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Zhang Yishan and Yang Zi ended their relationship with friends and announced the new relationship in a high-profile way.

duanfa4 @ 2020/05/22

No matter in the entertainment circle or in the vegetarian circle, there will be some real friendships. Although there are more plastic friendships in the entertainment industry and the fierce competition, there is no lack of real good friends. For example, there is a friendship between He Jiong and Sheenah in the entertainment industry. But after Sheenah got married, Sheenah's husband Zhang Jie also became a good friend with He Jiong.

Sheenah's relationship with He Jiong was not the best in his early years, but Sheenah was very progressive. He was very sincere to people. Just Sheenah was a little smaller than He Jiong, and she often had some minor problems in life and career. Slowly, two people became friendly. He Jiong took care of people. Sheenah once said that when she went to happy camp to host the program, she refused to pay enough, and she still drank and cried. Then Mr. ho helped her and the director.

While He Jiong was in love with Sheenah, she also helped her make peace with Zhang Jie. He often told Zhang Jie how to take care of Sheenah, and if he had such a confidant friend in his life, he was also a blessing. Today, Xiaobian also wants to share with you a pair of good friends. That is Zhang Yishan and Yang Zi.

It is estimated that many netizens have seen their families and children when they were little, and they had a learning tyrant elder sister, a mischievous and troublesome younger brother. It is thought that such two incompatible characters will not have any intersection in their lives. As a result, two people have become friends today because they have children.

Although there are children in the family, Zhang Yishan's role often bullies her sister Yang Zi, and she also hates the excellence of her sister. But now Zhang Yishan is still very protective of his sister Yang Zi. At one event, Zhang Yishan and Yang Zi came together because Yang Zi had to wear a dress, so Zhang Yishan was still very smart to help her sister dress up, hoping her sister would be bright in front of the camera. Another time was Zhang Yishan and Yang Zi. Because Yang gave a fart and was not heard by the media, and Zhang Yishan was very witty to defend Yang Zi. He said he had hiccup himself.

Originally, netizens thought Zhang Yishan and Yang Zi might be together. Because two people are similar in age and experience is very similar. But Yang Zixian later made love, and Zhang Yishan, as a good friend, would surely bless, but when netizens thought Yang Zi and her boyfriend Qin Junjie would come to the end, the two men broke up again. At this time, Zhang Yishan, as a good friend, came out to support his good friend Yang Zi, hoping that she could meet her real happiness.

Recently, Lu Ding Ji is also being remade. It's just that Zhang Yishan and Yang Zi play together to make the netizens excited. Yang Zi plays Zhang Yishan's wife in the play, and this is the result of many netizens' expectation. Zhang Yishan finally ended her friend relationship with Yang Zi in the drama and became a husband and wife, but the plot went to the plot. Although the two are all single now, Xiao Bian is still very It is hoped that these two people will be able to find their own happiness and then be able to maintain this precious friendship.