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Two kittens were thrown into the drain in the middle of the night. Not only did they hurt, they also lost one eye each.

mczys001 @ 2019/11/12

People Health is the greatest wealth. But such a simple wish is a great expectation for some animals. They suffer the persecution of bad people for no reason. Even the most basic right to exist. A man named Henry was preparing to sleep at home in the evening. I heard the sound of a kitten.

The sound is strong and weak. Henry confirmed that there were cats nearby. Then, in the early morning of the evening, he called out his wife and went out to look at the situation. Finally found The call came from a well cover. Henry found a tool to lift the manhole cover and found it. Two cats were howling inside the sewer with dirty smell.

The manhole covers were very strict. How did the two cats fall? Henry speculated that it might be evening. Abandoning the cat If Henry did not hear their cries, they might not be alive for second days. Henry picked up two cats and found them. Each of them has one eye problem. After going home, rinse and feed them with clear water.

Then? The second day came to vet hospital early.

After the doctor's examination, Henry learned that two cats also had some wounds and had been scarred for a long time. The eye is also stabbed by a hard object, and now the eyes have festering. I'm afraid I can't keep it. In this case, It's lucky to be thrown into the sewer to live up to now.

Both cats are clever. Ever since Henry was rescued, he never howled again. But actively cooperate with the treatment. Sometimes the cute ones make people feel bad. After all, they have lost one eye. They can remain optimistic under such a heavy blow. I am really strong.

Now two cats are everywhere. A person who has lost his left eye has lost his right eye. Just walking together can make a perfect couple. Beautiful angel wings! I don't know who abandoned them, but Only hope that they can forget the pain of the past and open up a happy life in the future.

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