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Venture capital! China life has become the largest shareholder of the A share company.

fengshengyanqi @ 2019/11/10

Insurance funds have been the main force in the A share market for many years. Although the investment style problem has been regulated in previous years, venture capital was once again encouraged to enter the market when the A share market was low last year. To a certain extent, it has made a lot of contributions to the overall rise of A shares so far this year. In the past year, the risk assets of A shares listed companies have emerged again. Now, more listed companies have announced that venture capital has become a major shareholder of the company.

After Friday, Wanda information disclosure report shows that China Life Insurance and its concerted action China Life Insurance Group and China Life Asset Management Co jointly hold 206 million shares of the company, accounting for 18.3279% of the total share capital of the listed company, replacing the Shanghai Marriott Investment Limited (directly holding 18.24%, plus Shi Bing and their concerted action). The shareholding ratio of the listed company is 18.3078%, becoming the largest shareholder of the company.

As for the reasons for the change of rights and interests, in the announcement, China life expresses itself as "based on the confidence in the sustainable and stable development of the listed companies and the recognition of the value of the listed companies, so as to promote the sustained, stable and healthy development of listed companies and safeguard the stock market benefits of listed companies".

In the A share market, venture capital to buy large shareholders of listed companies this scene, the early years of Bao's energy department's Qianhai life and Hengda life have been achieved, but after the supervision of venture capital has not been seen in recent years, most of the recent years, China Life and its concerted action to buy high-profile Wanda shareholders, is the first case in recent years, behind the risk assets have been fully relaxed. The offensive signal was put on the safe side.

Of course, China Life Insurance has become a major shareholder of Wanda information. It has long been intentional, and the market has anticipated that it will not be a pure equity investment. At the end of December last year, China life first put the national life assets of the concerted action, Phoenix special products, through the agreement transfer, from the 5% largest stake in Wanda information of Wanda information control shareholder of Shanghai at that time, and became the first placard. After that, in the two market this year, it pursued the crazily buying and selling of Wanda information exhibition, and in the middle, it tried to invest directly from Marriott. Shi Yi Bing bought a 5.0142% stake in the company (failed), and so far less than a year's time, China life has become a major shareholder of Wanda information.

To become Wanda's new information club, it will also be a step towards the integration of resources and diversified development of China life. Wanda information, as a software and service provider in the field of urban informatization in the core of public affairs, has made a lot of contributions in smart city and medical health field. It was also a blue chip existence in the growth of A share growth enterprise market.

According to the planning of China life, Wanda information will serve as the main platform for China life to integrate technology resources and business resources. Under the help of the new owner of China life insurance giant, Wanda information is expected to return to the right track of the blue chip, which is also a major inducement for the recent acceleration of Wanda information.

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