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Open electric car long-distance car without anxiety, drive Beiqi new energy EU5, 570km maximum life long

chejingshe @ 2018/08/27

Introduction: As a car from the media editor, have been to the city of not less. If to love the city rank, Hangzhou is certain to be discharged into the top five.

Hangzhou is a young fashion, there is a big city and delicate, and mountain water forest, there is a wild profusion of vegetation fresh and tender. Always feel in this city for a long time, people will become more gentle.

In such a tender in the city, driving a car, casually stroll, nice.

This is our test drive vehicles Beiqi new energy EU5, the two day of the Hangzhou although summer or appearance, but has a lot of cool. Starting from Hangzhou, all the way to Huzhou Qingxin Valley, to Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon the shoot - Chinese sea. With no pollution of EU5, with a beautiful mood, this is the author of nearly half a year to participate in the first test drive of the most pleasant experience.

EU5 is divided into R500 and R550 two versions, we get R500. Try to get to the car first concern must be the appearance of the domestic electric vehicle in recent years in terms of appearance improvement can be said to be a rapid progress, first saw EU5 to stunning feeling. The Coupe design makes the car more sporty, monolithic closed grille design using EU5 face, chrome silver line let the entire face more youthful, "Trident" style lights and big size "C" type of daytime running lights very unique design, fashion, let the entire face more sense of design, more personality, can be said to be the essence of the EU5 front design of the whole system comes standard with LED lamp group, this point is worth praise. The bumper of the word "BLUE" shows the identity of the EU5 electric vehicle, vehicle logo and the headlights are blue with the elements, using the wave surface design of EU5 engine cover, create muscle sense, more three-dimensional, rear logo fast charging interface is located in front of it, the design is very clever.

The EU5 side of the line is simple and elegant, "fastback design" also highlights the sporty vehicle.

Tail design very duckbill type tail wind movement, EU5 is the same everywhere, reflect the movement style.

Sitting in the car, the first is caused by my attention in the control panel on the other wood wood trim. Wood trim the things people have different opinions, I love more simple technology interior style, but thanks to the details of the process in the above demands, can still feel the wood trim brings luxurious sensory effect.

EU5 multi-function steering wheel adopts a design movement style, in addition to cruise control, multimedia, and other conventional volume control, the steering wheel also set the recorder with camera function, the function is very powerful.

The LCD panel 12.3 inch 9 inch collocation in the control screen, the display system is pretty awesome. The big screen is equipped with Darwin system, support voice control, 4D networking, handwriting input and other functions, intelligent Internet is quite powerful. It will also support the control of navigation information to slide on the big screen on the dashboard, the design is quite close, also can effectively avoid driving fancy danger control turned big screen.

EU5 voice is very strong, the depth of interactive dialogue and voice control can not only complete the people and cars, but also for autonomous learning, self learning and understanding more semantics. It can even understand the "find a near 100 yuan per capita Sichuan restaurant" and other complex voice commands and quickly give feedback, it is interrupted in the dialogue can smoothly enter the interpretation of the next instruction and feedback, can be said to be a very clever little housekeeper "speech".

High tech EU5 configuration is quite rich, this is quite attractive for young people, keyless entry / button start, electric sunroof, automatic air conditioning, air purification system, multistage energy recovery, electronic handbrake, knob lever, low-speed remind everything.

Active safety, EU5 equipped with ADAS intelligent driver assistance system, 360 degree panoramic images and low speed dynamic object recognition, tire pressure monitoring, blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, pedestrian collision warning, before the vehicle front collision warning and automatic emergency braking function, can be said to be all ahead of the deployment of active safety EU5 a.

EU5 the seat of the design style of the cortex and the fabric mix, white and grey, generous fashion collocation. Good is good, the only drawback is that it may be hard to clean up. The main driving seat support electric adjustment function.

EU5 body size is 4650*1820*1510mm, wheelbase 2670mm, the body size of obvious advantages, the wide suitable space is also considerable. EU5 trunk length and breadth of 1000*1330*550mm, the second row seats can be expanded to 1790mm. The trunk volume is quite large, quite practical.

Power, equipped with EU5 motor maximum power 160kW, peak torque of 300Nm, one hundred kilometers in just 7.8 seconds, the maximum safe speed of up to 155km/h, full of vitality. It is also equipped with an electronic knob dangba, this love to chase the trend, love high-tech young people, is very cool.

We have previously said, EU5 is divided into R500 and R550 two versions, the two version of the main difference is that the suspension and mileage. R500 uses a combination of a torsion beam type front suspension Mcpherson +, R550 uses a combination of multi link independent suspension front + back Mcpherson.

In addition, R500 integrated mileage is 416km, the maximum mileage is 520km; and the integrated mileage of R550 up to 450km, the maximum mileage of 570km. So whether it is the R500 version or R550 version to a long distance driving easily without pressure, fully capable of.

Written in the last:

Starting from the city of Hangzhou on the edge of West Lake, after a period of congestion of the city road, we opened a Hangzhou high speed. High speed road running down, a winding mountain road, we came to the valley of Huzhou qingxin. The whole trip covers different road conditions make us more comprehensive experience of the EU5 in the car.

The characteristics of the car itself decides that it is the most suitable for the city or city road commuter, because of frequent refueling brakes is more conducive to the energy recovery, more power, more mileage. Of course, EU5 in high speed way performance is also good, even if it is a pure electric car, when the speed to 100km/h, it is still full of power, the floor oil stepped down a strong push back, dynamic response, rapid.

EU5 416km and life anxiety 450km long integrated mileage can destroy electric cars completely, either city commuting, or long-distance car, EU5 can be fully competent. The fast charge mode can also be charged 80%, in 30 minutes so far, wherever you go, have a way of EU5.

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