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What's wrong with the subway line one in the morning? And got laid? People in the subway are like this...

mrxbweixin @ 2019/09/11

This morning

Many netizens reflect
Subway Line 1 is lying on the ground.

Quite a few people caught up.

@ Adolf, the leader. The train I took back to Yingkou Road station and opened the door for a while. I got off the train and stopped. Not sitting in the near future.

Hippo dreams A lot of students are late in class. Ha ha ha.

@ forever Ke Nanjun System failure. I stopped at Hai Guang temple.

I am Yu Yu. It doesn't matter. I'll go to the next stop.

@ the most favorite thing is love mad. What's wrong? So many people

Many netizens worry

Did you recover?

Can you sit in the afternoon?

Meat red meat Have you recovered from the accident? Do you want to do the subway test in the afternoon?

@ your rain babe_ Excuse me, is it all right now?

I will not tell you that I am a Xiang pig. In what case, I plan to take the first line to the metabolic hospital today.

Later, netizens said, 10 more points, the first line has returned to normal. Reporters contacted the subway operators, according to the staff, this is a daily failure, and soon resumed. Please understand the inconvenience caused to passengers.

Did you catch up this morning?
Which stop are you waiting for?

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New Media Editor Xu Dan

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