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After a lapse of 5 years, Volvo transmission storm and provide 7 years warranty.

qichezhiliang @ 2018/09/11

In this paper, by See the car Rui Authorized release


Author: Yang Guo

9 7, the Volvo group had to respond CCTV financial reports related to the old XC60 dual clutch gearbox in the official WeChat and micro-blog platform, and made it clear that the dual clutch gearbox fault in the report is mainly carried on part 2015 and the XC60 models, gearbox model MPS6.

In the CCTV financial reports before 4 years old, Volvo imported XC60 due to the use of 3-4 years after the warranty period, common double clutch gearbox fault (driving computer prompts low transmission performance) on 2014 3 - 15 party cctv. But when Volvo uses cold treatment, only in 2013, some of the owners of collective rights, reply to the owners, it is not that the dual clutch gearbox problems.

However, when in June this year, CCTV financial reporter communication at Volvo headquarters in Shanghai and a customer service manager surnamed Li, she did not deny the existence of the problem: "from the company's point of view, I can only say that it has to solve the problem, we, the fact is, if there is no problem, how to change things (Note: parts)? If there is no problem, how to repair?"

Customer service manager surnamed Li's position is like a miniature Volvo attitude change. CCTV financial reports after the broadcast, Volvo changed a few years ago the calm, rushed through the network official account said, "according to CCTV reported on the part of the old Volvo XC60 dual clutch gearbox, we attach great importance to the inconvenience to consumers to express my sincere apologies."

At the same time, the solution also will be released: for the purchase of 7 years range, carrying the gearbox of the vehicle, such as the emergence of related fault, by the dealer to provide free maintenance service. Free range includes clutch kit and transmission control system, gear box assembly and to provide the highest cost of working hours; 7 or 16 million kilometers (including the original vehicle vehicle warranty) MPS6 dual clutch gearbox system extended warranty.

The solution for Volvo was late, there are users that a solution is given to drag for so many years, and the scheme does not completely solve the problem of lack of sincerity. Some netizens also gives a more objective view, with production of gear box failure of Volvo XC60, the club is not auspicious, now let Geely "scapegoat", it seems Geely is also very unjust, but for a brand, regardless of how the club changed hands, services should not shrink.

The car had seen Rui Volvo transmission fault whether there is a legal solution level did report, when the study of Consumer Protection Law Association Deputy Secretary General Hao Qingfeng said firmly: "consumers should Chinese law will get the quality of products and services, should not change with the brand in the capital market and change. Volvo for this fault affect traffic safety should not be so blind, really."

As for the solution given by Volvo, Kai Rui saichi consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. vice president Zhang Yue said in an interview, see Rui car, 8AT gearbox to replace cash XC60 will be involved with the original engine, the replacement of the original brand, but also can not completely eliminate the gearbox fault, so what consumers need this is the most urgent demand. Recall may not completely solve the problem from the point of view of technique; the extended warranty, the warranty period after the failure of the vehicle can get free maintenance.

On the old transmission model and the current model and the other parts of the match, if consumers are ready to use the vehicle, the Volvo 7 solution should be given on the extent to alleviate the concerns of the consumer car.

Of course, for the final solution to how to achieve the effect, has replaced the gearbox fault but still exists in the vehicle can maximally solve the problem with this scheme, feedback inspection and the owners also need time, the car will continue to focus on the core see.

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Chinese:时隔5年 沃尔沃就变速器风波道歉并提供7年延保