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Some people say that you must go to 20 European tourist destinations. How many have you visited? (Part Two)

kaiyuan_eu @ 2019/10/09

Many people have a dream of travel.

Backpack, hand in hand lover

Together we traveled all over the mountains and rivers.

But for most people

They only envy people across the screen.

Stop dreaming

But I don't know the beauty of the world.

How fascinating it is

Yesterday we continued the first round.

Vienna - Schloss Schoenbrunn

Do you remember Princess sissy? Here is the place where sissy Princess and King Franz of Austria once had a good time together.

Schloss Schoenbrunn and its gardens have been listed in the world heritage list by UNESCO. This exquisite Baroque architecture used to be the imperial palace of the Holy Rome Empire, the Austria Empire, the Austro Hungarian Empire and the Habsburg dynasty family.

Old city of Warsaw

The old city of Warsaw is not big at all, but here is a part of Warsaw.

Unlike other European cities, the old city of Warsaw is a "new city" that has been restored and reconstructed according to the 14-18 centuries. It really has only sixty years of history.

Here you can see Medieval Gothic Palace and Baroque Holy Cross Church Stand side by side.

Roaming in the old city of Warsaw, the streets are full of flowers, elegant and romantic.

The sculpture of mermaid in the center of the old city is a combination of the architectural styles of different periods.

Colorful houses, cheerful accordion, streets and alleys hidden in the various characteristics of the shop......

Flowers, sunshine, smiles, these three elements, constitute a beautiful scene of Warsaw old city.

Prague Charlie Bridge

The oldest and longest bridge in Europe, with 30 sacred statues on the bridge, is the masterpiece of the 17~18 century Baroque masters in Czech. "The Baroque sculpture gallery in Europe"

It is worth mentioning that the eighth Saint John statues on the right side of the bridge are the guardians of the Charlie bridge. There is a golden cross in the middle of the fence. This is the place where Saint John was dropped from the bridge.


Every corner of Colmar is like the scenery on a postcard. Every frame is like an oil painting. The color is soft and harmonious. Photos taken with one hand can be taken as postcards.

It embodies the French romanticism.

Salzburg - Mirabell Garden

Mirabell Garden is famous for its "sound of music". It is one of the most beautiful gardens in Salzburg and one of the most popular tourist places.

The garden is full of flowers, and the lifelike Pegasus fountain is surrounded by four sculptures. Fire, air, land and water.


The commonplace pearl of Aegean Sea. Here is the most beautiful sunset in the world, the most magnificent sea view.

This blue and white color world is a gathering place for artists and a paradise for photographers.
Apart from the breathtaking scenery of the island, the most admirable thing is the exquisite details everywhere. Ingenious decorations, ingenious and meticulous Commodities... Or literature or fresh or strong or pure, confused the human eye, intoxicated with the heart.

Finland - Lapland

Lapland is one of the most suitable places to see aurora in the world. About 200 nights a year, we can see the aurora borealis.

In fact, for Aurora travellers, to see the aurora borealis in the northernmost Lapland of Finland is a lifelong experience.

But Xiao Yuan does not encourage all travelers to see aurora in Lapland. Aurora is only a natural phenomenon in the northern countries.

So as long as it is in countries close to the Arctic Circle, for example, Canada, Russia and five Nordic countries are likely to see it.

The prerequisites for viewing northern lights are long enough for dark and clear skies. Therefore, autumn, winter and early spring (September to March) are ideal seasons.

The best time of day is one or two hours before and after midnight. The aurora borealis may last for 20 seconds and even several hours in the air.


In Germany, there is a popular saying called: Switzerland does not return to the lake, except Koenigssee.

Where is it? Koenigssee is located near Germany and Austria near the town of Berchtesgaden. It is a lake that is eroded by glaciers. It is very much like the Nordic Fjord, and the lake is clear.

Autumn is the most beautiful season of the Koenigssee scenic area. The red leaves of the mountains are foggy and sunset, and the smoke is indistinct.

Granada Alhambra Palace

Among the most representative of Islamic architecture, medieval moors ruled the palace of Granada kingdom in Spain.

Staring at the picturesque courtyard, appreciating the carved walls of the palace, the mysterious and ancient multi-ethnic fusion of the ancient city, always inadvertently touches our heartstrings.


Dubrovnik is located in Croatia. As a real Imperial City, it is the shadow of Jun Lin City from top to bottom.

From the gate of the city of piler, we can see the entire medieval city crawling under its feet.

Then the highest wall of the city wall will be seen in the tower, where the splendid old houses and streets, the distant Adriatic Sea, and even the magnificent sunset can be seen everywhere.

The marble streets, Baroque buildings, and deep and deep stone steps in the city form a long scroll of history. When you wander, it will slowly spread out in front of you.

The scene of the confession, the hall of immortality, the site of the magic mountain and the red snake are all from this fantastic city.

Budapest Cheney chain bridge

The blue The Danube made a unique scene in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, which was two and 8 bridges on both sides of the Strait.
Szechenyi chain bridge is one of the earliest and most symbolic ones. At the two ends of the chain bridge, the tall and mighty lion grasped the two sides tightly, symbolizing the close connection between cloth and Perth.
Hungarian famous poets once said: "Even if you only spend 15 minutes with your lover on the bridge, you will fully feel the power of love, the true meaning of marriage, and truly enjoy the romance of Hungarians."

The bridge in Budapest is different from the majesty of the Yangtze River Bridge. The bridge is chic and ingenious. It is as fascinating as art at night.

Scotland - Shetland Islands

If you want to find a real paradise in the UK, then go straight to the northernmost Shetland Islands of this country.

Here, we have to mention that it is even closer to Norway than the island. Little yuan once doubted whether many British people might not know such a place.

Shetland's first impression of people is silence. The sky is high and the fat sheep are in groups.

Once you get here, you can find otters and killer whales in remote headlands, watch the stone pagoda in iron age and the great warship left by Vikings, and then find a bar in Lerwick to drink and relax.

Magnificent, magnificent, beautiful, clock sensitive, fantastic and gorgeous... For these unforgettable scenery, we have exhausted countless adjectives, but can not convey their epic shock and shock 100%.

The 20 places that you must go to in your life, do you have the one you want to go most?

- recommended by Xiao Yuan.

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