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NEDC can 510km relieve anxiety? Test drive GAC new energy Aion S

NextCarwin @ 2019/10/09

In the automotive industry for many years, it has been unavoidable to be asked by the people around it to choose the car. In recent 3 years, friends and relatives have asked most questions: "can electric cars be bought?" "Electric cars are not reliable?" "Is there any guarantee for electric vehicle renewal?" These 3 questions have been mentioned so much that for a long time, the answer to natural language is naturally formed. "Electric cars can buy, most of the life is no problem, it's more reliable." From the answer, I can see that in fact, I am very sure that the development and products of electric vehicles are developing steadily and reliably. However, I have never bought an electric car.
From the product point of view, after a lot of new power and traditional car electric vehicles, the early concerns have been gradually eliminated by the update iteration of products. Then why did I never buy an electric car? Actually, it's the problem of using scenarios. I don't have the convenient vehicle and charging conditions, so when I use a electric car for a long time, I will experience poor experience. I believe that many of the negative attitudes towards electric cars on many networks are largely due to the inconvenience of using cars, rather than the bad products themselves. Nowadays, electric vehicles have basically been able to meet the travel needs of most consumers, but facilities and facilities are not perfect enough.
To be honest, this test drive vehicle is GAC new energy Aion S 2019 charm Max 630, is also NEDC long mileage to 510km version, in the current Aion S vehicle system is the highest matching models, subsidies after manufacturers guide price of 205 thousand and 800 yuan, broke through 200 thousand mark.
The opening part is a bit far away, because the car I share with you today can be said that after many years of use, the experience of all aspects is much better than before. These are three main contributions:
1. the car's endurance is solid enough. Low speed and daily commuting can easily break through 400 kilometers, calibrating 100 kilometers in testing, and running 90 kilometers in actual road conditions. At a high speed, the losses are slightly more. This greatly prolongs the cycle of charging.
2. from the adjustment of traditional car companies: This car has retained the chassis toughness and driving quality of traditional gasoline vehicles in some respects, which is the biggest difference from the product of the new force.
3. the Internet app from mobile terminals is very easy to use. The operation is convenient and the reaction speed is fast enough.
actually The shortcomings of this car It is also a bit critical to say that, from the use of the situation, I personally feel that the active brake function of this car is too sensitive. I used to turn off the pre crash function on the vehicle, otherwise the intervention of automatic braking is too arbitrary and unexpected. On the other hand, some of the functional noise including seat ventilation is slightly larger. The sound of current and function modules starts obviously, especially the continuous process of seat ventilation, and the noise is relatively large.
Dynamic driving: it's more like a car than a toy.
GAC's new energy Aion S comes from the second generation of pure electric exclusive platform GEP, that is to say, it is a product developed by independent electric platform, rather than a model of oil to electricity. From the experience of vehicle driving, this car is different from the light driving sense of the new power building. Even in today's benchmark Tesla, it is difficult to find the sense of tightness of the traditional chassis suspension. Many of the new power cars, including Tesla, are all like toys. This is not necessarily wrong, but there is no traditional fuel car or traditional car companies that pay attention to adjusting the driving texture. The drop of this feeling will make me feel that the new energy Aion S of Guangzhou automobile is more like the new power product. If you have tried the new century energy vehicle such as Mercedes Benz and Audi's new energy products, this gap will be more obvious, which is the difference between the design and development concept. On the other hand, it is also the technical precipitation and data optimization of traditional car companies for many years.
The car's kinetic energy recovery is set up with three weak, medium and strong gears. The difference between each block is quite obvious. When adjusting to strong gear, the acceleration pedal slightly loosens, it will feel obvious drag and drop, and it needs to be adapted for the first time. But it is helpful to control the speed when driving in the urban area or in the long downhill section. The feeling of drag and drop in the middle block will have a slight effect on the speed, but it will not affect the comfort of passengers. The feeling of weak gear is very slight, and the feeling you feel is similar to that of a fuel vehicle when the throttle is used.
GAC's new energy AION S has adopted a new generation of three yuan lithium battery with an energy density of 180Wh/kg from the Ningde era. Compared with the GE3 with a 160Wh/kg of 20Wh/kg, the new battery can accommodate more power under the same weight. The NEDC of Aion S is 500KM. In addition, in the core power component part, Aion S integrates generators, electric control and differential into one, compared with the previous split scheme, the weight is reduced, and the power and torque increase by 14% and 20%.
Next, we should talk about the driving part. First, let's start with this. The first feeling is light. Throttle adjustment style belongs to the lighter category, but it doesn't belong to the category of thieves. Even under the economic mode, it will not specifically control the slow start of vehicles, step on the accelerator pedal, and accelerate the speed before reaching 80km/h. At the same time, the vehicle is equipped with three driving modes of energy saving, standard and sport, and it is economic mode in the default state. However, driving does not feel slow in driving, and the whole feeling is very light.
