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Hot spot interview: Lei Zhen Zi: constantly explore the value of enterprises to maintain long-term and stable development.

AFzhan @ 2019/08/22

With the rapid development of China's electronic information industry, people's awareness of lightning protection has been continuously improved, and the application industry of lightning protection products has been expanding continuously, and the concentration of lightning protection industry is also increasing. After the peak of industrial R & D has faded, enterprise market competition is more sustainable development. Shenzhen Lei Zhen Zi Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Lei Zhen Zi") has been rooted in the industry for 13 years. Following the development of life application, it constantly promotes the upgrading of lightning protection equipment and improves the service ability of enterprises, and becomes one of the famous brands of lightning protector in China. Recently, Ren Wenbin, general manager of Lei Zi Zi, should talk about the invitation to the security exhibition network. The current direction of lightning protection equipment and the efforts made by Lei Zhen Zi for sustainable development.


Ren Wenbin, general manager of Shenzhen Lei Zhen Zi Technology Co., Ltd.

The value of sustainable development is closely related to the development needs of the times.

Speaking of the development of lightning protection industry, Ren Wenbin first indicated that, as a whole, the lightning protection awareness of the society has been improved than before. However, as a more traditional industry, the lightning protection industry is not as fast as the daily consumer goods and electronic products, and the lightning protection device is used for building external lightning protection. With power lightning protection module, PDU lightning protection and layout, camera power network in two, telephone and switch network lightning protection, the internal lightning protection of power and signals is still the main business of lightning protection enterprises. Therefore, How to continue developing the applied value of enterprises has become a problem that Lei has always been thinking about and working hard for.


In the past two years, "New energy" The proportion of products in the market is bigger and bigger. The emergence of new energy vehicles and shared cars has led to the expansion of charging piles, photovoltaic and new energy markets. Lei observed and watched these changes, focusing on the "intelligent", "energy saving and emission reduction" and other industry trends, aiming at adding a series of products to new energy development, such as Intelligent automatic reclosing, intelligent lightning protection and discharge, intelligent lightning protection system detector and photovoltaic DC lightning protection and charging pile lightning protection series.

In addition, with the advent of the Internet information era, the gateway of the Internet of things has also opened. For example, you can solve many problems if you go out with mobile phones. With the rapid development of information technology, information data protection is particularly important. If there is no lightning protection measures ahead of time, resulting in equipment damage or data loss caused by lightning protection, the consequences of loss are immeasurable. In view of this, the field of lightning protection in life is actually very extensive. Lei has been expanding its business in recent years. Photovoltaic solar energy, charging pile, 5G feeder base station lightning protection, safe city In many fields and in many projects, we will continue to explore more fields of development and application.


Thirteen years of perseverance, small business, strict discipline.

Lei Zhenzi has worked in the lightning protection industry for a long time, and has crossed the stage of different industry standards and different certification standards. Now the continuous improvement of social awareness of lightning protection has led the government to set high standards and strict requirements for lightning protection. In addition to its keen development vision and high energy research and development capabilities, he continued to improve himself in the past 13 years. Ren Wenbin said that lightning protection is actually safety protection. Customers choose a lightning protection product. They must also be a quality product, rather than simply considering the price and ignoring others. They need to consider product quality, after sale service, personnel and other factors. Lei Zhenzi has regular training and strict assessment of the employees of the company, requiring that every employee must be qualified before going to work. In the past 13 years, we have accumulated rich experience and perfect after-sales service system, and gained many new and old customers' trust and support. As a professional lightning protection company, whether it is product, technology or lightning protection project formulation, Lei Zi Zi has provided satisfactory solutions and problem solving for consumers.


Adhere to long-term and stable development. Ren Wenbin said that the company will always adhere to the "quality, customer first" business purpose, to provide high quality lightning protection products suitable for domestic use environment and quality, and continue to contribute to the lightning protection business.


Conclusion: No lightning protection The development of lightning protection industry is the result of the society paying more and more attention to the lightning protection engineering, and it is also indispensable for the continuous innovation and efforts of lightning protection enterprises. As a widespread livelihood project, lightning protection work needs constant development of lightning protection enterprises.

Chinese:【热点访谈】雷震子:不断发掘企业应用价值 维持长期稳定发展