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Liu Shishi, Ni Ni's sister Look, I have forwarded it to my Jimei!

OnlyLady2002 @ 2020/05/22

This is how the two girls, dressed in white air, met in a sun and rain. After that, no matter how sad and happy they were, their golden years were shining and precious. The friendship between girls is so beautiful!

Suddenly I thought of the words of Tong Jie. The girls are so sweet and fragrant.

32 years ago, Cherie Chung and Maggie Cheung starred in the movie "the golden years", which created countless classic and beautiful scenes. Zhu Suosuo and Maggie Cheung played by Cherie Chung played the role of Jiang Nansun in the golden sun and rain, and the two of them rose together from the pure white girlhood to maturity. In the test of love and friendship, friendship became more and more mellow.

The two roles are very contrasting. The lock locks are Mandala, all kinds of styles, blatant and beautiful people, and South Sun Mei does not know himself. His temperament is cool, free and tough. Two beautiful beauties made every frame of the movie beautiful and picturesque.

After 32 years, this impressive film is finally being reproduced. The TV drama version of the golden years is played by Liu Shishi and Ni Ni.

In the early release of the stills, Ni Ni played Zhu Suosuo's dazzling hot and vivid fragrance.

Jiang Nansun, who plays Liu Shishi, is much more reserved and natural.

The two girls snuggled up to each other, and the pictures were beautiful.

The disposition of Ni Ni and Liu Shishi's double women challenges Maggie Cheung and Cherie Chung's classic works. The two actresses are beautiful, online, with outstanding temperament, highly suited to their roles, strong in strength, and very good friends in private.

Last year, the golden rooster prize, Liu Shishi and Ni Ni appeared in the red carpet together. The two men invariably tied up their bun, elegant and upright, and the black and white swans were glamorous.

After that, Ni Nei bent down to help Liu Shishi arrange her skirt. It became the most beautiful moment on the red carpet. No actress had a contest between herself and beauty. Everything was beautiful and harmonious. This "golden age" does not need publicity to enter our hearts like this.

For "Ni" to write "poetry" CP their performance in the fashion circle can not be underestimated, one is elegant and beautiful human Chanel, one is the retro beauty of the human Gucci, can not help but let people more expect them to play in the wonderful wear, O sister dressed in the heart has been ready to stir.

Liu Shishi and Ni Ni's personal clothes, also known as "goddess of disposition", are equally suitable for fashion. The two dress styles are simple, casual, comfortable, without gorgeous and complex ornament, but simply magnify the outstanding qualities to the maximum. O sister found two and many sisters Look Oh ~

With the popularity of the BM wind, short sleeved knitted sweater has become a must for every girl. The short sleeved knitted sweater has a girl's breath and a strong retro factor to make it more attractive. Liu Shishi wore Chanel striped knitted sweater and broad leg jeans. It was as beautiful as poem and poem, and it was refreshing and graceful with the head of the ball.

Ni Ni is wearing Gucci short sleeved knitted sweater, also with a pair of jeans, apple prints, retro and beautiful, perfect balance of maiden and high sense, and milk muscle is full of vigor and good state. Of course, young girls choose to choose lightweight materials when choosing knitted sweaters, since they also have a sense of lightness in summer.

The sailor's skirt is crisp and refreshing. It's as fresh as a sea breeze. Even if you can't go on holiday, you can hear the sound of the sea. Liu Shishi is wearing the Chanel 2018 "Paris Hamburg" advanced hand workshop series, the sailor's collar tweed jacket and half skirt, showing the beauty of elegance, elegance, and beauty.

Ni Ni's Gucci white sailor dress is simple and gentle, graceful and graceful, and the skirt angle is flying between walking. This summer, we want to "rub" the heat of the women's group and create a charming female regiment. Sailor skirt is one of the single products you can't miss.

T-shirt as a single product throughout the summer, how can not add "play"! Printed T-shirts are easy to play, all single products can be lifted, and various printing embellishment makes T-shirts simple but not simple, not gaffe and fun. Liu Shishi wore a Chanel logo printed T-shirt, mild and tranquil, fresh cherry blossoms, elegant and quiet, and wanted to spend a leisurely time with poems and poems.

Sister is the same mind. Ni Ni is wearing cherry blossom pink print T-shirt and watermelon red shorts. Summer's ease and comfort are coming out. Cartoon printing is a bit more playful and fun, full of girl heart, lovely to love.

In the fine girl's wardrobe, how can there be a white shirt with fine quality and a white shirt that can be formal and easy to follow. It can be neat, lazy, and suitable for any single occasion. Liu Shishi is wearing a Chanel 2018 autumn and winter advanced clothing series.

Ni Ni wore white wine and red velvet trousers to show his texture. He matched the high horse tail with A and sayin.

The feelings between girls are so simple, pure and beautiful that they share their lives together with boys who wear clothes and boys who talk secretly. Living in bits and pieces, turning ordinary life into poetry, expecting Liu Shishi and Ni Ni to deduce the golden years.

The last little question and answer:
How did you get acquainted with your good sisters?

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