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"The man who spoils you as a child never loves you."

luqiyouhuashuo @ 2019/12/03

There is a burning word on the Internet: the best love is a man willing to spoil you into children.

So many girls take this sentence as truth, and think that the man who really loves you can be unreasonable in his eyes.

He can indulge everything you have, tolerate your little temper, tolerate your little ignorance, and understand your small and vigorous. No matter how wanton you are, he will not leave you.

But when you are spoiled into a giant baby, can you guarantee that he will spoil you forever?

When young, every girl had a princess dream that she was the best love to meet a man and turn herself into a princess.

But you can only wake up after your own experience and discover that the man who promises to make you a princess never loves you.

I remember watching an emotional show before, and was defeated by the innocence of the girl on stage.

She met the boy on the Internet and then fell in love, and the boy promised her: I will always love you, I will always be good to you, I will support you.

So she resolutely resigned from her job and came to the boy's city and began to live together with him.

At first, boys earn money by working during the day. When they come back in the evening, they can cook meals for girls, contract all their household duties, buy snacks for girls, and really make her a princess.

And the girl also enjoys the care of the boys. She does not find a job or do housework. She stays at home all day to catch up with the opera and order takeaway.

But not long after, the boy was tired of it. He began to be ambiguous with others, and even not going home one night or night, he was more impatient with the girl.

And the girl, who stayed at home all day, was so frightened that it was like a shrew who went to his company to curse her female colleagues and suspect them of cheating.

In this way, she was spun out of a princess's illness by the boys, and finally became a shrew who grabbed the small three of the raider, and easily lost herself for love.

The love that you love to become a princess is a yearning, but the loss of your life is too regrettable.

He is not spoiled you as a princess, but is turning you into a waste.

Such words can often be heard on the Internet:

"Find a lifetime to treat you as your daughter's pet."
"The man who truly loves you will not be too sensible."
"In love, you should be a child who will never grow up".

So many people wishful thinking that love itself should be spoil, protect, love and treat others as a reasonable child.

But the standard of a mature girl should be to realize that no one can be spoiled by others to be a princess.

In the TV drama "the second time is also beautiful", when An Anhe and Yu Feifan were in love, Yu Feifan was very fond of her.

He gave all her money to her, and promised to keep her for the rest of her life, so that she could get the greatest happiness in this relationship.

Ann, who was immersed in the sweetness of love and home, believed in his commitment, gave up his talent in painting and made a full-time wife at home.

But before long, she needed to attract Yu Feifan's attention with spoiled and angry. It was later that he did not answer her phone call and tired of her sticky people.

What is more, when he wants to divorce for child custody, it is: "I was wrong. I shouldn't give a child to a big child. "

See, this is a man, obviously he said to spoil you into a child, but at last he began to blame you for being a child, and began to blame you for your inability.

This is the biggest sadness of "I love you, I want to spoil you into a child".

He doesn't love you enough, but he doesn't know what love is.

I have heard such a sentence: "Truly love a person is not to turn her into a waste, but to run with her."

It's easy to pet a person, and many men start out well, simply want to be nice to her, want to make her carefree, but when he is tired and does not insist, and away from your life, many girls' mental world will collapse.

Therefore, the real good love should be two people working together instead of dropping one person.

I have a friend who has been married to her husband for four years. Her husband works in a listed company, and she stays in a small company silently for nine to five times a day.

Her husband is very nice to her. She will pay all her wages every month. She will give her a gift on any anniversary, and she will never do housework.

She felt that she shouldn't be idle in a small company all day. She should learn something to enrich herself. So she applied for MBA.

The elderly relatives around her advised her not to toss about, and to take care of the work with her children was also very good, but her friend was very supportive of her husband. He thought she had the ability to do it and silently cheer her up.

With the strong support of her husband, the friend completely dropped his heart to study and finally succeeded in taking the exam.

We all say that the best love is to find a man who spoils you, but let you give up the favor of yourself instead of pet.

True favours should be to fully support every decision you make. It is a favor that brings you together and spoil you just now.

Tang Jing said in my first half life: "Marriage is the process of two strangers walking together. The person who is making rapid progress in marriage will always throw away the person who is standing at the same pace, because human instinct is to hope for more exploration of the extension and connotation of life. "

Therefore, if we want to have equal love, we must have enough courage and enough ability to support ourselves.

1., we must have our own business. Equality between husband and wife, when you continue to rely on each other, do not pay their own, they will gradually be disliked, so when you have your own business, in two people will get along with their own bottom line, and in marriage can have equal right to speak.

2., we should constantly improve ourselves. Many girls believe in a man's commitment and indulge in the illusion of being loved. Once abandoned, the spiritual world will easily collapse. Therefore, in love, even if you are spoiled, you should not lose yourself. Instead, you should constantly improve yourself and have the ability to support yourself.

3., we must remain independent. No matter it is economy or spirit, we must remain independent in love, have stable work and communication circle, support all along the way of growth, and be naive like children before. Independence and intimacy, love and freedom.

Every girl trapped in love longs for a unique love from the other side.

But the real happiness relationship should be the company of two mature people, instead of becoming a big baby in this relationship.

In marriage, if you rely on the idea of "giant baby", ask for favors. Then one day, you will lose the ability to face the world alone.

The real maturity of love should be standing with you in the world and facing the wind and rain together.

Wish every girl can meet a man who has just loved you.

I also wish every man can make the best of his promises and not let the girl lose herself in favor.

Lu Qi wrote in the last words:

There are so many beautiful and beautiful girls in the world. How can we emphasize the tight encirclement and become the focus of his attention? As long as you become the best girl that he can meet, the best one is enough. How to do it concretely?

I talked about how to teach you how to be an exquisite treasure girl to teach you how to wrap yourself from the appearance and make a beautiful girl from the appearance, so that every time you see you, you will have different surprises.

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