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This is called real luxury. Luxury is luxury.

juzhukongjian @ 2019/10/09

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Fashion Mansion

What functions should a luxury house have?

How does the functional layout of a mansion have both residential requirements and social attributes?

Today, this case is a residential work of Bowery Design Group, a Losangeles based design company. It focuses on Losangeles, Beverly Hills, Beller and Marbury, and the high-end residential design in the US.

The building's gross floor area is 1114.8. It has 8 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, an independent garage and 8 ground parking spaces. There is a separate garage with three parking spaces opposite the parking lot.

There is a pool at the entrance of the house, lit by fire in the water, creating a different sense of tranquility.

The marble walls of the external walls and the glass walls outside the gates can see the indoor space and greatly increase the lighting effect. The floor is hand made cement plastering ground, which can withstand the weight of the vehicle. There are no luxurious materials and complex crafts in the exterior wall design.

The interior of the marble fireplace and the exterior wall are echoed, and the walnut wall panels are used on both sides for harmony.

The wall behind the sofa is a walnut veneer bar, which matches the polished brass and cupboards to make the opposite wall more beautiful.

The automatic door of the living room can be opened and entered the balcony of the swimming pool. Indoor and outdoor create seamless links, and have a good life experience.

The open living room and dining room are connected with outdoor space. The exquisite Italy kitchen is equipped with an open cabinet with electronic touch switches, Gaggenau appliances and a large marble island platform.

The lower floor is equipped with a walk-in cellar, with glass partitions, adjacent to the entertainment lounge.

Behind a hidden door is a library with cigar functions.

There is also a luxurious theatre and office adjacent to the lobby, all of which are connected to a bedroom. This bedroom has a super spacious terrace.

There is also a boundless swimming pool outside. On the hillside surface, you can see the distant urban landscape.

The spacious pool terrace also features a small living area and outdoor kitchen, which can be used for body rest and entertainment.

The marble walls behind the walls are suspended marble stairs, and the double deck suite is designed for static separation. Behind a double thick door, you can see a huge master suite.

The master bedroom has a rest area with a fireplace and a wide view.

The layout of the main bathroom is very large, and the exterior wall glass can be completely opened. The independent bathtub is near the terrace.

The two tables are arranged by the window. The two mirrors are fixed at the ceiling and hung above the custom-made white marble basin. The luxury of space is the real luxury.

The large shower room has two showers arranged side by side in a spray shower. A common marble partition is integrated with the wall. It has the function of a bench. It can sit there in the shower and have a more relaxing bathing experience.

A family SPA has a complete function, including a bathtub with chromatic light therapy and a sauna room. This is the most dry and wet separation that you have ever seen.

There are two island platforms in the cloakroom, and the closet is not enclosed. This helps to make the overall wear easier.

The trees in the open space are 100 year old olive trees, and a hillside garden with organic fruits and vegetables, which is a natural extension of the interior space.

This house looks simple, but has a unique concept and design, showing a simple natural element, to provide a real lifestyle for the occupants. Currently in the secondary market for sale, the valuation is about 250 million yuan.

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