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What about less than 80 thousand of pure trams? The 2020 one is N01.

cheshihongdian @ 2019/12/23

Previously, the old style N01 in Guangzhou has been accompanied by the red dot of the car market and the new energy Xiaobian of red dot for a long time. Its performance in energy consumption and endurance is excellent. It left a very deep impression on Xiaobian. In August of this year, the interim revamped model of the N01 of Zha Zha was officially listed on the 2020 N01 of Zha Zha, with a subsidy of 6.68-7.99 yuan. What kind of feeling will new editor bring to Xiaobian?


Before the test drive, I learned: as compared with the old section, the 2020 N01 of the Zha Zha is upgrading up to 27 technologies and configurations in terms of endurance. The editor is full of anticipation.

In terms of appearance, the 2020 Nezha N01 continues to be fashionable, personalized, and overall design. The closed intake grille is more generous, perfectly integrated with two side headlights, and silver ornaments are also used below to create a very good visual effect. The charging port is still located behind the central "NETA" English logo.


The design of the side of the car is very short and exquisite, and has a strong sense of strength. The blue and white two color body design gives out a dynamic youthful and sporty atmosphere. The two-color 15 inch multi spoke aluminum alloy hub creates a good three-dimensional sense. The tires are made from Jinyu brand, 185/65 R15, and the main tire is comfortable and mute, which matches the positioning of the vehicle. It is worth mentioning that the 2020 N01 systems of the Zha Zha are equipped with the main driver's door keyless entry function, which greatly improves the convenience.


The 2020 type of N01 is designed by integrated modeling. The whole looks more concise and three-dimensional. The overall design outline of the taillight is consistent with the old one, and the LED light source is used internally. The decorative stripe of the rear bumper widens the transverse visual effect of the whole rear, and adds a lot of sense of grade.


Get into the car. The 2020 one is that the overall change of N01 in the interior is not big, because of the cost, the central console is covered with hard plastic, and the route is simple and exquisite. Compared with the old ones, the knob shift structure is still used, but the central handrail is very compact. The 7 inch LCD display is more clear, while the 10.1 inch central control panel operates very smoothly.


In terms of configuration, the 2020 sections of the Zha Zha N01 are equipped with intelligent tire pressure monitoring system. At the same time, the automatic lock up, automatic collision unlocking function and PM2.5 air filter system are added. In addition, the 2020 N01 has added three adjustable C-booster braking energy recovery systems, combined with its own price, which is full of sincerity.

In terms of body size, the 2020 sections of the N01 body are 3872x1648x1611mm and the wheelbase is 2370mm, locating small pure electric SUV. Although the overall size is small, its utilization in vehicle space is excellent. Within a limited scope, not only does the front row space be ensured, but also the space of suitcase is provided.


Based on the new pure electric platform made by HPA, the 2020 power system of the Zha Zha N01 has been upgraded comprehensively. The maximum power of the PMSM is 55kW, the peak torque is 175Nm, and the 0-50km acceleration time is only 4.9s.

The 2020 N01 increased the battery capacity, and the power consumption of 100 km was controlled at 11kWh/100km. The total mileage of NEDC increased to 351km and the maximum mileage reached 430km. In addition, with the addition of the H-EPT 2 electronic control system, the new car can charge to 80% in 30 minutes, and the overall charging efficiency is as high as 94%. Slow charging and filling takes 6-8 hours.


In the process of driving test, due to the site constraints in the park, it can only be carried out at low and medium speed, so it is only a simple chat about the actual driving experience of the 2020 N01, for reference only. Compared to the old models, the 2020 N01 increased the ECO and the common two driving modes. In the ordinary mode, the performance of the car was more relaxed, while in the ECO mode, it was obvious that the acceleration of vehicle was slower. In addition, the 2020 sections of N01 are lighter in steering feel and can also be easily driven by female drivers.


The 2020 type of N01 suspension adopts the former Mcpherson independent suspension + rear trailing arm independent suspension structure. The bump of the road surface can basically be effectively filtered, and the overall chassis adjustment is obviously comfortable, which can better meet the daily urban needs. This is also in line with its urban SUV positioning.

Red comment vehicle

As the first model of the new energy company, the location of N01 is very precise. It is the ultimate appeal of the company to ensure its comfortable appearance and the long journey mileage. Especially after the subsidy is less than 80 thousand yuan, it is a good choice for young people who do not earn too much money.

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