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Cool Company defines new world

geekpark @ 2019/10/13

If art creation can express this era, the pioneers of science and technology are leading the way of life and thinking style in this era.

There are many reasons for the coming of an innovation.

In December 2016, Elon Musk was driving on the road in Silicon Valley. He was so upset by the pursuit of extreme efficiency that he issued a tweet: "traffic jam drives me crazy! I'm going to build a tunnel digger and start digging tunnels. " Less than 1 hours later, the project was officially named "The Boring Company". After 2 hours, he again sent a message: "we really need to start digging a tunnel. "

This is musk, if he associates himself with his decision and action to build a rocket from scratch.

According to his plan, the underground tunnel network will be up to 30 stories, which can transport cars and super high speed rail. Cars can be transported by electric skateboards at speeds of 1200 km / h, which is a vehicle that can be more efficient than airplanes. Moreover, theoretically, the cost of the super high speed rail project is expected to be 1/10 of the California high speed rail project. It sounds crazy.

Artist Cai Guoqiang once talked about the application of science and technology in this way. "If art creation can manifest this era, leading the way of life and thinking in this era, it is the pioneers of science and technology". To change lives with technology is the best way for technology companies to express their romance and charm.

In December 2018, musk, who opened Tesla, crossed the underground short distance test tunnel in the backyard of SpaceX, a space transportation company. He appeared at the The Boring Company media conference and fulfilled his promise. Subsequently, The Boring Company formally obtained a $48 million 600 thousand contract to design and build a super high speed rail system for the Las Vegas convention center and provide tunnel traffic between the terminals of the O'Hare Airport in Chicago.

Two In December 18th of 018, Boring Company was opened on the night of the test tunnel near Losangeles. The total length of the experimental tunnel is about three km.

This is a legendary story. The spirit of geeks brings about social evolution and business miracles. A technology is constantly fermented and evolved into a new way of life; different ways of life combine to form everyone's life. In China, the story of Technology Nurturing is based on local conditions. They define and shape China's technology landscape. And we can also get a glimpse of the future commonalities of the world.

Ways to reach technology

In 2014, the Wall Street journal published an article entitled "the rise of China's innovation machine", saying that in recent years, Chinese technology companies began to challenge global technology giants by innovating hardware and software, and leading the trend of telecommunications, mobile devices and online services.

Standing in 2019, the nodes went back to comb the past technical context. In 2009, 3G issued the licensing system, and the mobile Internet took root in China. During this period, WeChat was born. From 2013 to 2015, 4G licenses were distributed in succession, and the mobile Internet began to achieve the true meaning of the curve overtaking. The TMD (byte beating, American League and trickle) conform to the trend of rapid rise. Big data and recommendation algorithm to kill the encirclement of today's headlines metamorphosis into byte beating, based on LBS algorithm matching technology and other beauty groups and drops become new unicorns. 5G licensing in 2019 rekindled vitality for new technologies such as AI, big data, cloud computing, Internet of things, block chain and so on. The fourth industrial revolution centered on digital technology has gone one step further.

Accordingly, every era has its unique technical background. Zhang Jianfeng, chief technology officer of Alibaba group and President of Ali cloud intelligent business group, said at this year's cloud habitat conference that cloud, big data, intelligent networking and mobile collaboration have become the four key technologies of the digital economy. From demand to production, from supply to operation, digital economy needs digital upgrading and innovation of all factors, and all these need modern information technology. No matter what specific technology, it can almost be summed up as digital technology. We are standing on this historical node.

The trend is irresistible. The first industrial revolution caused a large number of workers to be replaced by machines and jobs to migrate. The development of digital economy will also cause great changes in the employment structure. According to the report released by the world economic forum, 65% of the children in primary schools today will eventually engage in new occupations that do not yet exist. Every day, we are saying goodbye to the past. This is nothing to be sad about. People are so obsessed with the times of stars sparkling in history that we often forget that we are creating classics of one civilization after another in deep time.

However, only those organizations that bravely embrace change and continue to evolve and create value for society can stand in the cruel commercial world for a long time and constantly define the world.

Lenovo, which has been born for 35 years, has become one of the benchmarks on the track of business office since the birth of ThinkPad. After the acquisition of IBM desktop, notebook computers and its R & D and procurement business, the globalization road has also been more stable. Through the peak and trough of the industry, the technological giant in the deep IT circuit takes the lead in perceiving the direction of the tide. Digital technology is becoming more sophisticated, more integrated, and more responsive to the needs of rapid iteration. And open up the rich practical experience and ability accumulated in this process, so it has created its new business -- the establishment of SMB in Lenovo, which is committed to promoting the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises, and making efforts to build a service platform for small and medium enterprises, so as to provide the exclusive access to IT for the growing enterprises.

In the small town of Internet of things in Binjiang, Hangzhou, there are more than 5 enterprises around the town, with more than 2 million 500 thousand employees. Sharp tools make good work. In order to promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in small towns, the ThinkPlus program center has been set up. By strengthening the form of terminal user contact, the more vertical and short chain services are brought into the enterprise, directly connecting users. According to the trend, this is a new rich ore, which can be regarded as Lenovo's transition from hardware to digital integrated services. Finally, in the wave of digital technology, both traditional enterprises and Internet Co will inevitably be involved.

Truly embrace Digitalization

This year's government work report put forward that the digital transformation of the global economy has become a major trend. Moreover, the relevant figures of China's digital economic development and employment white paper (2019) show that in the next three years, at least 50% of the world's GDP will be digitalized, and digital technology will permeate into all sectors of the industry and achieve cross-border integration and multiplication.

How to understand the digital economy? Like agricultural economy and industrial economy, digital economic activities also need land, labor, capital, technology and other production factors and corresponding infrastructure. Unlike in the past, many of the factors of production need to be digitalized, and the new core factor of production is "data". For example, a water mains equipped with sensors and a digital parking system.

The technology driven teams born in this wave of technology are almost naturally carrying the genes of the new world.

The commercial Intelligent Company, which is the main AI+BI technology, views the remote data, and helps store managers to make decisions with data, so that single store sales can be increased by 15%. It strongly demonstrates to the retail industry managers that business decisions can increasingly rely on human-machine cooperation.

Founded in 2011, the SaaS software company, which focuses on home racetrack, has realized the "5 minute generation decoration plan and 10 second generation effect map" customization through technology, showing people's yearning for home more effectively. Not long ago, it announced the opening of construction deliveries, providing a one-stop solution for the five links of channels, marketing, design, production and construction, so as to achieve industrial digitization.

You may have heard or used the two wheeled balancing cars and electric scooters of the world's nine largest robot. After providing two new options for our short trip, we benefited from the deep accumulation of technology. Not long ago, they launched the unmanned distribution robot. The new vision of "terminal logistics provider" will be announced.

Technology driven is a glaring label for these companies. Digitalization has a profound impact on their business models, and they are influencing more people in this way. We call it Cool Company. However, in the more than 2600 SMEs in China, the vast majority of small and medium-sized enterprises are still quite different from the "Cool Company". The lack of IT infrastructure and services has become the first threshold. This is also the reason why Lenovo's SMB division chose this track. In the trend of digital wave, it is not only a business but also a meaningful undertaking to make technology driving the standard of more companies.

As you can see, the world today is experiencing the most rapid, extensive and profound change in human history. This is a process that urges more people to become cool together. Facing the new world ahead, the new strategy of Lenovo represented by technology giants is bound to choose to struggle with Cool Company in the same trench.

Source: Vision China

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