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The 2 month old stray dog in Bali Island was nowhere to be seen. The good lady appeared and saved her life.

mczys001 @ 2019/12/18

Speaking of Bali Many people imagine that it is a picturesque tourist attraction. If you can stay there for a few weeks, what a happy thing it is! But not all of them are perfect. A dog named Steve It was born in Bali Island. But 2 months later, it was abandoned by its owner.

It's only 2 months old. It became a stray dog. Although there is unlimited scenery in Bali Island, But its life is very difficult, not only sick, even food and clothing can not be solved. 。 Occasionally visitors will encounter it and give it some food, but no one ever wants to give it a home. After all, tourists are here. It's a lot of trouble to adopt a dog here.

Steve is neither a breed dog nor an ordinary local dog. It makes it less conspicuous. Until there is The emergence of a woman Taylor completely changed the fate of a dog. 。 Taylor is relaxing while he is on vacation in Bali Island. On the second day after the day's rest, a bicycle was rented to enjoy the beautiful scenery on the island.

At an intersection, when Taylor stopped to rest, Seeing dirty Steve, he was sleeping in the grass.

When Taylor approached, he did not expect. Dog's unusual excitement And jumped up in Taylor's arms. Taylor Infected by the enthusiasm of dogs. I felt that it had something to do with it, so I packed it in my bag and brought it back to the hotel.

The appearance of the dog made Taylor's plan completely messed up. When the dog was sent to the hospital for examination, he learned that the dog was sick. She cancelled the next itinerary. Attentively in the hospital to accompany it to treat. At first Taylor planned to bring it back to his country for treatment. A dog's body condition is not allowed to fly, so it can only be restored slowly in the hotel.

When Taylor's vacation is about to end, The dog's body recovered almost as well. So he brought the dog home together, though the middle process was rather troublesome, but everything was worth it. Taylor said there was still a chance for Bali Island to come, but There is only one chance to own it. If we keep it, we will be responsible for it forever. I hope Steve is in his new home. We must be happy and happy!

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