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Another woman who has a hot search on her legs is better than her figure. I like her hairstyle better.

minazazhi @ 2019/09/19

We still remember the big IP held the other day. Zhu Xian Release conference Right?

Xiao Zhan transformed into "bowl artist" ,

There is little distance between the left and right actress, and the details are well received.

The three actor's high face value is very eye catching.

Always low-key. Li Qin It is with a pair of beautiful legs rushed on the hot search. La

Though Li Qin is not very tall,

But leg. "Thin white straight" All occupied, it can be called a beautiful leg.

Looking at Li Qin's micro-blog, she doesn't show her legs very often.

But occasionally it gives off a "leg value".

Slender legs bring bony beauty.

It sets off her cool and cool temperament.

Mina likes Li Qin very much.

Not only because of her temperament, but also the entertainment industry.

Another factor is love for her. Hairstyles Very immortal!

Li Qin has a natural and cool sense of alienation.

Let her be as if the fairies were not to be intimate.

This immortal beauty is very suitable for her.

The middle road is also very thoughtful, messy and not sloppy.

Match the gauze jacket, the feeling of floating in the air.

Fairies are more beautiful than flowers.

Blue hair accessories are more cool.

The cake roll + princess head weakens the high spirits.

It gives people a sense of playful vitality.

Wearing casual jeans

Do not have a romantic taste.

Exquisite three strands, showing elegant charm.

The bubble braid has a girl's breath.

It is very commensurate with the mermaid fairy dress.

Tall horse tail appears to be very energetic.

Mature and charming.

All the hair comes to the back.

It looks neat and clean.

Simple short ponytail.

High and high volume.

Li Qin after modeling VS, every side is super beautiful.

Want the same hairstyle as Li Qin?

Today, Mina will satisfy everyone's wishes.

Recommended 2 sweet girls will fall in love. Japanese establishment ,

Let's get out of the street.

Exquisite princess head

Hairstyle effect

Roll up the two bundles of hair up and down.

Immediately enhance the sense of luxury.

The joint of the ring is overlapped up and down, and the hairstyle becomes stereoscopic.

How to do?



1. Apply the styling wax to all the hair, leave the top hair, and take both sides of the hair separately.

2, pay attention not to reveal the scalp, the two strand hair tied up, the location is slightly lower than the temples.



3. Take the two sides of the beam at the bottom of step 1. Leave the hair on the back of the head.

4, the two bundles of hair in the first ring around the bottom of 1cm or so, firmly hang.



5. At the same time, the hair bundles of steps 2 and 4 are taken together and rolled through the middle of step 2.

6, in order to hide the ring, roll the part of the hair bundle loosely, pick out about 1cm.

A girl's braids

Hairstyle effect

Simple hairdressing techniques, only need to be superimposed.

Low fashion hairstyle.

Clever use of personal hair accessories to make both sides of the hair is also delicate and charming.

How to do?

1. Apply the styling wax to all the hair, just take the hair on the top of the head and tie the princess head.

2. Step 1's hair bundles pass through the middle of the braid, roll over, and tighten the position in two strands.

3, twist the plait like the picture, let it present the rich sense of hierarchy.

4. The remaining hair is underneath the hairpin of step 1, and a braid is placed in the rear neck line.

5, the hair on the top is slightly pulled out a little bit to enhance the sense of three-dimensional.

6. Take the hair on both sides of the bangs and place them on the side with side clips to add personalized ornaments to the hairstyle.

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Chinese:又一个凭腿上热搜的女星 相比身材,我更喜欢她百变的发型!