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Big fat orange has a melancholy eye and a movie star. Meng Meng has a bitter experience of wandering beneath his face.

mumu8com @ 2019/10/04

When it comes to orange cats, we think big orange is important.

According to scientists, orange cats have a gene that makes them greedy, so big orange is not a myth.

They say that eating can be a blessing. I do not know that every happy orange cat has a love master behind it. If it is not for living in a warm home, it is impossible for them to feel so comfortable from inside and outside.

A wandering big fat orange cat was picked up by a relief agency in the United States.

It looks fat but looks sad.

After careful examination, the staff of the relief agency felt distressed.

The 6 year old orange cat's ears are incomplete, hidden beneath the hair is a scarred body. Many of its teeth had broken up and their eyes were inflamed when they first came.

It is obvious that the area where it lives is not friendly with the stray animals. It does not know how many dogs and cats stand against each other and how many frames it has fought to survive.

In addition to trauma, big fat orange also suffers from cat AIDS. Although it has a fat and stout figure, its expression is full of bitterness, and the shadow of happiness can not be seen.

After being sent to the hospice, big fat orange took a bath and received treatment, lying in a warm and safe cat's nest and eating food that he had never eaten before. This series of behaviors has satisfied its body and mind and is full of trust for mankind at once.

The people in the shelter say that the big orange cat likes humans very much. When they see the workers, they hug them and start to snore in their arms.

It also snore loudly, as if a tractor were roaring. It was so cute that all the staff fell in love with it and vowed to find a good home for it.

The big orange cat was named "Bruce Willis", the famous actor. Do you think the big orange cat looks like the actor himself?

The shelters attached the photos and lives of the big orange cats to the Internet. When the girl was browsing the web, she was deeply attracted by the melancholy fat orange.

She felt that the cat seemed to have deep affinity with her, so she decided to visit the shelters on the spot. As a result, when I saw the cat, I felt like I could not stop it. I really wanted to take it home and love it right away.

Unfortunately, landlords do not allow tenants to keep pets.

Although he likes big orange cats very much, he still can not go against the landlord's regulations and bring them home without permission. She is a good girl who is sensible.

You can wait for your own conditions to move a little better, move to a new apartment, and consider cat raising. But the big orange cat can't wait.

The big orange cat with AIDS is fat, but its health is not optimistic. Because of the cat's AIDS, although it is lovely and loved, it has not been noticed for a whole month.

During this period, the big orange cat was also ill because of respiratory tract infection.

She has been concerned about the situation of the big orange cat. When she saw the web page of the host organization, she said that the big orange cat was sick, so she rushed to visit it.

After a month, she found that the big orange cat that nobody had adopted seemed to be more melancholy than she was when she first came. She decided to do something.

Take the picture of the big orange cat to the landlord, who can refuse this pair of sad and thirst for love? The landlord's heart was conquered by the big orange cat and finally agreed to the request.

Finally, he took the big orange cat home and walked out of the cage. The big orange cat walked around the new home carefully.

When his paw stepped on the floor of the new house, the big orange cat seemed to understand that he was also a home cat.

The big orange cat began to cry excitedly, but its voice was hoarse. It obviously suffered many hardships in the wandering life and screamed its voice out.

From that day, the big orange cat called out with its hoarse meow. Follow her every day and follow her from this room to the room.

When sleeping, the big orange cat also liked to hold it. Its expression was no longer melancholy and sad, and began to be moved and satisfied.

She said that the big orange cat was concerned about her every move. One day she was in the bath. The big orange cat thought she was going to drown. She ran into the bathroom and cried.

As soon as she sat on the sofa, the big orange cat ran up and jumped into her arms. Of course, the iconic loud snore of the big orange cat has also filled the new home.

The funny thing is, the vet said that because it snore so loudly that it could hardly hear its heartbeat when it examined it.

The big orange cat who had been wandering for the last time met a man who loved him, and the ending was pretty good.

Claw claw science time

Cat AIDS is a disease that destroys the feline immune system, because the virus that causes AIDS in cats is similar to that of human HIV. Cat AIDS is also referred to as FIV.

Feline AIDS is not transmitted to humans, but it can be transmitted to other cats, especially between mother and infant. Usually, cat AIDS is transmitted through saliva and milk.

Cats infected with cat and AIDS are vulnerable to the immune system. To put it simply, they are poor in body quality and are especially vulnerable to all kinds of bacterial viruses.

At the present stage, it is not difficult to detect cat AIDS. Only three drops of blood can be tested. But cat AIDS, like human AIDS, also has a latent period, which is not visible at all in incubation period, and the incubation period can be very long.

Like the 6 year old cat in the article, it's middle-aged in the cat world. According to its physical condition, it should be the cat's AIDS. Otherwise, with the injury of this body, it will not be possible for 6 years to live in a stray career in the case of cat and AIDS.

So cats with AIDS and cats can still be raised? What should we pay attention to feeding them?

1, as mentioned before, cat AIDS will not infect the host, but it will spread to other cats. If you want to adopt a cat with AIDS, you'd better keep a cat in your house.

The owner of cats or other animals has been raised, and claws and claws are not recommended to adopt cats and cats. If cats are infected with other healthy cats, then they are really in trouble.

2, feeding cats suffering from AIDS cats need to give it adequate nutrition and care. Do not let it touch the outside environment and pay attention to hygiene at home. The master had better experience in raising cats, and had plenty of time and money.

3, cat aids can make cats less immune, and more likely to get sick than ordinary cats. Once the cat appears to be in low spirits, sleepy, eat or drink, the owner will take the cat to the vet quickly.

It is a painstakingly difficult to keep cats and cats in trouble. If your hosts are in love, they should consider their actual abilities and do their best. Claw claw thinks, even if only raise a variety of soil cat, as long as can keep them well, make them happy all their lives, it is very praiseworthy!