In the course of driving, the characteristics of pure electric vehicle driving light have a good embodiment on its body. The power output is also abundant during the acceleration, but when the speed exceeds 100km/h, it will continue to accelerate, and the acceleration will be weakened. After all, the power of the motor is limited. However, there is no problem in satisfying the city's replacement. If the driving mode is switched to SPORT, the throttle response will be greatly improved. With the increase of the steering wheel damping, the overall motion interpretation and practical experience are good. The steering wheel of Aion S has a relatively thin tactile feel, and the steering wheel dynamics will become more damped when the speed rises. If the acceleration of the lane changes, it will obviously feel the change of steering force.
Humanization of mobile phone and vehicle interconnection
Download the car assistant APP can monitor the vehicle through the mobile phone end, and some APP which can only monitor the computer data of the vehicle is different. The software operation function is very rich. After binding the vehicle with ID, a lot of operation instructions can be executed, the operation is very simple, the execution degree is high enough, and the feedback and execution of the vehicle are very clear. As an official APP, people always have their own advertisements.
The car's configuration is quite high, such as multi-functional steering wheel, keyless entry / one button start system, electronic hand brake, automatic parking, dual zone automatic constant temperature air conditioning, 360 degree panoramic image, navigation system, vehicle interconnection, main / auxiliary motor multi-directional electric adjustment seat, wireless charging and other configurations. In addition, the automatic induction windshield wiper, automatic parking, integrated solar panel panoramic sunroof, active braking assist, pre collision warning, lane changing ancillary system, blind area monitoring, rear vehicle crossing warning and so on are all equipped.
Different types of driving modes show the difference between the dashboards and the virtual pointers are more sensitive when driving in reality. There will not be many kinds of virtual pointer responses that are slow and half beat. The image function is also very clear and the resolution is very high.
Graphic appearance and interior decoration
The wind resistance coefficient of Guangzhou automobile new energy Aion S is 0.245Cd, compared with the same grade vehicle, it still occupies a favorable position. From the perspective of the rearview mirror, we can see that the shape factor is the biggest cause of low wind resistance. T LED headlights with high visibility and visual impact, fog lamps with diversion vents, and double waistline designs with clear and slightly elevated are impressive.
The rear part of the Aion S tail is designed with a concave rear door panel. It can not only guide more airflow to the rear fender, further optimize the drag coefficient, but also create a strong sense of strength for the rear end of Aion S. Through the tail lamp has become a more popular design trend, this car taillight interior lamp chamber adopts "parametric radium carving design", the details are excellent.
The body size of the Aion S is 4768mm, and the wheelbase is 2723mm. Although the car is located in a compact car, the body size is already in the upper middle level, and it is visually approaching the intermediate car. The roof is smoked and arranged to form the effect of splicing suspended roof.
The interior design of Aion S is very luxurious. The console is composed of smooth lines and straight lines. The layout is clear, the layout of each function is clear and the decorative pieces are very distinctive. The two 12.3 inch HD LCD screen is very eye-catching. At present, the interior design of the independent brand has completely surpassed the level of the joint venture. Regardless of design, workmanship or material, it is very good. In fact, you don't have to worry about some places. It is familiar with you. Is there any way to imitate? As long as you sit there and experience it well, the operation is smooth and OK.
The air conditioning system of Aion S uses touch operation. The vehicle gives certain simulation feedback, and the intensity is relatively small. The operation is fairly smooth, and there is no Catton phenomenon.
The interior control center of Aion S adopts suspending design, and the lower part produces richer storage space and some functional interfaces. On the one hand, it improves the visual sense of technology, and on the other hand provides a certain privacy consideration for storage. The rear row has two USB charging interfaces besides the air outlet, which is more convenient.
On the left side of the body is a fast charging port, and the right side is a slow charging port. It can be charged to 80% in 0.57 hours by charging with fast charging port, and can be charged to 100% in 9.5 hours.
Space performance: meet the expectations of the same class vehicle.
From the chart, we can clearly see that although the location is compact, the rear space of GAC's new energy Aion S is close to the performance of medium-sized cars. The model height is 180cm, the leg space is two fist, the head space is punched three fingers, the middle floor of the back row has a raised but not too high.
Will I buy an electric car? At present, the charging conditions and supporting facilities of the parking spaces at home are not perfect enough. The experience of daily use of electric cars will still be greatly reduced. However, the mileage of GAC's new energy Aion S is high enough and relatively solid, so that the charging frequency can be reduced. So I still recommend this compact electric vehicle. From the configuration space to the driving experience, this car can be relatively balanced. Maybe it does not really touch anyone, but you can't pick out any problems. It's enough to use it. Of course, the premise is that you can accept about 200000 of the price.
(author: Ji Lei)

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