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Von temple's "B plan"

iresearch21cn @ 2019/12/23

Author: Salted fish and fish
Source: Wu Duidui (ID:esnql520)

At the end of the 2019, red people have their own new stories.

Li Ziqi triggered a discussion on cultural output. Li Jiaqi went to the Tucao conference and gave out his own voice navigation. The Papi sauce permanent net and He Jiong recorded a new variety, and achieved the three jump from the red man and CEO to the star. Zhang Dayi followed the bell bell of NASDAQ and returned to Taobao to broadcast live.

And Feng Ti Mo, then bid farewell to the title of "fighting fish one sister" and rushed to B station, ready to write new stories.

The story of the red man is no different from that of his intellectual Zhan Qingyun. He moved from Guizhou to Harvard, and used to prove himself by strength. "When I was admitted to Harvard and came out as a lawyer, I became a lot more free. Everyone would simply congratulate you instead of teaching you how to behave."

In the great era of torrent, Feng Ti Mo has been expanding the track, struggling to protruding, tearing away labels and expanding the dimensions of occupation and personal identity.

From a fight fish to a B station, sprouting new

It goes back to the autumn of five years ago.

At that time, it was the gold rush era of live broadcasting industry. Capital tentacles were in the front, and the platform was eager to try. After witnessing the story of one after another in the live broadcast industry, ordinary people were full of longing.

Feng Yanan, 23, would like to have a try.

In September 2014, Feng Yanan was launched in the fight fish alliance. ID is called von titme.

At that time, the fighting fish was independent from the A station for less than a year. The flag was just set up, and the YY live broadcast was renamed tiger tooth TV. The head players of the live circle are digging new anchors everywhere to hoard the "gold" ammunition for sniping traffic.

Von Frederick, the anchor of the fighting fish area, stands out from the game anchor of a public show.

The platform is delighted, fans are enthusiastic, and under the dual traffic blessing, Feng Ti Mo has been coerced into the draught of the live broadcast industry.

But fate may have long foreshadowed, from the beginning of the broadcast, she was trapped between the two labels. The fans in the game area rely on singing, but fans who love to hear her sing do not care. But the passers-by netizens who want to see the killer operation pass through the live room, but think that this is a bit of a fun game.

Controversy then quietly followed von thmo. The fans saw her singing in the live room, singing for four hours without stopping, thinking that it was a hard working girl, but passers-by only thought she was rowing in the game area.

In 2015, it was the year of the live broadcast industry. Capital was ready. The big fish and shrimp did not hesitate to rush to the center of the vortex. According to incomplete statistics, from 2015 to 2016, over 700 network live platforms have sprung up, and the market size has expanded from 9 billion to 21 billion 800 million.

A slightly known anchor will face the temptation of different platforms at this time. Feng Timo's fighting fish is one of the key points of siege. At that time, dozens of fighter planes were cast to the dragon ball, and then joined with von Temo's anchor. Zhou Erke and big cousin also moved to Panda TV.

But von Timo did not go. Therefore, this year has become the turning point of her fate. As time flies, she is only one step away from the "sister of the fighting fish".

With the advent of the 1000 broadcast war, the dispute between Chen Yifa and von thimo's "fighting fish and one sister" was raging. But at this time, the two Facebook anchors of the fighting fish were all entangled in gossip. Chen Yifa was chased and ridiculed historical events, and it was cool in less than a week.

But no one thought that after a magnanimous response, Feng Ti Mo had survived the darkest moment in his career.

Over the next two years, Feng Ti Mo's life trajectory was completely tied up with the fighting fish.

But for her, the deeper the label is, the less likely she will be. Her life was closely covered by the two words "net red".

Throughout the year in 2018, she took part in many TV shows. In masked singing, Jam Hsiao and Eric Moo, who are Miao Miao Hong, are on the same stage as "OST" and Zhang Bichen.

But cooperation with Taiwan does not mean anything. The entertainment industry claims to be blind, but never equal to all.

Von tau, a natural guest with "net red" label, is a big fish that attracts the flow. No one cares about her singing. What's the typhoon like? When people look at it, they only stare at the name of "fighting fish one sister". They only think it is a net red rather than a singer.

This year, she was in a dilemma. She could not move forward to the entertainment industry. She lost the anchor of the anchor, and could not return to the live broadcast. She continued to be a mascot in the fighting fish.

The change took place in the second half of 2019.

In October 8th, von Ti Mo released micro-blog and announced the expiration of the live broadcasting contract, but did not reveal who the next family was.

Fans from tiger tooth guess to fast hand, guess from the trembling to cool dog, even suspect that she wants to transform into a singer, to the entertainment circle, two and a half months, fans are very anxious, afraid she left the fighting fish is a double lose.

At 9:50 in the evening of December 19, 2019, the mystery was unveiled, and von Ti Mo finally ran to B station.

In her micro-blog, she wrote: Dear mushrooms, I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. The live broadcast has not been open for two months, so let's announce the new start in our birthday.

Micro-blog also showed that the room number B gave her was: 1314.

The passers-by wondered and puzzled. She felt that fighting fish was her destination.

But her fans are exulted. They look forward to the "B station" new identity, which will bring new ideas to the label solidified von Ti mo.

