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At first, the cat repelled dad, and dad was sick every day.

mumu8com @ 2019/12/09

Cats, I believe you all know, face value is high and temperament is unique. Whatever you do is full of charm that makes people look. No matter what cat's personality and appearance are very different, their character is not necessarily as cute as their appearance, but somewhat unnatural. Cats are usually too cold to take the initiative to talk to people. Unless they are asking for help, they will be close to people and act like spoiled people.

Of course, this is also a phenomenon of the past. Now, keeping pets has become a trend of life. More and more people have raised pets. Cats are among the hottest pets. People pay more attention to cats. They are very fond of cats. They are sincere with heart. They are very nice to cats, and cats are very close to people. Of course, there are some cats, no matter what they do, will not be close to people. Cats and people are different attitudes towards different people.

At first, the cat repelled dad, and his father died every day after he was sick.

No matter what, this is not necessarily true. There are exceptions to everything. Cats are more sensible than we think. They can perceive something and then change their attitude towards people. Besides, everyone in the family is very important to cats. Once they have something, they will also be sad. Just like a pet cat in the main house, when the family's father happens, he becomes very close to his father, and even becomes depressed because of his father.

The pet cat of the pet house is a cat with a cat's face. It looks a bit rough, but it was not like this when it was a child. When it was a child, it was also a lovely cat. The cat was picked up from the outside by the pet owner. At that time, it was a little milk cat, dirty, and the pet owner picked up the home.

At first, this cat was not very close to people, perhaps because it was a long time to wander. But as time went on, the cat became more and more intimate with the pet owner. It also knew that the pet owner had saved it. Besides, the cat had also let go of it, bouncing around at home and running casually at home, and the family loved it and spoiled it.

However, I don't know why cats are not very fond of the two men at home. Cats and pets are very exclusive to the beloved father and younger brother. However, after the pet father's illness, the cat's attitude towards dad changed, and he would accompany him every day.

When the cat has time, it will jump on the father's body, then accompany his father, or snuggle up to his father, rub his father in the head, and play a coquettish with his father. As a father who has never been approached by cats, he is very happy when he is close to cats. His family is also delighted. But no matter what happened, the pet father left.

After the pet's father left, the cat changed. It was not as lively as before. Instead, it became depressed. Of course, at the beginning, the cat didn't know that dad was gone, but after a long time, the cat realized that he could not see his father's cat, and began to get a little anxious. He would also howl at his father's door.

For the cat's performance, the pet owner is also distressed. When his father was gone, he was very sad. However, in order to avoid disturbing others, when the pet owner has time, he holds the cat and comforts it. After a long time, the cat is better.

So cats also have feelings. They are very concerned about their owners and their family members. What do you think of this? Welcome to the message to discuss.