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| play snow special "romantic and poetic snow", the four VR games have been packaged!

VRPinea @ 2019/01/06

Every winter, both north and south, there is always a group of people are looking forward to the "Snow". Snow, seem to have innate romantic and poetic. Snow covered the area, his eyes of the world "as if between one night spring breeze blowing, the trees like a pear blossom." The morning snow falls, Li Bai has the sense of "angel is drunk, the clouds from chaos".


In the ice skating, the king of Hanyu string graceful dance, seven points clear, the interpretation of an three bright beauty, also give a person a kind of almost all ice hepatobiliary "visual pleasure, fascinating.



In addition, North and south of the snow there is also a difference of beauty "". For example, usually only small opportunities to enjoy the mouth of Lu Xun, it has not been as snow "warm in the rain and snow in the South", "glamorous to moisten". Not too can see the independence and freedom, to the "Fen snow shuofang".



So, although the thirty-fifth China Harbin International Ice and snow festival was officially opened today, the snow festival, will shine the ice, snow, ice, snow, ski ring tanks, children sled car in the snow on the road; that enjoy the release of passion, feel comfortable and drive fly; the Central Avenue and magnificent don't snow village flavor...... The south is still the only full buddy, or to imagine, photos and videos "pretend to live on?


With VR, the nature is not so bleak. Today, if you didn't go to Harbin Fairy Tale Snow festival scene, just below the 4 different styles of "VR snow world", in a field of snow around!


"Fancy Skiing VR":

Break the limit charm of the sky,

Could not help but to compose a poem


Enter the game, feel shy, want to compose a poem. "Snow" walking "Le, Northland scenery, ice thousands of miles, miles...... Dance, like wax...... To be a sunny day, watching the grow more enchanting." This is Tracy from A to Z.


The game experience, a word can be summed up, simple, rough, cool earthshaking"!



In the game, game player with two handles a ski pole, by sliding the ski poles to obtain power, left and right to control the direction of the body. The goal of the game is to skate as fast as possible, because running far higher score means. Friendly reminder, bow can see instant speed and scores in the handle. However, the game is set in a number of roadblocks, including rock, valley, snow overwhelmed trees, and elk soft waxy charming. Remember to avoid oh.



To highlight the! Leap in the game can be said to be a fantastic experience! Imagine: over an arc slope, a leap of the cliff, watching the scenery in the field more and more far, the wind roared, felt he had to break through the sky! The moment the feeling of weightlessness, like sitting down the elevator. Some cute little scared straight squatting play...... Do not worry about the problem of vertigo yo, Xiaobian feel the game at this point optimization is good.


"Merry Snowballs":

To the fairy world,

Will the snow fight play new tricks


In fact, perhaps is the contrast of skiing, snowball fights more people to the winter "childhood memories". Open the game, game player into a beautiful and vibrant snowball world, a beautiful "snow mushroom", complement each other and silhouetted against the snow red, Christmas decoration, like a fairy tale picture in the world.



Compared with the same type of game works, "Merry Snowballs" is not just throwing snowballs and the children have a snowball fight, also joined the props elements. The game scene will randomly refresh gifts, red, snowball cannon, and bin and other props. Game player ability to obtain corresponding props can be used to throw snowballs.



In addition to the basic points and the ability to return to the blood, when the game player get snowball gun, it can also emit a snowball, than by hand throwing snowballs more awesome, is simply "shotgun for cannon". However, no matter how fancy props, also don't forget to throw a snowball: Well, hit can score.


Yes, some of the details of the game is also very thoughtful consideration. For example, if you hit the snowman's hat, hat will fall down; if to fight each other down from the two floor, there will be a slow motion playback; and support a wide range of mobile games, like the real fights, you can find shelter in place, or by hand to resist the snowball attack. The only regret, perhaps does not support online multiplayer game.


"Sprint Vector":

Not the same as VR Parkour game,

Welcome to open the black group!


"Sprint" and Vector (vector Sprint) "Raw Data" is the "brothers", is developed by Survio studios. In this VR Parkour game, game player can choose the world of ice and snow, Pyramid, alien ruins and waste soil, permafrost and other styles of the scene and track. Of course, the challenge is not the same!


Well, the game is relatively complex, rich, playability is very high.



Climbing, jumping, throwing, drift, shooting, Dodge, wall run, even across the track, all you can think of, where almost all the net! Moreover, game player can also get some skills by attacking the environment items, so as to change the forward path. For example, the game provides Nitro (nitroglycerin) and Slow Mines (slow mine), the former can help you accelerate, the latter can slow down the speed of the enemy.



So, this is actually a test of speed and skill of the game. "Sprint Vector" support for single mode, online multiplayer mode and cross platform online mode. Particularly interesting is that when you look at buddy alone in the side arm twisting hip, there will be a feeling of watching a funny program......


Of course, as in a sprint speed of 480 km / per hour, still does not produce vertigo games, but also very suitable partners group opened the black guy. May wish to VR, in a fight, enjoy the fun of race each other?


VR Interactive movie "Winter Wonderland":

Tired of playing?

"Ice cream sundae planet reiax

VR "snow Wonderland" is a film produced by conductor VR VR interactive movie: in space, there is a shape like most of the ice cream sundae "planet, due to production of the entire galaxy is the best ice cream, fame. While the game player will obey the "star wizard instructions, large starships boarded the people aboard, wear good display device to the universe, the sweetest planet.



Ice cream factory large pendulum, forest adventure rafting, Xuefeng on roller coaster...... And can directly reach for lost to the movie Mango Pudding, ice cream, banana, snowball and other items...... The game interaction is very good, very thrilling adventure planet.


Yes, the project is currently only in Fuzhou Taihe square "space for" theme park to experience oh! In addition, in the game to reach for items can be integral, Australia imported super delicious ice cream exchange directly in the theme park!


Oh, this is what the immortal game ah! Don't say, Xiao Bian to continue the adventure.


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