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The new model is about to go online. A large number of heroes crazy to strengthen! The whole crew has 2 lives. Huang Zhong mobile is a big move.

djgk99 @ 2019/12/18

Hello, Hello, everyone. I am weirdo.

Today brings you three new news. They are the glory of kings. New functions waiting to be launched , New game mode as well as The latest official answer Promise me to see the last!

New functions waiting to be launched

In the four years of the glory of the king's glory, many players may have even knelt and deleted the game in a rage, but they could not escape the true fragrance law. If you are angry, you can unload it, and you can download it anyway.

However, a new function has been introduced in the Royal glory experience suit. If you really decide to press this option, you will really cut off the game with the same function. Account cancellation "

The function of account cancellation should not be explained by me. Most games have this function, which means you can empty your game account. Usually said that the tour will uninstall the game, but download it back or play as usual. After the account is cancelled, all input in the game will be cancelled once the game is registered again, and there will be no compensation.

Unload the glory of the king, and you can download it any time. But once you write off the king's glory game account, even if you later regret your intestines, the gold coins, diamonds, inscriptions, heroes, all kinds of skins and other game assets that you collected in the game, and the record of the king's imprint, the summit record and so on will be gone forever.

Who has the heart to cancel his game account? After all, it is a memory of oneself, invested so much time, energy and money, even if you do not play games, you really do not need to go to write off such a dead end.

However, "account cancellation" is a common game function. There are still some players' normal demand functions for King glory. For example, many players like to play trumpet, and there may be many low grade useless trumpets in each constituency. They usually do not play and have no time to play. With the cancellation function, these useless trumpets can be deleted.

Finally, you need to use the ID card number to cancel the account, so you don't need to worry about the occurrence of the borrow and delete number, unless you borrow the number of your target parents.

At present, this function is quietly on the line of experience clothing, and even the announcement has not been said, so it is not yet certain whether the official service will cancel or delete the account on the line. If you go online, you will lose a lot of players, but as a normal game function, I think it is necessary to go online.

New mode - skill enhancement

In the update of experiential dress 12.17, a new game mode has also been updated to the experiential dress. However, because the new mode is not officially opened, it is not possible to try the game for the time being. The rule of the new model is simple. This mode of hero skills will be greatly enhanced!

such as Angela The big trick is to strengthen the effect of releasing three firearms, and the speed is faster, and the 2 skill is to increase two fireballs and fly faster.

Another example Dong Huang Tai Yi There were three balls on the top, and 6 balls in the reinforcement mode.

The six balls hit the ground at the same time. It's really spectacular, and it's hard to hide it. This control is very strong. In this mode, the emperor is very much like the six immortals in the shadow of fire, too strong!

Moreover, the two skills of the eastern empire are more numerous and wider.

Is it very interesting? One more thing. Huang Zhong The 12 skills change little in the enhancement mode, but his big strategy is strengthened, not only the scope is increased, but also a super super super BUG effect, that is, it can move along with the gun, and the speed of moving is still very fast. Who can hide away?

At present, the new model can strengthen the skills of heroes. Twenty-eight In addition to the above heroes, many of the heroes' skills are BT after strengthening. For example, Tai Yi Zhen's big move, the enhanced version can directly resurrect 5 people! In this mode, the election of Tai Yi is not equal to the total 2 lives of the whole party in the wartime.

The skills of these heroes will be upgraded in the original skill effect. It can be seen that after the evolution of the new mode of hero skill, not only the antagonism becomes stronger, but also the playability becomes higher. Personal feel this mode is still very interesting, to meet all kinds of wonderful brain hole, looking forward to the new model can be on-line test.

The latest official answer

The king glory official has an old Arthur answer session every week, which is a formal channel for official feedback on player feedback. This week's old Arthur responded with questions. Wu Zetian skills swing The problem.

Sum up the official attitude towards Wu Zetian's Hero: The effect is comprehensive, the intensity is in line with expectations, and the handle is not good, but it will not be adjusted.

There is a saying that every hero is unique, strong and vulnerable. Every hero needs to maintain a certain intensity to keep the game in dynamic balance. Wu Zetian kept the winning ratio. The player who possessed the hero was a minority. Low attendance is one of the important reasons leading to a high winning rate.

But with the replacement of the version, all kinds of new and brave heroes come on stage. Wu Zetian, an old wizard, has become increasingly unsuitable for the current version. The heavy hand made her play harder and harder. So I think Wu Zetian also needs to get a better version of the update.

The optimization of hand feeling is equivalent to the strengthening of Wu Zetian in disguised form. After all, the silky touch can bring the operation of five kill. So even if you want to optimize your hand, you will definitely cut down other places. This sacrifice is acceptable to me.

Under the official micro-blog, players also expressed their dissatisfaction.

But now The authorities have made it clear that they do not want to move. I would advise you not to expect too much feedback. If there is any hope for Wu Zetian's hero, there may be only a few more skins, more optimization models and more labels.

That's all about today. What do you want to say or want to ask about the cancellation of accounts, new models, skills and official responses to Wu Zetian's skills? Comments and comments are welcome. Pay attention to the WeChat public number of the "competition monster". At the bottom of the article, there will be an opportunity to receive the skin donated by the strange guest.

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