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Is Han Han's choice of love restrained or restrained?

EngineCode9 @ 2019/12/23

There are many ways to express love. But in the car circle, love is divided into two categories, Volvo and others.

As the 2019 draws to a close, Volvo's new S60 interprets "love" in the most literary and artistic way this year with a warm and loving press conference.

The audience did not say "I love you", but the words of the guests on the spot were silent explanations of "I love you".

Lang Lang said to Gina:

"You praise me for being cool, but protecting you is the coolest thing I've ever done. "

Bea Hayden said to Jacky Heung:

"I will support you for the rest of my life. "

Huang Lei and Sun Li said:

Every day with Volvo is a yearning life. "

At the end of the conference, Gao Xiaosong's words at the opening moment seemed to reverberate in his ears. He said, "always light, always hot and hot. I think these are all love.

These love words that do not say "I love you" have been filmed by Han Han in the new S60's warm advertising film, showing the world full of love from the perspective of children. This is the world brought by Volvo, above security, and chosen for love.

Choose for love, regard life as faith.

Before the conference, we held an interview with MS. Che Yanhua, vice president of marketing of Han Han and Volvo automotive Greater China sales company.

Han Han told us that he chose Volvo for his mother before he collaborated with Volvo. He said: "when we bought the car, the first one went to the Volvo exhibition hall. At that time, I had no cooperation with Volvo. My first impression of Volvo's car is that it is very comfortable to sit in the car without any smell. It is also attracted by the safety configuration and shape design of Volvo, and a car has been fixed at the moment.

"(many factors)," he said. Most importantly, there is no shortage of security configuration. Like I chose Volvo for my mother, a young person sitting in a car can feel relieved that there is nothing to worry about. "

Many people know that safety is the beginning of Volvo's brand since its establishment. Many people are beginning to know that health and environmental protection are also Volvo's choice of love.

In fact, when we look back at the road of life, we will have the same sentiment: safety, health and environmental protection are three indispensable elements of life. And Che Yanhua tells us that these three elements are Volvo's belief:

"For us, Safety, health and environmental protection are our beliefs. They are all 92 years' commitment and responsibility of Volvo to defend life and protect nature. It is a more emotional interpretation of the three levels of individualization, sustainability and security in the enterprise tenet, and is the core value of our brand.

As for safety, health and environmental protection, Che Yanhua also gave many examples of Volvo's actual configuration, including ergonomic seats and SSD spray materials, but what she said most impressed me was:

"All life is equal.

So safety is particularly important. "

Therefore, many of the safety configuration of Volvo cars are from the lowest matching models, including the City Safety urban safety system. As Han Han said, what can't be poor education, what can not be lack of security.

In the face of faith, all creatures are equal, and Volvo's love for life is equal to all sentient beings. This is the realm of how many car brands can't be seen. I can only say that many car brands in the world are very concerned about safety, but there is only one Volvo that believes in safety.

Beyond belief, emphasis on driving pleasure.

During the interview, Han Han also talked about the new S60. He said: "if I choose, I will definitely choose a 390 horsepower version. I think the bigger the horse's horsepower is, the safer it is, whether it's a little over a car on the road or how it is safer than the two cars. And I like cars with more energy and more easiness, but I can not use them at ordinary times, but I must have them. The most important thing is to get new energy licences in Shanghai. "

He added: "the new S60 T8 E drive mix and smart four-wheel drive with 4.6 seconds of acceleration time is unthinkable when I just drove. I didn't expect Volvo to do this price and fuel consumption now."

"The writer who can't drive a racing car is not a good director". Han Han's affirmation of Volvo's performance has also made us focus on the new S60 from the security level to the dynamic performance.

In fact, safety, health and environmental protection have always been the main color of Volvo brand, but in addition, movement and movement are also the new S60 that can not be ignored.

Che Yanhua introduced: "the new S60 is manufactured on the SPA extensible module structure. The chassis adopts the double fork front suspension and the overall multi link rear suspension with excellent performance. Moreover, the chassis trained by the Vi-Grade chassis simulator improves the controllability and driving pleasure of the vehicle. Moreover, the power of the new S60 is very large, including 4 power configurations, including T3, T4 and T8.

Whether it's a racing driver, a director, a writer, or a son, a husband or a father, whether it's because of the new S60's safety, health, environmental protection or performance, it is Han Han's choice for his family and love.

Volvo is his first choice. And he is also a representative of the brand new S60 "elite vehicle owners". Yan Hua, a vehicle, said: "very high knowledge, very idea, stress the quality of life, have a certain purchasing power, pursue exquisite life."

Therefore, when Han Han becomes attached to Volvo, we expect that they will have more beautiful things to show to everyone in the future, let impetuous society have more warm life, and make busy life more reliable and reliable, so that all dependence is due to love.