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Buy! Buy! Buy! Beijing modern all the great tribute ceremony Chongqing Motor Show

cheshihongdian @ 2019/06/06

To Chongqing auto show, buy! Buy! Buy! The twenty-first Chongqing Motor Show opened in June 5th at the Yuet Lai International Expo Centre. As the biggest car festival in the year of Chongqing's local car market, there are nearly 1000 exhibition cars on display. Manufacturers and distributors also released the biggest preferential policies in the year.

Chongqing motor show Beijing modern department

At this auto show, the 14 main models of Beijing modern Hyundai pure electric, new generation ix25, plug and plug hybrid three new cars and four generation Shengda, LA FESTA Fisher and so on are heavily attacked. As a host, Beijing modern has launched the "nine car buying ceremony" and "the whole department promotion vehicle huge profits and profits" heavy vehicle purchase benefits.

A gift: Tens of millions of cash benefits are available for 800 limited vehicles.

Double Courtesy: The total mortgage interest is 0, with the highest interest rate of 3 years and 0 interest.

Three Rites: 50 percent off cars are purchased from the auto show site.

Four Rites: The maximum allowance for replacement is 10000 yuan.

Five Rites: Civil servants purchase the car with the maximum allowance of 3000 yuan.

Six Rites: The purchase of vehicles at the auto show site is exempt from purchase tax.

Seven Rites: The car can't be stopped, and thousands of appliances will be taken home.

Eight Rites: Participate in the spot awards and answers, exquisite gifts, etc.

The nine Rites: the booth and the net red man can match the shadow and receive the red fan.

In addition to the 9 car buying ceremony, Beijing Hyundai has also brought special promotions for different models.

Lead: Down payment 13 thousand and 800, 3 years 0 interest;

Welcome: The auto show will enjoy 30 percent off car purchases.

New name map: Straight down 33 thousand;

New ix25: 80 thousand, 3 years 0 interest;

New joy: 69 thousand and 900 national sedan chairs.

New Rena: 49 thousand and 900, 1 years 0 interest;

The fourth generation Shengda: 3 years 0 interest, 10000 yuan replacement allowance;

The fourth generation of Tucson: Straight down 30 thousand, 3 years 0 interest;

The next generation of ix35: 100 thousand, joint venture SUV with high cost performance.

ENCINO ang Xi No: Straight down 20 thousand, 3 years 0 interest, loan is not limited;

LA FESTA fester: 119 thousand and 800, 2000 yuan gift package.

Buy the car by quality and buy Beijing modern

All along, Beijing modern "quality win, quality based" as a business policy, take the system, technology and management three pronged approach, the concept of quality management will be fully implemented in the design, procurement, production, sales, after sales and other links, to ensure that each product has a solid quality beyond the same level.

Starting from the transformation of an old factory, it now has the capacity layout of producing three million and five factories annually. It can be said that Beijing modern in the insight into the pace of change in China's automobile market, keep pace with the pulse of the times and continue to move forward, thus becoming a model of high quality development in the industry.

Beijing modern is a brand that has successfully entered the user's "ten million" + era. In R & D, the modern automobile R & D center in Yantai is the most powerful joint venture vehicle global R & D center in the world, covering the most comprehensive R & D function, the deepest localization penetration and the largest strategic proportion.

On the service side, Beijing modern creates "you do not want" smart service brand, is committed to becoming the most intelligent, creative and efficient overall service provider recognized by the mainstream market in China, providing consumers with better overall services and comprehensive solutions.

In the 2018 Chinese automobile user satisfaction index (CACSI) evaluation, Beijing modern has won the first place in the 5 consecutive years. In this year's international authoritative evaluation of J.D.Power's new China Quality Report (IQS), Beijing modern has won the first place in the mainstream brand.

Pressure field performance and performance

Buying cars will buy Beijing modern. First of all, quality is guaranteed. Secondly, in terms of face value and performance, Beijing modern also has the strength to exert pressure on the whole field. LA FESTA fester and the fourth generation Shengda are very popular with young people.

Among them, LA FESTA festar is located in the "high-performance technology charm car", is a specially designed for the Chinese market, "mobile feast." LA FESTA Fisher is also the first mass production vehicle under the latest design concept of "Sensuous Sportiness" of Hyundai Motor. It builds the most natural visual effect and dynamic aesthetics through scale, structure, modeling and technology. The fastest speed of 7.6 seconds per 100 kilometers at the same level is enough to arouse the enthusiasm of young people.

The fourth generation Shengda is the flagship product of modern SUV in Beijing. It is located in a convenient and convenient six large SUV. It has been equipped with fingerprint recognition system for the first time, which greatly improves the convenience of vehicles.

The "intelligent mind unified" safe driving system integrates 12 ADAS functions, and the first application of intelligent ROA technology, such as rear passenger reminder and SEW safe alight warning, provides more powerful security. In addition, the fourth generation Shengda is also equipped with the leading HTRAC intelligent four-wheel drive control system and the Baidu intelligent network 2 system of modern cars, providing users with more excellent driving experience and more intelligent human-machine interaction experience.

In addition to the high value, high performance and intelligent models, the application of high and new technology has made Beijing modern become the joint venture brand to realize the total mass production of EV, HEV and PHEV three new energy series.

After sixteen years of enterprise accumulation and brand experience, Beijing modern has promoted the brand value chain in an all-round way. It not only provides a good quality product for domestic consumers, but also provides a valuable life for them, making Beijing's modern users more colorful.

Everything is ready. Beijing Hyundai is waiting for you at N7 hall.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the Dragon Boat Festival. The Beijing Hyundai has made adequate preparations for the purchase of car policies and preferential policies. Tens of millions of cash benefits are available. 800 car shows are limited to special cars. Beijing Hyundai is dedicate to the mountain city citizens at an unprecedented low price. 2019 Chongqing international auto show N7 Pavilion, Beijing modern department 0 profit, looking forward to your coming.