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Shares hit a new high of three years. The shareholders of the tribute Liquor Group announced that they would reduce their holdings. The cash will be used for charity.

fengshengyanqi @ 2019/09/25

In the recent A share market, the performance of liquor stocks can be seen at a glance. Today, the liquor stocks are rising again. Among them, Guizhou's Moutai has risen 3.05%, the new historical high has been reported, and it has closed at 1184 yuan / share. Jiugui Liquor has approached the limit of trading, reaching a new high of 7 years, while the Ying Gong Gong liquor also rose 9.06%, setting a new high in the last 3 years.

However, on the evening of September 24th, the side announcement of the tribute wine made it brighter. The 5% shareholder of Lu'an, Anhui, was driven by the charitable foundation (hereinafter referred to as the "welcome to the foundation") to promote the development of local charities. Within 6 months after the 15 trading days, the market price was reduced by less than 2 million shares on the basis of the market concentrated bidding transaction, accounting for 0.25% of the total shares of the company.

Although the scale of the reduction is not large, the top 2 million shares are calculated according to the closing price of 24.08 yuan / share on the day of the tribute liquor. The current market value is 48 million 160 thousand yuan, which is difficult to cause a huge negative impact on the two grade market.

The reason for this reduction is the existence on the high side. However, in essence, it is equivalent to using A shareholders' money to do charity. The shareholders of the tribute liquor indirectly contribute to the charitable cause. Fortunately, the scale of the reduction is relatively small, and the impact on the two tier market is limited, otherwise, the controversy may arise.

The proposed reduction of the subject matter to the tribute liquor has been a good performance in the two tier market in recent years. The two or three line liquor brand enterprise, which originated in Anhui, landed on the A stock exchange in May of 2015, and achieved the scale expansion after the financing. It also benefited from the rising tide of liquor industry in recent years. The annual report disclosed since 2017 has declined by 2.40% compared with the 2017 net profit. Other annual reports have achieved a positive growth in net profit. The first half of this year achieved operating income of 1 billion 882 million yuan, an increase of 8.59% compared with the same period last year, and net profit of 445 million yuan, up 16.42% over the same period last year.

Good performance, to a certain extent, contributed to the company's leading position in the recent liquor market, and the 5 trading days surged nearly 28% (including today's rise of 9.06%). The joint spirits of Jiugui Liquor became the leading stock of liquor making sector. The emergence of large non throws reduction scheme was not rare.

It is worth noting that the 5% of the current holdings of the Ying Kai foundation is based on the voluntary donation to the group of driving agents of the tribute wine holding group in January this year. For the controlling shareholders, the group is afraid that the investors who are in charge of the tribute wine have no good impression. They once broke the trust of investors. As a result of the downturn in the share price of the tribute liquor in 2018, the group, as the controlling shareholder of the tribute liquor group, has announced in a high profile to boost the confidence of the investors in the two tier market. The proposed increase is not less than 20 million yuan, not more than 40 million yuan, but the actual increase is only 8 million 819 thousand and 900 yuan, and the termination plan is announced ahead of schedule.

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