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Zhejiang Securities Co., Ltd., the chief economist of the 10 billion yuan financing corner, has entered the fast lane of development.

securitiesdaily @ 2020/05/23

Du Zhuoman, a newspaper trainee reporter

With the continuous progress of the internationalization and marketization of the capital market, as well as the landing of the new rules for refinancing, many securities companies have announced plans to increase their capital strength and increase the market gradually. In May 19th, Zhejiang Merchants Securities also disclosed a non-public offering plan, raising no more than 10 billion yuan.

Contrary to the "heroism" of the 10 billion yuan increase plan, it is the spirit of "pragmatism" of Zhejiang Merchants Securities. Zhejiang Merchants Securities related responsible person in the "Securities Daily" reporter interviewed, said, "the company is speeding up, based on Zhejiang, continue to" first tier "brokerage forward.

Deep ploughing Zhejiang

Opening up business acceleration

Since its establishment in 2002, Zheshang securities has worked hard for more than ten years. The responsible person told reporters: "Zhejiang's strong economy in the past did not have strong finance, but Jiangsu, which has the same economic volume as Zhejiang, has bred the head broker of Huatai Securities. This refinancing is the company's initiative to respond to the call of the provincial government. Zheshang will strive to build an excellent financial brand in Zhejiang province.

"The average net capital of the top 20 brokerages in the industry is around 50 billion yuan," said Zheshang securities official. "There is still a gap between Zhejiang Merchants Securities and the leading securities companies in the industry."

In fact, under the background of normalization, legalization and internationalization of capital market, securities companies are developing from channel intermediaries to capital intermediaries. Qian Xiangjin, a distinguished professor at the school of management, Zhejiang University, told the Securities Daily reporters: "the future capital market will increasingly form an omnidirectional opening pattern. Under the background of great changes, strong capital strength and risk pricing ability will become one of the main competitiveness of securities companies."

The reporters found that the capital market intermediary business and self investment business are the main capital increase targets in the industry. Zhejiang Merchants Securities also plans to use 85% of the proceeds to invest and expand two businesses.

By the end of 2019, the business revenue of the two businesses accounted for 34.15% of the total revenue of Zhejiang merchants. In the face of competition from head broker, the person in charge said: "the head broker really has an advantage, and Zhejiang merchants biggest advantage is based on Zhejiang. As a strong private capital, Zhejiang can bring considerable business growth space to the company.

In addition, Zhejiang business team, wind control team and research team have built a high margin of safety and wind control for the margin trading business of the company, and no major risk warning incidents occurred in 2019.

To be careful Gather together Heroes

Build a strength Research Institute

According to statistics, at present, the proposed increase plan for major listed brokerages is about 89 billion 750 million yuan. The development of securities companies is highly related to the scale of capital. And in the case of the scale of capital competition among big brokerages, who can grasp the opportunities of financial technology and marketization so as to occupy the next strategic stage?

The answer can wait and see, but compared with other securities companies, especially Zhejiang Merchants Securities is one of the few companies that will raise funds for research business.

Zheshang securities related personage told reporters: "our benchmarking business has done well in the securities business, its research institute has provided outstanding value creativity, and Zhejiang businessmen also hope to be able to build their own brand in research business."

First class business needs first-class research as support. In recent years, Zhejiang Merchants Securities Research Institute's big wave action is not difficult to see, Zhejiang Merchants Securities has made research business as the number one project to build.

In May 21st, the Zhejiang Securities Research Institute announced the official WeChat public number. Li Lifeng, chief strategist of the former Golden State Securities, formally joined the Zhejiang securities company. He was appointed deputy director and chief strategy analyst of Zhejiang Securities Research Institute. Previously, Zhejiang Merchants Securities have been excavated heavy weight analysts Qiu Guanhua and Li Chao, respectively, as the director and chief economist of Zhejiang Securities Research Institute.

The reporter learned that Zhejiang Merchants Securities currently has nearly 90 members of the research team and is still expanding. In Li Lifeng's opinion, only with more solid research, can we not only forget our minds, but also get high and go far.

(editor Tian Dong Qiao Chuanchuan)

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