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"The most cattle" female driver, a piece of A4 paper stuck on the glass, passing vehicles in succession to avoid: who dare to provoke ah!

kaichejiqiaocom @ 2020/05/22

The number of cars on the road is really more and more, so the traffic situation is becoming more and more complex. Traffic accidents happen frequently. At this time, many people will buy insurance for their cars in order to prevent their property from being damaged, especially in today's first tier cities, because the number of luxury cars is quite large, so buy 1 million at this time. The three party liability insurance is also very necessary. Shandong's "most cattle" female driver has a A4 paper on the glass.

Basically, many people, even for many years, will still buy their own cars when they buy insurance. In particular, some driving techniques are not good or some female drivers are also the most horrible existence on the road. At this time, many female drivers will put some signs on their cars in order to prevent traffic accidents. It can also remind others that they are a female driver, but you don't say that since these female drivers have adopted these methods, they have also played a relatively good effect. When driving on the road, there is no car around the car.

For example, in the Shandong area of China, a netizen found a very characteristic Volkswagen. From the picture, we can see that this Volkswagen doesn't even have a license plate. It can be seen that it should be a new car. But when it comes to one of the most attractive places, it should be a a on the rear windshield. 4, it says, "the driver, the road test 9 times, the three 1 million". Many people here probably understand that the bus driver of the Volkswagen is a female driver. However, it is unexpected that the driver actually took 9 subjects and got a driver's license. This shows that the driving technology of the female driver is still indifferent.

At the same time, the behavior of female drivers is very recognized by many netizens. Such a female driver knows that she is not good at driving technology, so in order to prevent traffic accidents, she also directly affixed a A4 paper. In this way, she can also remind other owners and themselves to keep their distance. Such a female driver has a completely new understanding of herself, which is quite good. Some netizens said: If you drive on the road to meet this kind of car, you will be far away from it.

Editor's comment: Now the number of cars on the road is more and more, the traffic situation is more and more complex, and some female drivers' driving skills are not very good. It is also very necessary to paste some signs at this time. But one thing, Lao Wang reminds you not to paste a lot of signs on the truck, because it may also constitute a fine for the offence.

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