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Can't anything be eaten before caesarean section without exhausting? Why can't even milk be drunk?

jieshengpo120 @ 2019/12/23

On that day, we received a maternity woman who was expecting to be born. She was physically strong and healthy. When asked, she was a retired professional wrestler and she was also the champion of the Provincial Games. Because of her age, the doctor gave her a cesarean section and successfully delivered a baby girl. We pushed her back from the operation room to the ward, and told some of the postpartum precautions and left.

After a few hours, the husband of the parturient came to the duty room and said to the doctor, "doctor, my wife has not exhausted yet, but she is not hungry. Can I have some porridge?"

Women who have had children know that mothers can not eat anything within six hours after cesarean section, because the anesthetic has not been eliminated. At this time, eating will cause maternal cough and vomiting. In addition, because the abdominal operation is performed by the parturient, during the operation, the intestinal tube is reduced by irritation and intestinal peristalsis. After 24~48 hours, the intestinal function will gradually recover, and exhaust is a sign of normal intestinal peristalsis.

Only after the recovery of intestinal peristalsis can you eat half liquid food and normal food, otherwise the stomach and stomach can not bear it.

Therefore, although the woman is hungry, she can not eat porridge, and can drink some liquid, rice soup and so on.

The husband of the parturient asked, "can I have some milk?"

Many maternal family members want to supplement their mothers with nourishing foods such as sugar water, fruit juice, milk, soya bean milk and so on, but these liquid foods are easy to produce gas and they can not be drunk, so as not to cause abdominal distension and discomfort.

Until the gastrointestinal function gradually recovered, has returned to normal exhaust, maternal can eat some porridge, rotten noodles, egg soup and other rotten soft food. After eating, you need to eat less and eat more. , Don't burden your stomach too much.

So, what happens if the puerpera does not exhaust after delivery? We will suggest that we should get out of bed and exercise gas as soon as possible under the premise of ensuring safety, so as to discharge the gas as soon as possible, which is conducive to the recovery of the body. If the pain is not enough to get out of bed, you can lie in bed and move properly. Parturient can also let her husband massage his abdomen, promote the discharge of gas in the body, and also help to expulsion blood from the uterus.

    Some mothers are thin and shy. Is the exhaust sound loud after caesarean section? Will it make people lose face?

Ha, anal exhaust is a sign of intestinal peristalsis, indicating that maternal intestinal function basically recovered. Voice size is not necessarily. Differ from man to man. Mothers should not consider these trifles. It is the first and foremost thing to recover as soon as possible.

There are also some puerperas, who exhaust quickly after delivery, but they are very frequent, and they also feel embarrassed by their mothers. In fact, frequent exhaust is normal, this is a sign of normal stomach and intestines. With the increase of maternal consumption, the phenomenon of frequent exhaust will stop. Mothers can increase the number of activities, do not always lie down.

   After general cesarean section, there will be exhaust after 6 to 24 hours postpartum, depending on the physical condition of each person. If there is no exhaust after 48 hours, it is an abnormal condition. It must be checked by a doctor. You can use Enema Glycerini to promote intestinal peristalsis, lubricate the intestine, and speed up the postpartum exhaust of the puerpera.