The hotel is located on the back of Qingcheng Mountain. The name of the hotel is from "the great master Chuang-tzu". "To fall into a limb, to remove intelligence, to know from the form, as in Datong, this is called forgetfulness." The style of the hotel is also deeply rooted in Taoist culture. Situated in the quiet forest, it only heard cicadas and birds, and did not hear the sound of voices. It was a good place for meditation.

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Because the hotel is located on the mountain, the traffic is not particularly convenient, the mountain to and fro will be chartered, if there are conditions, it is suggested that self driving travel.

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There are four kinds of hotel rooms: villa type, soup pool, tent room and double room. There are separate soup pools in the villa type and the pond house, but the hotel also provides public soup pool. You can choose according to your needs.

In addition to the general guest rooms, there are also Buddhist teahouses and teahouses in the hotel, which can be said to be very attentive. Besides, there are also yoga classes and meditation classes that can be taken part in. The breakfast is included in the hotel, and the lunch and dinner are booked in advance. The tea room also provides delicious refreshments for rest.

Five Liu Zhuang Hotel, Qingchengshan


Five Liu Zhuang is located in the front of the Qingcheng Mountain, between the hillside and the Huancui. It is about 1.5km from the front of the mountain scenic area. It is a good choice for the little friends who want to play Qingchengshan.

The hotel is simple Chinese style, pavilions, corridors twists and turns, coupled with the mountain mist that does not know where to start, is really a bit floating in it.

The hotel has a very good view. open Opening a place as a viewing platform is very suitable for chatting with friends. Of course, what attracts me most is the boundless swimming pool of the hotel. Although it is a little small, it has a high rate of film production.

The service of the hotel is also good. The hotel is free to pick up and down the mountain. There are also Mini fridges in the room. Fruit drinks are free. Public areas can be seen in open-air movies, or even KTV, suitable for weekend and two or three friends to gather together to distract themselves from the worries of the world and not too cold.

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The beauty of great Sichuan is far more than the land of abundance. The prosperity of Chengdu is full of countless food. The streets are filled with dazzling beauty, more natural wonders and splendid beauty. Welcome!


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