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Most let 12 constellation men soft hearted words

Qastro @ 2019/07/12


Encourage me.

When the Aries man hears the encouragement class, he is like a child, because he cares very much about the opinions of the people he likes. When the lover encourages himself, the Aries man will feel that he should work harder to live up to the people who give himself encouragement.


Thank you.

Taurus man will be soft hearted thanks to a thank you. This is a thank you, so that Taurus men feel that all the hardships they eat are worth it. They should pay more. Otherwise, they will feel guilty.


You go play.

Gemini is a man who loves to play. When he wants to go out to play, people tell him to play, but they don't want to go. Not Gemini men really don't want to play, but Gemini men really think that they can tolerate their playfulness.


I Want You

Cancer is a man who can't resist others. I need you. After listening to this sentence, cancer men feel that they are irreplaceable by others and become more tender and careful.


I'm all yours

The arrogant lion male does not like others to control oneself, when has the quarrel and quarrel with lion man, as long as the time says well, I listen to you, their heart immediately soft, will actually coax the other party to be happy.


Then I left.

Virgins are sensitive to emotions. When the other person says something, then I will go softened when I leave. Because they are afraid of the other person leaving, they will no longer play the role of soft.


Spoiled words

Spoiled words are not used by everyone, but they are most overwhelming in Libra men. When the other side said "spoiled", the Libra's whole body was soft.


Weak words

A Scorpio with responsibility can not bear to be weak. When they hear each other show weakness, they will become gentle and feel that they have done something wrong.


Criticize your own words

An enlightened shooter will feel soft when he hears others criticize himself. Does he feel that the shooter is a poor collector? When criticized by others, the shooter will converse his temper and ease the atmosphere.


I understand you

Capricorn men are easily moved by other people's understanding of themselves, and they feel a sense of meeting their friends. Therefore, they often get moved when they hear their own words, and their hearts soften. At this point, they can listen to others' advice.


I miss you

The water bottle man surrendered to each other in the sentence I thought of you, and even when he was angry, it suddenly disappeared. Hearing one sentence, I think of you, their hearts are more reluctant to give up and miss the same, and others become less important.


Hold me.

A romantic Pisces man will unload his armor if he hears a hug. They feel that a person who needs to be embraced is helpless and should give more care and love instead of blaming words.