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Let's hear the news, Christmas Carnival. Are you ready?

Apex_Manual @ 2019/12/23

Christmas is coming!

Are you ready?

Wearing beautiful clothes

Go out with the beautiful friends.

Shopping, afternoon tea, dinner party


Not much to say

Let's take a look at the news this week.


Coach curiosity driving concept store

SKP unveiled in Beijing

Coach celebrates the launching of the new Horse & Carriage series at the four level Coach concept store in Beijing SKP. The concept store, Coach, takes the carriage logo as the main element, and interprets the new Horse & Carriage series, which integrates the retro and innovative styles, and attracts people's attention. Young actors Xu Kaicheng, Huang Shengchi and Xing Fei went to the scene of the event and held a grand celebration with the guests. On the day of the activity, Xu Kai Cheng wore the Coach 2020 early spring MA-1 sheared jacket, mounted the carriage pattern printed Rexy City T-shirt, and perfected the retro style and unique personality. Huang Shengchi is wearing the Coach 2020 early spring series button leather jacket, matching carriage design and rocket pattern Academy handbag, handsome showing a big boy's cool feeling and frankness. Xing Fei dressed in a carriage, printed shirt and pleated skirt, and a lovely fur coat for the overall shape, showing the unique charm of women.


Z ZEGNA 2019 winter fashion riding Guide

Amsterdam, the paradise for riders. Pleasant scenery throughout the year brings different feelings for travelers everywhere. Because of the love of riding, whenever you can see leisurely local people and visitors, cycling as a means of transport, shuttle between the streets of retro architecture, like back to Europe's old days. This season, Z ZEGNA has drawn inspiration from urban cycling and has launched a series of men's closets incorporating high performance tailoring technology and excellent functional and intelligent technology. It has opened a 2019 winter Exploration Tour in Amsterdam. In challenging seasons, riding on the road to conquer the unknown is the dream of every city adventurer. A down jacket with both warmth and shape will make winter sports fashionable. Z ZEGNA 2019 winter down jacket series, with a close collar design, touch sensitive base fabric and excellent breathability, brings infinite warmth to winter.


Claudie Pierlot Chinese New Year capsule series

Shuttle in the elegant scenery of Paris

The Claudie Pierlot SS20 Chinese New Year capsule series draws inspiration from Paris's urban life, adding new ideas to classic cardigan, long skirts and half skirts, creating an elegant new year's style. Inspired by a scarf from a medieval shop in London, Claudie Pierlot used Paris's monuments, open-air cafes and subway designs as printing.

Embellishment, more fresh and soft charm, bring new spring blessing. In order to celebrate the Chinese new year, Claudie Pierlot reinterpreted the French style short coat, the Tweed knitted jacket and the crash cardigan with the exquisite buttons, and added new ideas. The improved single button and no collar suit jacket added more elegance.


Shanghai Bvlgari Hotel theme wedding banquet

Shanghai Bvlgari Hotel launched the wedding banquet with the theme of "Spring Festival", presenting the sweetness and romance from Rome, the interpretation of the contemporary fashion and charm of Bvlgari, the brilliance of the new people, the magnificent auditorium of the Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce, the testimony and admiration of the friends and friends of the century old building, and Bao Lixuan's exquisite wedding banquet, which is made by We R Inn Hotel Michelin star restaurant. Shanghai Bvlgari hotel is the sixth shining gem of Bvlgari hotels and resorts. It is also the youngest hotel member of Bvlgari. The hotel is located on the north shore of the Suzhou River in the mother river of Shanghai. It is made up of the Bvlgari building of modern architecture and the Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce, a century old building.


Read prosperous, free heart

Martell XXO released in China

The famous French Cognac brand Martell has held a new product Martell XXO China released dinner, becoming the first brand to introduce the brand new Cognac class of XXO into the Chinese market. The chief winemaker Christoph Valto (Christophe Valtaud) blended the 450 "water of life" from the four major producing areas of Cognac in a more complicated blending process to make the new Ma Dali XXO, with a longer cellar year, brought Cognac Cognac connoisseurs a luxury Cognac experience beyond XO level.


Vivo holds the X30 grand ceremony at Guilin

The vivo X30 new product conference was held in the picturesque Guilin. At the scene of the event, X30 series 5G products, known as "all-around image flagship", are officially unveiled to the public. In addition, a surprise has been brought to the audience. Vivo has officially announced its cooperation with top fashion designer Alexander Wang, and the two sides will co create around X30 products. At this conference, vivo first launched the first product line designed by Alexander Wang for the Chinese New Year holiday. The first X30 mobile phone designed by both sides will also be released in the near future.


Waldorf Astoria Shanghai on the Bund

Fantastic Christmas and New Year Celebration

The Waldorf hotel in the Bund, Shanghai, inherited the centennial legend of Waldorf brand. At the end of this year, a luxurious celebration of dreamy joy is created for guests to open up a series of colorful Christmas New Year celebrations -- luxurious rooms and Suites, exquisite gluttonous Christmas banquet, award-winning restaurants, delicate and tasty afternoon tea, enjoyable spa experience, Christmas gift giving ceremony and a warm romantic holiday atmosphere, which will make you and your family love this wonderful and memorable time together. About 35 confidant, enjoying the famous red velvet afternoon tea in Shanghai. A cup of Irish whisky black tea or a traditional Christmas drink hot chocolate, with the traditional three layers of cookie rack on the exquisite sandwiches, holiday cakes and all kinds of appetizers, and Holiday Limited desserts. On the eve of Christmas Eve, a Pelham modern western style dinner was held at Michelin's plate restaurant, Pelham 's.

Address: No. 2 Dongyi Road, Zhongshan, Huangpu District, Shanghai.

Tel: 86 (021) 63229988


Brut Eatery

American retro "restaurant" appeared in Shanghai

Speaking of the brunch store of demo's popularity, Brut Eatery Yue Pu is absolutely indispensable. Brut Eatery has 8 branches in Shanghai, including original space design, simple life aesthetics, fresh and innovative food and fine coffee. The newly opened Brut Eatery is located in Jiangning Road, just like Wine Bar & Restaurant, taking the rugged and thick American style of retro industrial wind. The dark blue, wine red, olive green and orange orange leather chairs are handmade, and the Ceiling Pendant chandeliers are hand woven. Hot red wine is recommended. Bottom wine is used in sweet white wine with apple, orange, cloves, cinnamon and honey. With the signature dish "classic fried chicken waffles", Yan value is very high in creative taste.

Address: first floor, Shimei building, 445 Jiangning Road, Shanghai.

Tel: 86 (021) 52920592

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