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Junk husband classification map...

zhongxue100 @ 2019/07/11

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Author: She always

Source: She always (ID: Iiidiss)

Written in the end:

People often say: What kind of man a woman chooses is what kind of life she chooses.


No woman wants to spend the rest of her life with a good man.


However, a good man is not at hand, not to mention the emotional need to learn and manage.


Just like a person living on the earth.


Learning garbage classification is the key to protecting our homes.


And a woman is in love.


Learning to identify men is the key to ensuring happiness in one's life.


On the one-way line of marriage and affection, there will inevitably be garbage men.


We see:

Some women choose forgiveness in their husbands and wives' family violence.

Some women choose to bear patiently after their husbands and wives quarrel.

Some women in the indifference of husband and wife in the same way...


Actually, it is not terrible to meet a garbage man. The terrible thing is that there is no stop loss in time.


"Good birds choose wood, but they fight for their bosom friends."

A wise woman should know clearly what kind of man is worth keeping.


I wish you three winter and warm spring, and I wish you a good companion along the way.

About the author: She always (ID: Iiidiss), a beautiful, dared, cool and gentle woman who takes advantage of her appearance and wins by appearances. All the outstanding women in the new era are concerned about her.

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