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A parent is making trouble.

banyuetan-weixin @ 2020/06/29

In recent years, in many places, "school noise" has made schools frail and teachers are at a loss: students suffer from safety accidents on campus, teachers are not satisfied with their seats, children are punished for copying texts. The phenomenon of "school noise" interferes with the normal teaching order, destroys the good educational ecology, and controls the "school noise". At present, the relevant regulations are not effective, but need to be further refined.


More than 10 terms a semester.
The school became "Unlimited Company".

In 2019, a student in a university in Chongqing accidentally fell down the stairs while walking, and died after rescue. There are differences between schools and parents in the attribution of accidents. Parents believe that the school rescue is not timely, should bear the main responsibility, and coffin and wreath at the door of the school "ask for a view", requiring schools to give high compensation.

"We are very sorry for the student's accidental death. The school is willing to give some financial compensation, but parents can't afford to ask for it." The headmaster of some university told the reporter that the school responded to all sorts of doubts about rescue in time by sending out surveillance video on campus. After more than half a month, the two sides reached an agreement to give the school proper humanitarian compensation.

The headmaster said that after the accident, some parents did not solve the dispute through a reasonable and lawful way. Instead, they forced the school to make concessions by "school noise", and the school became a "Unlimited Company".

In addition to campus safety incidents, teachers' daily teaching behavior is also easy to become the fuse of "school noise".

Liu Yu, a teaching director of a primary school in Shapingba District, Chongqing, said that there had been no major safety accidents in schools in recent years, but on average, more than 10 schools had to deal with "school noise" and "class disturbance". Some children did not finish their homework on time, and the teacher questioned the parents by questioning their parents. Children are being treated unfairly.

"There are students in my class who have to make several rounds every semester." Li Yan, a junior grade teacher in a primary school in Hangzhou, said that some parents were not satisfied with the seat arrangement, and asked to change seats for their children. Some parents accused the teacher of being too strict and asked not to arrange children to be on duty and do homework.

"There is no way to satisfy these demands." Li Yan said that a small number of parents told the president about the teacher's behavior and even accused the teacher of the Higher Education Department of the teacher's ethics. "In order to deal with these complaints, schools and teachers have spent a lot of energy. Sometimes they have to prove themselves innocence and have a big head."


The injured are teachers, and the victims are the students.

Educational experts believe that "school noise" is mostly caused by parents. At first, it is only a way to find schools to focus on and solve problems. But when "noisy" becomes the game means of family schools, it will not only help solve problems, but also play a bad demonstration effect.

The director of the Education Commission of a county in the western part of China said that some excesses of "school noise" had seriously interfered with the normal teaching order and even suspected of crimes. However, the law enforcement agencies were concerned that the adoption of coercive measures would further intensify contradictions. And schools or education authorities often make money for peace as soon as possible. "Noisy children have milk to eat", which also helped to make "school noise" behavior.
A number of primary and secondary school principals interviewed said that the frequent occurrence of school disturbances would have a negative impact on Teachers' psychology and behavior.

Half moon reporter learned from many interviews that because some students worried about unnecessary trouble caused by accidents, some schools had basically stopped organizing extracurricular activities such as spring and autumn travel in recent two years. Some teachers, after several "school disturbances", do not dare to criticize and punish students seriously, for fear that they will stimulate students and trigger extreme events.

"The injured are teachers, but ultimately the victims are students." Liu Yu said that teachers should be the leaders of teaching activities, but distrust caused by conflicting educational ideas and information asymmetry can easily become the object of "school violence" offending and hurting. In addition to interfering with the normal teaching order, "school noise" is not conducive to the development of students' rule of law and rule consciousness, and affects the formation of a good educational ecosystem.


What we need to combat is "school noise" rather than rights protection.

In June 2019, the 5 departments of the Ministry of education and the supreme law jointly issued the "opinions on improving the safety accident handling mechanism to safeguard the order of education and teaching in schools", in which 8 cases were identified as "school noise". Beijing city also recently issued "Beijing primary and secondary school kindergarten student injury accident handling method", stressed the law severely crack down on "school noise."

What we need to combat is "school noise" rather than the right to appeal. Cheng Dean, a professor at Southwest University of Political Science and Law, believes that some schools lack perfect dispute settlement mechanism and compensation mechanism, which objectively leads to the lack of rights protection channels, which makes a few parents use "noisy" as a game with schools and strive for maximum compensation. Therefore, when dealing with "school noise", we should first dredge and block.

According to the insiders, we should speed up the establishment of mediation, compensation and litigation mechanism for school safety accidents, adhere to the principle of insurance compensation, supplemented by humanitarian compensation, adhere to legal means to settle disputes, rely on judicial decisions to safeguard fairness and justice, and eliminate the practice of "spending money on safety" in private schools and schools, and completely block the "school noise".

In addition, teachers and school administrators specifically mentioned that for some school disputes caused by school disputes, we must investigate the whole story, listen to many opinions and deal with them on the basis of facts. We can not punish schools and teachers arbitrarily.

Source: Half moon, 2020 twelfth issue

Half moon reporter: Ke Gao Yang Editor: Yuan Bi Xia

Editor in chief: Yang Jiannan

Proofreading: Yu Li (Intern)