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Married again? Flash marriage, girlfriends, when did she get divorced?

fcwm520 @ 2020/06/29

Amy endured fear and finally brushed away the hidden corner. After reading the analysis of netizens, she felt that she had seen it in white and prepared two brushes.

The last time I saw such a burning drama or "want to see you", the love between men and women was really too good!

When we watch the drama, who can think of Alice Ko's early marriage?

I have to say that their wedding theme is very creative. "Thank you, Mrs. Xie." Another way of reading is: "Thank you, sir and madam." Eat a dog's food first!

Judging from the guests, their relationship is not so good.

Alyssa Chia and his wife, Momoco Tao and his wife, Mark, Roy Chiu Tse, Tia Lee, OD and so on, most of the Taiwan entertainment circle was present.

Originally, Alyssa Chia and Shiou's daughter were going to be a flower boy. As a result, he didn't come down with a cold, but OD's daughter, JOJO, was supporting him, and they were JOJO's godfather godmother.

The most interesting thing is to design a single man to grab the link of cauliflower and cauliflower, and to grab the grass is actually Jiro Wang, the golden bachelor.

Alice Ko's status in Taiwan performing arts circles is not ordinary.

In 2010, he co worked with Mark in "Duan", and mosquito Mark and Xiao Ning Alice Ko had an unforgettable love affair.

Her eyes were full of drama, especially when faced with the pressure of her clients. She wanted to get out of the sea quickly, and the expression of the ceiling was impressive. No wonder it will be nominated for the best actress in Taipei Film Festival.

In fact, Alice Ko took a lot of MV before acting, and many of them were popular Chinese. For example, Jay Chou's maple, JJ Lin's Cao Cao, Vivian Hsu's "smiling eyes"...

But the mainland audience became familiar with her, or played the role of "petty bourgeois girl rushing ahead" through cooperation with Roy Chiu Tse. She played Shen Xingren, a small staff of Beijing department store.

In 2016, Alice Ko and Roy Chiu Tse collaborated with Roy Chiu Tse again in the TV play "to marry a woman". She played Cai Huanzhen's revenge on her former sister Joanne Zeng and tried to catch up with Roy Chiu Tse, and finally couldn't help falling in love with each other.

With her superb performance, Alice Ko won the best actress award of drama program in one fell swoop, and succeeded in entering the golden bell. At the wedding, Roy Chiu Tse made a point and said to Xie Kunda: This is your "must marry woman".

Although Alice Ko is clean and artistic, he is known as "little Lunmei Kwai", but his emotional life is unusual and vigorous.

Because often with Mike He, Roy Chiu Tse and other handsome guys to play the scandal constantly, but the most shocking is. The pure goddess was married at the age of 18.

In the third year of senior high school, Alice Ko's father died suddenly, which made her think that emotion should be grasped at present.

Young and frivolous always pay the price. This impulse of marriage ends only two years.

Later, Alice Ko concluded: "at that time, too young, like a family member, did not know what marriage was. After looking back, it was a process of love and separation.

Although once married once, it did not affect Alice Ko's entertainment in the entertainment industry. Boyfriend Ke Yuguan even maintained that she said: It doesn't matter to me whether she is married or not.

But this relationship lasted for 2 years and 10 months and ended in a breakup.

It is rumored that Alice Ko was ambiguous during the time of lovelorn when he was filming "the beginning of the game" and the two hero Li Guoyi.

Alice Ko talked about Li Guoyi: "his eyes will discharge, and at the very beginning, he will be nervous when he meets the four parts of the play. But then Li Guoyi's agent denied the scandal.

Then the boyfriend was more sensational. The news of her suicide came out.

Later, the reporter confirmed that he had been drinking and accidentally cut by glass, and his boyfriend Chieh Wang said he had never broken up. But Alice Ko came to light and broke up for months.

This pair of brothers and sisters loved to express their love in public, and even issued a declaration of love. "Until the end of the world, we will not break up!" Unfortunately, after the end of the world, the two of them broke up.

After the breakup, two people were not idle. Chieh Wang later passed an affair with Tiffany Xu, and Tiffany Xu's friends were disagreed.

On the other side of Alice Ko, she also handed in a new boyfriend to Bryant Chang, who always wanted you to supervise me. As always, she showed her affection and was always very quick.

It was not until 2012 that Alice Ko met her husband Xie Kunda. It's also because of the drama. Amy finally realized why netizens say that filming is the same as blind date.

Speaking of Xie Kunda, because everyone is not familiar with filming in Taiwan all the year round, Dadong University played a rival in Xie Kunda in a few years ago.

And Shiou is the double hero of the idol drama "happiness multiple-choice question".

One of his most famous identities is Ivy Chen's ex boyfriend.

Ivy Chen and Kun DA are introduced by Xiu Zekai, but Ivy Chen has always been reluctant to disclose her love affair, but Kun has made an indirect disclosure at the press conference, which makes Ivy Chen unable to accept it. There are also rumors that Ivy Chen is the leg stylist, Tom Li Tang Tang.

Later, Kun and Alice Ko walked together. For three friends who used to be friends, Ivy Chen talked as always. We are like a wife changing club.

But isn't that all about entertainment? You and I are good, and I am good with him. For example, this wedding, Roy Chiu Tse. (Fei Wen) Tia Lee, an ex girlfriend, is also present. I wonder if it will be embarrassing to see him.

Alice Ko's boyfriend changed from one to another. He finally met the right person. Xie Kunda was once thrown down by Chen Da, and was called the most miserable of her 48 ex boyfriends, and also reaped her own perfect love.

Bless them, and wish the single fairy to meet their prince charming at an early date.

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