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The big supervision of medical waste has begun. Do not want to be fined, these 5 private hospitals must know.

hxyjwcom @ 2019/07/12

Refuse classification

Recently, people all over the country are discussing a matter. Garbage sorting!

From the beginning of Shanghai to the 46 pilot projects in the whole country, garbage sorting is on the agenda. Some people may still complain, but we have to say that the campaign of garbage sorting is imminent.

National medical waste disposal supervision begins

The way to deal with it!

When all eyes are focused on how to classify domestic waste, we must remind one thing: medical waste classification and disposal need to be vigilant at all times.

Whether it is public hospitals or private medical institutions, because of the classification of medical waste is not standardized, the phenomenon of fines is common. For the grass-roots units, especially clinics and clinics, a fixed fee is payable every year. Fined 3000 yuan, 5000 yuan as usual.

You know, medical waste is much more complex and more rigorous than MSW classification. As medical workers, infectious, hazardous, pathological, chemical and pharmaceutical wastes must be "clear" for specific medical waste classification.

Medical waste treatment has become more stringent in the 3 / 15 party this year after the exposure of medical waste to children's toys.

After the meeting, the national health and Health Commission issued the notice of the general office of the national health and Health Commission on further promoting the comprehensive evaluation of the classified supervision of infectious diseases in medical and health institutions, and published a number of contents of supervision and inspection, including "medical waste disposal".

How to deal with it? Collate as follows:

I. infectious waste (carrying pathogenic microorganisms with medical waste that causes the spread of infectious diseases)

Articles contaminated by blood, body fluids and excreta of patients

Domestic waste produced by medical institutions for patients with isolated infectious diseases or suspected infectious diseases

The culture medium, specimens and strains of pathogens, and preservative solution for virus species.

A variety of abandoned medical specimens

Disposable medical supplies and disposable medical devices after use

Collection and disposal method The Yellow trash can can be collected and covered with a yellow medical waste bag. When the container 3/4 is full, the garbage bag is sealed and affixed with special identification.

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* Note: pathogen culture medium, specimens and strains, preservative liquid of microbiological laboratory, and so on, should be sterilized by pressure steam and then treated according to the infectious waste. The blood transfusion bags should be collected separately in the Yellow medical garbage bag after 24 hours of blood transfusion. The waste produced by the isolated infectious patients or suspected infectious patients (including domestic waste) is sealed with double yellow medical waste bags.

Two. Hazardous waste (capable of stabbing or cutting the body's waste medical sharp instruments)

Discarded metal sharp instruments, such as medical needles, suture needles, acupuncture needles, etc.

Waste glass sharp instruments, such as cover glass, glass slide, glass ampoule, broken glass tube.

Other sharp materials such as disposable tweezers, disposable probes, disposable plastic pipette suction heads are used.

Collection and disposal methods: Put the Yellow medical special sharp box into line with the relevant requirements of the state. Note: it is necessary to select the appropriate specifications of the sharp boxes, filled with 3/4, that is, sealing and transferring.

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Three, drug waste (expired, eliminated, deteriorated or contaminated waste drugs).

Mass discarded generic drugs, such as antibiotics, over-the-counter medicines, etc.

Discarded cytotoxic drugs and genotoxic agents include carcinogenic drugs, suspected carcinogenic drugs, and immunosuppressive agents.

Discarded vaccines, blood products, etc.

Collection and disposal methods:

1. the batch of expired, rejected, deteriorated or contaminated waste drugs should be collected and registered by the pharmacy department according to the category, and then returned to the manufacturer or to the hazardous waste disposal agency.

2. a small amount of pharmaceutical waste, including waste bottles of cytotoxic drugs and genotoxic agents, can be directly put into the medical waste bags and medical waste bins for infectious waste, but should be marked on labels.

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Four, chemical waste (toxic, corrosive, flammable and explosive waste chemicals)

Medical imaging medical experiments are used after discarded chemical reagents and disused chemical disinfectants.

Discarded utensils and articles containing heavy metal substances, such as mercury containing sphygmomanometer, mercury containing thermometer, and mercury containing articles used in Department of Stomatology and so on.

Proper collection and disposal methods Collect and pack yellow special medical waste bags, seal them effectively and put them into chemical waste bins.

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* Note: batch of waste chemical reagents (such as ethanol, formaldehyde, xylene, etc.) should be disposed of by special hazardous waste disposal institutions. When batch of medical devices such as mercury thermometers and sphygmomanometer are discarded, they should be disposed of by special hazardous waste disposal institutions.

Five. Pathological wastes (human wastes produced during diagnosis and treatment and medical laboratory animal carcasses).

Discarded human tissues and organs resulting from surgery and other diagnosis and treatment.

The tissues and corpses of medical experimental animals.

Dissection of human tissue and pathological wax after pathological biopsy.

The placenta of an infectious disease, a suspected infectious disease and a sudden unexplained infectious disease.

A fetus with a birth age below 16 weeks or a fetus with a weight less than 500 grams.

Collection and disposal methods: Add yellow special medical waste bags, seal them effectively and put them into chemical waste bins.

* Note: fetal remains and infant remains should be incorporated into the body management according to the regulations on funeral and interment management.

Original title: The big supervision of medical waste has begun. Remember these 5 points and avoid punishment.

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