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"Times" awarded hundreds of best inventions in 2019: Sega Sg of Analogue company.

ckxxwx @ 2019/12/23

Reference News Network December 19th Report In the first issue of the December 2nd issue of the times, 100 best inventions in 2019 were selected, including the eternal game -- Analogue Sega Sg (Mega Sg).

Reported that the Analogue company Sega Sg is able to play the old game of the new host, its target group is collectors enthusiasts, and historians. Sega Sg can run a total of more than 2000 early Sega games and is compatible with modern TV sets. Christopher Tabor, the founder of Analogue, said: "(video game history) is worth exploring and praising, and it is also worth learning like movies and music."