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"The dog was cruelty to the owner, and finally chose to jump off the building to end his life."

mon0896 @ 2019/12/08

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Some people like the feeling of being lofty. They think that standing at the top of the food chain and posing a ruler's posture, dogs have always been one of our best friends and best companions, but there are always some crazy people who are very poisonous to them, even those who have been with each other.


One morning, in a neighborhood, people came to see a dog who had been beaten out of the way in the middle of the road motionless. His eyes were filled with helplessness and fear. Then the good passerby sent him to the hospital, and the doctor's words shocked everyone present.


Doctors say dogs have serious injuries, but more serious is internal injuries, which are fatal enough. It didn't take long for the dog to die. As a shoveling officer, we never know how much dogs love us, but some dogs are being ill treated to their dignity.


There was once such a story that a dog owner was very cruel to his dog, and almost every day he had to lay down his hand.


Finally, one day, the dog could no longer endure the ill treatment of its owner, so he chose to jump off the building to end his life, and how much he wanted to escape this nightmare.

Fortunately, the dog's dog chain was tied up and hung in mid air, and it was discovered by good hearted people, otherwise the consequences would be unthinkable.


After being rescued and treated by a rescue station, the dog was adopted by a kindhearted family, and now it has been very happy.

But in fact, its heart is clear, hurt by the most intimate people, how deep a scar is in the heart, it can not be erased.


But even so, many dogs still choose to believe that they love their owners again, but this is not the reason for our unscrupulous abuse. They also have dignity in their small lives and their right to fight for happiness. What do you say?

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