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Cold rabbit / trough NO.2618

lengtoo @ 2020/05/17

Cold rabbit slot, I am not good at accepting hints. You have to tell me exactly what the matter is, otherwise I don't know.

How to know you are ugly or ugly

A friend circle says he is ugly, no one says I pretend to be forced, all are comforting me, alas. My friends are too lazy to talk to me.


When my friend in the North went to the southern vegetable market for the first time, and when I saw that I bought a carrot, a tomato and a handful of bean sprouts, my face was shocked, unbelievable and frightened. At the same time, I walked home silently, and then said, "I just made a table for you by my boss just now." He is afraid of him.

Entrepreneurship is not half and middle school starts.

What have you heard about the wonderful reasons for asking for leave?  

I landed in QQ and wanted to investigate. What is it? Wei

Must change!!!!

real Picture @ @ onion animation Club

God!!! In northern cities, food packages are open.

Outside, it will not lead cockroaches into insects!!!! It is only human! Wei

QQ Zone:????


Mother mosquitoes: my aunt is coming.

Male mosquitoes: drink hot blood. What about neuropathy? Wei

True title party

How to drink a cup of tea?

1. make a cup of tea.

2. take a sip.

3. Chata ironing

4. cool for a while.

5. forget that you have made this cup of tea. The truth is! Wei

This little milk cat has eaten the vicissitudes of life.

To tell you a secret, to be a woman.

When a child buys food with cash,

Then she must have no money. What is the truth?

I am a tramp, and my cat is not a stray cat.

At that time, ha ha is true.

How does a straight man comfort his girlfriend?

The cold rabbit slot is here today! Today, I want to talk about the most ritual thing you did.