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It is difficult to have a firstborn, but the second child is an accident.

ark567 @ 2019/12/23

Wen Jie

Early in the morning, I heard a more interesting thing: when it came to the birth of Dabao, it was quite difficult for a girl to be a girl. After seeing two or three years of work, she had done all kinds of examinations with her child, and the treatment was also done. After the birth of the eldest child, the guy thought it was so difficult to have children at the time, so he took it lightly on contraception. But he didn't think that he did not do a good contraception.

In life, like a girlfriends, the first child has experienced many hardships, but the second child is not the only one at a time. When communicating with a doctor's friend, I know that the second child is much more successful than before.

The psychological stress of giving birth to children is relieved.

The doctor said that some of the usual patients had no problems in the examination, but they could not remember them for a long time, mostly due to the pressure of infertility. The husband and wife are too anxious, but not conducive to the baby. Only when they first adjust their mental state and relax their mood, can they have better results.

When I thought about what I had experienced when I was born, I knew that when the two married couples were not married for two years, the old man became nervous and urged to go to the hospital for examination. When they go to the hospital for examination, all the examinations are normal, but they haven't been pregnant for a long time. Even she herself began to get nervous. When she went to the doctor, she urged them: what are you anxious about? The greater the pressure, the harder it is. Later, two people said that it would be more than two years later, anyway, young, but did not expect February to be pregnant.

It seemed that the doctor had said that the baby was really anxious. And to the second child, I think my constitution is not suitable for pregnancy, but I didn't think of a single time.

Physical quality is well nursed at the age of retirement.

At the same time, the reason why a child is difficult, but to the second child, is very smooth, mostly because when giving birth, we all pay more attention to the problem of confinement, which is good for physical improvement; secondly, the long-term breast milk feeding is very healthy for a long period of time, and the physical quality will naturally be better. Just like many people say that after giving birth to children, even dysmenorrhea is improved, so it is normal to have children and improve their physique.

It's hard to have children before, and neglect the contraception.

The reason why the first child is difficult to conceive, but the second child is purely accidental. The reason is that she has no confidence in her constitution and feels so difficult when she is born. So she puts herself in a difficult pregnancy team, neglecting the contraception thing, so it is also very easy to have an accident.

Because of these reasons, it will be difficult for the first child and too smooth for the second child. Therefore, even if it is difficult for the first child to have a second child, even if it is difficult for the first child, the contraception still needs to be maintained. Otherwise, it will be possible for you to find the accident.