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After the death of the owner, the dog was driven out of the house and caught by a bad person as a breeding dog. Both eyes were blind.

mczys001 @ 2019/12/23

The dog I want to talk about today is called the dog. Bo Bo, its life experience is quite bumpy. 。 Bobo had a master before, and a good grandfather. Grandpa Everyday life is to take a dog to the park for a walk. And then rest on a bench in the park. Life is also very happy.

But then grandpa was old. Many diseases appeared on the body and eventually died. 。 The grandfather's family did not want to see the dog. Bobo became a stray dog. 。 Bobo was homeless, and because he missed his grandfather too much, he lived near the park benches every day. Occasionally, a passing well intentioned person will feed him something to eat.

But there is a management office in the park. Dogs are not allowed to haunt the park. They often drive their dogs away. But Bobo still will. Choose to sneak here at night. Deliberately concealment oneself. Until one day, it was discovered that Bobo no longer appears in the park. People thought that Bobo had met the adoptive man, and he didn't care much about it.

Until 3 years later, it was discovered that Bobo was chained to the bench in the park.

People noticed this when they saw it. Both eyes are blind. Where did Bobo go in the past 3 years? Later, it was learned that Bobo was used by people. Someone will Bobo was taken away to prison and regarded it as a breeding dog, so that it kept giving birth to puppies.

Compared to 3 years ago, Bobo Not only is the eye blindness, but also the body is much weaker, because the heart is severely affected as a breeding dog. Now that it is useless, it is thrown out again! It was eventually sent to the hospice, but old and sick Bobo. The chances of being adopted are too small.

And one of the rescue teams was called. Will's man, after knowing the situation, decided to adopt it. After all, the rest of the day is not long. Live with it through your last life. 。 I hope that Bobo can enjoy his old life after experiencing so many twists and turns. At the same time, we also appeal to you. Refuse breeding dog , Please replace it with adoption. Don't let this happen again.

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