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"If one day, humans are abandoned by dogs..."

mon0896 @ 2019/11/14

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Recently, Xiao can see the dog and the owner. Interchange status "A video, although only a short minute, but a lot of feelings, here to share with you.


A bus stopped slowly in the countryside, leaving a man when the car started again. He was abandoned by the dog, and the man was sent in. Hospice And here he saw many people who were abandoned like him.


Their eyes were so helpless and hopeless. Every dog coming in the shelter would be excited to lie on the railing, hoping to be chosen. Lucky dog And the dog looked at these people with a cold face and even dislike.


As a shoveling officer, have we ever thought that if one day a dog abandons us, will we feel the same despair? But dogs will never abandon us, but we have every reason to abandon them.

My wife is pregnant and can't keep a pet. I moved and couldn't take it away; it was sick, I had no money to cure; it was old, I didn't want to keep it.


But do you know how unwanted dogs leave their owners?

The little Chow lion was only three months old. He didn't know why his owner didn't plan to keep it. So he threw it on the side of the road. The poor little fellow didn't know it. So he secretly went home with his master. After he was discovered, the owner threw it farther. Third times, the dog was thrown away by the roadside. It could no longer go back because it was blinded by its owner.

Little Chow Shih didn't understand death: why do you love your master and treat yourself cruelly?


Do you know how much psychological abandonment can bring to a dog?

The dog was called Bruce. Before a euthanasia, a good master adopted it. After being adopted, the new owner found a problem.

Bruce never sleeps.

No matter what he is doing, bru always stares at him all the time.


Then the new owner went to the hospice and asked him the answer, which made him almost burst into tears.

"I have lost a master and can no longer lose..."


Do you know how much love a dog abandons you?

There is such a story on the Internet.

A man in Russia raised a dog and accompanied him for more than ten years.

In a subsequent consideration, the man decided to abandon it, so he sailed to a center of the lake. Then he pushed the dog down. The dog, who was usually weak, was so strong that he kept on following the boat, but the owner had to beat it with the pulp.


The dog was beaten up with blood. Even so, he refused to give up. When the man waved his oars again, he accidentally emptied himself and fell into the lake. Because he could not swim, he soon drowned. When he was about to sink, the old dog came swimming. He clutching the man's clothes tightly and dragging him to the shore with all his strength.

This is the dog he tried to throw away.

Dogs are always dogs. Sometimes people are really not human beings. Although raising dogs is a choice, not abandoning should be the bottom line of being a man.

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