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25 quiet old towns that are suitable for a person to live in, and go for a walk when they are tired.

LX-dingzhi @ 2019/12/23

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Some people say

The true meaning of travel is

Use beauty as a sauce for life.

Take the story as a memory of life

Treat food as a reward for travel.

Do not think about what worries and worries.

Just walk in time.

Enjoy the beauty of a person's life

Just being happy is enough.

One person can go to Gong Tan ancient town.

Listen to the story before 1700 and walk the three long stone street.

A person can go to Huang Yao ancient town.

Look at the amazing dragon claw banyan, lonesome alleys and ancient pavilions.

One person can go to Furong Town.

The night is strangely quiet, until the sky is full of stars. Besides the sound of the waterfall, you can hardly hear other noises.

A person can go to an Chang town.

Facing the small river, basking in the warm sunshine, opening an old wine, putting sauce duck sausages, a mouthful, a cup, that little day is not perfect.

A person can go to the ancient town of Shang Li.

"Two water mirrors, two bridges should be rainbow" to feel the smoke and rain in Shu.

One person can go to Shuhe ancient town.

The ancient Qinglong bridge, the mottled ancient architecture, every step, that time and space will be thick and heavy, let you stop.

One person can go to Qingyan ancient town.

Walking along the steep walls, looking down from the heights to the ancient towns and mountains, waiting for a rosy clouds to let time flow like this.

A man can go to the old town of Ming he.

"Sugao scenery competition Suzhou". The ancient town is built on the mountain into the street, and the fishermen live in the river.

One person can go to Wuzhen.

Drunk in the morning of the east gate, in the night of the west gate.

One person can go to Xitang.

Look at the water in the spring and Autumn period, the towns in the Tang and Song Dynasties, the buildings in Ming and Qing Dynasties, and modern people.

One person can go to Nanxun.

In the early morning, the people who wash the water, the sun rising in the water, the smoke curl up, even though the wind and rain, the life here is still the original look.

One can go to ancient weir to paint the countryside.

Choose an old street to rest, choose a homestay and stay, let the busy and complex mood slowly relax.

One person can go to Zhouzhuang.

Cross the small bridge and travel in the middle of the ancient town in a small boat, feeling the tenderness of "the first water town of China".

One person can go to Tongli ancient town.

Here, without being bound by time, the days of flowing water can also be passed into prose poetry.

One person can go to Pingyao County.

The old brick street, the grey tile ancient wall, only savors carefully, can appreciate its unique style.

One person can go to Luzhi ancient town.

With the satisfaction and comfort in the alley, the people's dream of life in the south of the Yangtze River is the most common life here.

A person can go to the ancient town of Jinxi.

The ancient lanes and brick tiles of the vertical and horizontal roads are filled with the lingering charm of history, elegant and market.

One can go to the old town.

Entering the ancient town, the old houses are mottled and the alleys are deep. Every beam and brick can have a history of thousands of years.

A person can go to Xidi.

Watch the sun and mist in the morning, enjoy the silence and comfort at night, and measure every inch of the stone road with your footsteps.

One person can go to Wuyuan.

It is a sea of rape flowers, a charming village covered by red maples, and a dream home in white walls and black tiles.

One person can go to the rain.

Quietly at the edge of the ice lake, looking up at the blue sky, snow mountains and glaciers, looking at the world where the breeze is not dry, and perceiving the beauty of life.

One person can go to Pei Tian Village.

Stroll on the pebble paved trail, and feel the natural and simple life of Hakka people.

One can go to the ancient town of Mu Du.

The clear water and green trees always look so fresh under the blue sky.

One can go to the tea chamber.

Walking on the Qingshi Road, looking at the buildings on both sides of the river, Shen Congwen felt the style of "border town".

One person can go to Heshun ancient town.

Here, time seems to be slowing down, not being disturbed, not rushing every day, and the rest is just enjoyment.

The highest latitude of travel

Living like a local resident

The two or three day is too short, that's six or seven days.

There is no dispute about drinking tea.


It's time to find a time.

Stop hurried footsteps.

Pick a favorite town for a few days.

To leave blank, to feel

I have been dreaming of slow life.

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