In the commentary area, everyone talks to each other. There's a beep in the studio, please.

Why is B station the only option?

Why is B station? Many people think so.

This ACG concentrated, ghost animal culture area and Z generation base camp are almost all nightmare of flow idols. The fall place of old scholars and serious people, net red Feng Ti Mo to B station water and soil will be served?

In fact, for von Ti Mo, to remain in the fighting fish is a double lose, and to B station may be able to "regenerate".

Feng Ti Mo has an origin with B station.

Her famous song, "chicken beep" was covered by many UP at B station, and even traveled far South Korea. It was imitated by numerous anchors. B station users moved the cover videos one by one. Those who mixed up B station have seen the famous scenes of those anchors who are unable to articulate the sound system. After that, Buddha's maiden became an important material for UP's two creation.

All these will become von Ti Mo's original capital to enter B station. B stations are different from live broadcasting platforms. They need to be exposed continuously and continuously. The underlying logic of B stations is determined by live broadcast and video content. High-quality live content will become an important material for subsequent video content, and can achieve the effect of the two transmission.

In addition, the B community's tonality is also urgently needed by von TMO. She needs to change her identity and need a transition zone that allows her to move from the live screen to the big screen.

Before that, many anchors wanted to go the way of stardom, but there were not many ways to go through it. Jumping from a vertical live platform such as a fighting fish to a TV screen only increases the contrast between two identities, making the original label more firming.

That's why she went to a variety show last year. In the end, she couldn't get rid of the red label.

To think about it, for von tiger, to go to tiger tooth or other live platform, and to stay in fighting fish are not two kinds, still do host, still need to rely on the length of live broadcast to maintain status.

The B station's community ecology is very strange. It can undertake many entertainers, anchors, celebrities and vegetarian people. It can open up a growth space at B station.

Ouyang Nana relies on the B station to release vlog successfully washed white deer small sunflower, becomes the entertainment circle new flower, the flow star Cai Xukun, Wu Yifan goes to the summit to leave the circle cannot leave the UP master's wonderful thought clipping, even examines the star movie and television work success or not all depends on whether it has cut in the B station.

From this point of view, B station is becoming a platform that is very close to mainstream entertainment and mass media, and entering B station may be the best solution to all options in front of von Ti mo.

The B station users are fastidious, but in fact there is a very obvious group characteristics. They recognize the highest talent and praise the technology flow. For B station users, von Ti Mo is net red, but if singing well, it can never be called a singer.

Moreover, the barrage ecology of B station has been regarded as the highest quality of Chinese internet fans, and the live broadcast atmosphere is more relaxed and active than the barbaric vertical broadcast platform. The host of the tiger fish platform has low fault tolerance on live content, and the content of live broadcast must be firmly focused on its own positioning. However, UP's main cross realm live broadcast at B station is actually a regular thing.

To sum up, Feng Ti Mo chose B station for two reasons. First, in the fight fish, von TMO has been unable to enter, but B station for Feng Ti Mo, but still touches the top space. The two is related to her career planning. In recent years, she has concentrated on singing shows and variety shows. Stardom is not a trend, but her goal, but such a live broadcast platform has to face more realistic problems.

In this way, it seems that it can only be B station.

What story can von Ti Mo write at B station?

No one will sign B station to von Ti Mo to do an accident.

Including Feng Ti Mo himself, and missed a sister's fighting fish, watching the tiger's teeth so far, and even the voice of "no interest" in von Ti mo.

Because everyone can see that B station must vigorously develop ambitions for live broadcast.

In December 2019, there were media reports that B stood at a number of live broadcasting platforms such as fighting fish, tiger teeth and quick hands, and captured the exclusive right to live in the LOL finals of China in the next three years.

Prior to that, B station also invested in a large number of live telecast competitions. In 2017, the BiliBili gaming was set up, and many game competitions were planned. In 2018, direct competition companies were set up.

At that time, in the view of the public, B station might want to play games vigorously. ACG community, G is game, then B station is actually a basic game, but in fact, it is not just to play games, but also to do live broadcast.

From the current B station's community structure, there are 15 light zones, two yuan, music, digital, fashion, movies, comics, technology and so on. In particular, these content zoning is not the kind of traditional video website that nobody cares about. Each partition takes UP as its core and grows vigorously in its own circles.

When the contents of these zones are surging rapidly, fans will be more active. The interaction between UP owners and fans will be very strong. The central recommendation system of B station will also link the isolated circles by algorithm.

This is already a very natural ecosystem. The positive cycle of UGC is the perpetual motion machine of content community. And the B station will be able to penetrate the circle more directly than the live broadcast platform.

Winning the exclusive broadcasting rights of the League of heroes in the next three years is a signal to cut the game live, and signing von Ti Mo is a signal to foster pan entertainment live broadcast.

B station is very lucky, but the restraint of commercialization over the past ten years has lost a lot, but it has won more. Live broadcast is coming sooner or later.

Von Ti Mo is also very lucky. She has become a sample of B station formally testing the water live industry. This means that Feng Timo's "gamble" must be very colorful.

This transaction may be just the beginning.

* this is an independent view of the author and does not represent AI's position.

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