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4 enterprises IPO clearance has been released, A shares will also have more than one leisure snack traders and brokerages.

fengshengyanqi @ 2019/11/29

Today, there are 5 companies that are scheduled to make a breakthrough on IPO. As a result, in addition to the need for further verification of related matters, Emma's technology has been temporarily abolished (because of Jay Chou's endorsement for more than ten years, plus patent litigation, which exposes the company to all two days) and Nuohe. The other 4 enterprises will be released. The IPO pass rate of the A share market has continued to be super high.

The 4 companies that successfully started the meeting were respectively Limited by Share Ltd, Limited by Share Ltd, the Bank of China International Securities (Limited by Share Ltd), Jin Hyundai Chengdu Westone Information Industry Inc and Shandong Dongyue organic silicon material. Among them, the leisure snacks business and the old brokerages are undoubtedly the most concerned.

Good shop, which was founded in 2006 in Wuhan, Hubei Province, is mainly engaged in the production and sales of nuts snacks, confectionery cakes, dried fruit preserves, vegetarian mountain delicacies, snack snacks and so on. It has many market share in the domestic leisure snacks sector under the online and offline collection mode, and there are over 2000 entities in the company's offline stores.

The prospectus shows that the good shops in the reporting period from 2015 to 2017 and the first half of 2018 achieved operating income of about 3 billion 149 million yuan, 4 billion 289 million yuan, 5 billion 424 million yuan and 3 billion 35 million yuan respectively, corresponding net profit of about 32 million yuan, 67 million yuan, 113 million yuan and 112 million yuan respectively.

The company had planned to go to Hong Kong to be listed, and after its fruitless move to A shares, it was underwritten by GF Securities. It intends to make a public offering of not more than 41 million shares in the A stock exchange, raising 773 million yuan for the development of all channel marketing network construction, food research and development center and testing center upgrading and upgrading. Good shop has also become a new leisure snack vendor who landed in the A share market in recent years after coming to Yi, miss you (buying paraquat), Yanjin shop and three squirrels.

Bank of China, a wholly owned Affiliated Companies established by the Bank of China in Hongkong in 2002, has been established by the Bank of China International Holdings Limited, jointly established by China's oil and gas group and State Development Investment Corp, and other five large enterprises in China. In 2018, it successfully helped Lei Jun's millet group to be listed in Hongkong, and Tencent music entertainment group went to the United States for sale. Its reputation increased. In December last year, the Bank of China International undertook the IPO pre disclosure, underwritten by Guotai Junan Securities, launched a market rush to the A share market, and was scheduled to make IPO pre disclosure updates in June this year.

According to the introduction of the IPO prospectus, the business income of BOC during the reporting period from 2016 to 2018 was about 2 billion 830 million yuan, 3 billion 68 million yuan and 2 billion 755 million yuan respectively, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company was about 1 billion 66 million yuan, 1 billion 67 million yuan and 705 million yuan respectively. The company will not exceed the 25% of the total share capital issued by the Shanghai Stock Exchange after the issuance of the shares. The reference is that the total share capital of the company will not exceed 3 billion 333 million shares. BoC will also become another major financial institution after A shares, Chongqing Merchants Bank, Zhejiang Merchants Bank and postal savings bank.

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