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An exclusive interview with Zeng Wanfeng: agent is a bridge between customers and suppliers.

iccsz-Group @ 2020/06/29


In the optical communication industry, what role does an agent play? Xun Shi, a member of the company, Shenzhen zwanfeng, has been working as an agent for many years in the optical communications industry. Currently, there are more than thirty product line agents and sales director Xing Xing thinks: "agents set up a bridge for communication between suppliers and customers, not only to do well customer service, but also to maintain suppliers. Department. Mature agents are not just product agents. "

ICC news (Editor: Nicole) enterprises want to achieve sustainable development, in addition to the quality of products themselves, the core technology should be competitive, how to better market the products, be accepted by the audience, and the greatest possibility of developing the market is also a learning. At this time, the choice of high-quality agents has become a vital strategic task for the enterprise, and it is also the best way to market the products.
Recently, Xun Shi visited member enterprises, Shenzhen. Wan Feng Electronic Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Wan Feng As a supplier of components and solutions for value-added services in the field of optical fiber communication, radio frequency microwave, industrial module and Internet of things, since its establishment in 1998, the company has been providing the world's most advanced technology in the field with the supply of components from the definition and selection of components, sample application and testing, trial production and mass production. A series of pre-sale and after sales services and support should be provided to assist suppliers in completing the project with the latest technology and the fastest efficiency, reflecting the market value of the product. At the same time, we should understand customer needs, recommend cost-effective products, and provide quality products and services.

What role does an agent play in the optical communication industry?

Mr. Xing Yong, sales director of zwanfeng, shared his understanding of the role of "agent" to Xun Shi.

" As far as optical communication industry is concerned, agents set up a bridge for communication between suppliers and customers, not only to do well customer service, but also to maintain supplier relationship.

Mature agents are not simple product agents, but need to understand the needs of the industry, do a good job in market forecasting, grasp the balance between opportunities and risks, which is responsible for customers and suppliers. "

As an agent who has been working in the optical communications industry for many years, Wan Feng At present, there are more than thirty product lines, from laser chips to packaging, materials, passive, active products, test equipment, and so on. Through vertical integration, the system's product agent chain is formed, and the overall solution coverage from upstream to downstream is realized.
In the process of communication, Xing stressed:
" The bridge of the agent must have enough bearing capacity. "
Based on the understanding of the market and the development trend of the industry, Wan Feng Planning in advance can be made in product selection, and many years of cooperation with equipment manufacturers, device manufacturers and other manufacturers make it have sufficient advantages in product promotion and planning, understand how to better choose product matching, healthy financial management, ensure the safety of its supply chain, and take corresponding risks in cooperation.
To provide quality service to customers is also. Wan Feng As a mature agent, the necessary skills! Wan Feng Headquartered in Shenzhen, it has branches and offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chengdu and Hongkong. Its business sales team has a clear market segmentation and provides customized products and solutions according to the actual situation of customers. In addition to core business teams, in recent years Wan Feng We should introduce new forces in technical services, and provide exclusive service teams for strategic customers. We will use our abundant agent resources to provide customers with comprehensive services such as sales, technology follow-up and supplier professional judgement.
It is understood that Wan Feng Personnel stability is high, in the company 5 years and above employees accounted for 80%, this is the recognition of the company.
Xing said:
Personnel stability is very important for the production and development of enterprises, and it requires time and effort to train a new employee to familiarise himself with the company's operation mode and products and customers.
Whether it is management or a line of business and technology team, the core staff turnover rate is low, work efficiency and customer satisfaction will rise correspondingly.
For example, HUAWEI service team has a low turnover rate of core technicians, which has great advantages in product technology services.

Keen market sense to help suppliers and customers develop
The first half of 2020 will be over. With the construction of global data center and the new capital construction 5G, we will serve as the more than 30 well-known brands in the industry. The main products and solutions will range from optical communications, industrial lasers, power solutions, radio and microwave, consumer electronics and so on. Wan Feng The development boom of optical communication industry is best felt.
How to view the development prospect of the optical communication market under the current big environment?
Xing said:
From the overseas market, the demand brought by the data center has increased considerably. With the tendering and bidding of 5G for operators in China, the short-term market is also in full swing. From the order quantity, demand growth in 5 and June. However, we still have some concerns about the change of supply and demand after the 5G market is booming.
It is understood that from the end of last year, operators began bidding, many factories in the industry hoarding materials, and the order that should be delivered in the first half of this year was affected by the epidemic. The production line was shut down, the delivery time was compressed for about four months, and the fear of shortage increased. In the past bidding period, the demand for Q4 has declined, and the situation is not clear. In this regard, Xing general appeals: at present, the overall enthusiasm of the industry is high, and the contradiction between supply and demand is outstanding. However, practitioners in the industry should be calm and rational, and expect relevant policies to make positive and positive guidance, so that the industry can develop in a long-term and sustainable way and reduce the pressure on enterprises to survive.
In this case, Wan Feng The deep plough industry's rich experience and market anticipation ability will help customers and suppliers better and achieve win-win cooperation.
On July 3rd -5, Ze Wanfeng presented its series of products to Shanghai 2020 Munich Expo. 8.1A107 Sincerely invite friends from the industry to visit the exhibition of zwanfeng exhibition and look forward to meeting you.

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