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Jin Yinan shocked the speech: studying entrepreneurship with the Communist Party

clc10001 @ 2019/10/14

The founding of new China, 70th anniversary, is also the last hundred years of the Chinese Communist Party's trials and hardships.

Every step leaves traces.

The history of yesterday is a reference for today. Professor Jin Yinan spent 2 hours to enumerate the secrets and secrets of those teams and generals who deeply influenced the historical process in modern China.

The following is the speech editor.

Dictating: Professor Jin Yi Nan National Defense University

Editor: Ye Kaifu

Source: Zheng He Island (ID:zhenghedao)

The essence of Jin Yinan's live speech (video)


Do not look at the Manifesto to see the team.

In many cases, we talk about management, economic management, enterprise management, and military management. In fact, what is the core of management? It is to build a contingent of souls and blood.

The reason is simple. Can you do great things? Do not look at the declaration, look at the ranks; the declaration is good, the team is hard to carry. Any group can utter some heroic manifesto, who will achieve the declaration? Without such a team, everything is empty.

Everyone is very familiar with the romance of the Three Kingdoms. You see Liu Bei's way is very positive (Huang Shu), the declaration is also good, to restore the orthodox of the Han Dynasty, but the team is no good. In addition to Liu Guan Zhang, who is the three justice in Taoyuan, there are not many other people who can trust.

Looking at Cao Cao, he never had to be in the dark. Cao Cao said that I was the prime minister to assist Han Xian Di, but when we looked at Cao Cao's troops, Wen Chen was ready. This guy must take the world.

This is "do not look at the declaration, see the team". Some of us are ambitious and contingent, and some of us are not fierce.


Is man power?

What's the worst thing about modern China? We do not have a team that resolutely defends the interests of the state. In 1840, the first Opium War in 1840, the 28 British warships and 15000 men's troops made us so noisy that we signed the Sino British Treaty of Nanjing, ceded Hongkong, and repaid an indemnity of two thousand silver.

By 1900, the Eight Allied forces invaded Beijing. Our disaster reached its peak. Did you say that eight countries beat you? We say that history is afraid of scrutinize. How many people have come from the eight nation allied forces? The total strength adds up to 18811. Our territory is our own people. In the area of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the boxer is 5. 6 million, and the Qing army is fifteen sixty thousand. The Eight Allied forces captured the more than 10000 men and captured Beijing within ten days. Finally, the Treaty of Xin and Mo was signed, with an unprecedented compensation of 400 million 5 thousand million silver.

At that time, a comment was published in the Macao newspaper. "1000 of the 700 thousand of the soldiers in the country are not available."

When we reach a critical moment, we are not at the top of our business. This is the root of our troubles and disasters in modern times.

Theodore I (twenty-sixth president of the United States) Many people in China have a good impression on him. He returned part of the compensation awarded by the United States to the Chinese people. A preparatory school for the United States, Tsinghua University, Yanjing University, and union hospital.

We lost in battle, and a war criminal returned money to us for medical treatment, so many of us in China were impressed with the American. But Theodore Roosevelt despised the Chinese very much.

If we go back to China's mistakes, be complacent and self satisfied, pursue peace and enjoyment in our own territory, gradually corrupt and corrupt, and have no interest in external affairs, indulge in all kinds of dreams, forget about the noble life of striving upward and hard work, and be busy with satisfying the temporary desires of the body all day. There is no doubt that one day we will suddenly face the fact that China has already come to this day: the nation that fears war, closed doors, and enjoys peace and enjoyment is bound to decay in the face of other aggressive and adventurous national attacks.

I think Theodore Roosevelt's words are a wake-up call for us. What do they think of noble life? Striving upward and working hard, this is called noble life. What do many of us think of today's noble life? It is a noble life that is red and green. You see, some of our usual TV publicity and Internet reports lack such Description: hard work and adventure, which is called noble life.

Our modern ending is constantly being bullied by others and constantly being carved up. Sun Zhongshan exclaimed: "40000 Chinese people are in a mess." What is the power of loose sand? Is man power? No power.

In modern times, Yuan Shikai was the most successful in training the new army, and Yuan Shikai's "small station new army" was called China's first modern armed force. At one time, Yuan Shikai trained all of the western countries, and the eight banners and the Xiang Huai army did not. They just started learning German infantry, and later they all studied Japanese infantry.

The new army of the small station not only changes completely in training and tactics, but also trains and trains officers and soldiers in Ideological and cultural aspects, presenting unprecedented features in military transformation. Yuan Shikai said: "loyal ministers seek their country, and they never fail to return. Snai is always victorious and never changes.

A parade, heavy rain, playground camp, Yuan Shikai standing on the platform, standing in the rain curtain remained motionless, soldiers saw the restoration camp, completed the parade in the storm, in a very short time, the small station new army training is fruitful. Take the lead, start with soldiers and start with me.

The team then walked out of four presidents of the Republic of China, six prime ministers of the Republic of China and the chief of the army, becoming the largest military political group in modern China. Do you think Yuan Shikai has a declaration? Let's not stop talking about the team. In the end, the Qing Dynasty could not be separated from him and the Republic of China could not live without him. In the Qing Dynasty, Yuan Shikai was found to be too tough to take Yuan Shikai away. Finally, he had to use him. In the period of the Republic of China, Sun Zhongshan became the foundation of Nanjing. Finally, he had to leave the temporary president to Yuan Shikai.

However, the Beiyang new army finally failed to become a new army, and still returned to the lair of the old army. The fundamental reason is that Yuan Shikai has made this team a tool to safeguard his personal power and realize his ambition by cultivating his personal attachment. Despite its advanced education and training, the new army of the small station is still not a defender of the nation and state, but a champion of personal interests and ambition. Finally, the label of the Northern Warlords group left the curse of the country and the people.

After the rise of Yuan Shikai is Jiang Jieshi group, Jiang Jieshi has a very good team. In June 1924, Jiang Jieshi, President of the Whampoa military academy, preached to students that "revolutionary soldiers should not blindly follow the official":

He said, "in the past thirteen years, Chinese military personnel have been damaged by the Yuan Shikai generation. They have dedicated money to buy military personnel, and soldiers have become their personal tools, specially for them to be dogs."

He added: "our revolution is centered on humanism, and revolutionism follows this doctrine. To understand this doctrine and revolution is not to follow a person, or to know a person to revolutionate. If they follow a person, or know a person to revolution, then it can not be called revolution. It is called blind obedience. It is called a private party. It is called a servant of another. Chinese people's habits of thinking are still the bad idea of thousands of years ago.

Why can Jiang Jieshi pull out a team? Why can this team be destroyed? The Beiyang warlords simply couldn't stop him. In those days, Jiang Jieshi's northern expedition from Guangdong, Wu Peifu, Sun Chuanfang, Cao Kun and Zhang Zuolin could block him. He was totally defeated. Jiang Jieshi took the team with him that year, by virtue of this revolutionary spirit.

But in the end, Yuan Shikai fell into a mere scrap of paper. Jiang Jieshi also fell into a mere scrap of paper and turned the party's command gun into "Chiang's command gun". As the commander in chief of the northern expedition, Jiang Jieshi almost did it overnight. Then the "gun command party", the Kuomintang political trend, strength division, factional struggle, all decided by guns. The old warlords collapsed, the new warlords were born, the Yuan Shikai group was destroyed, and the Jiang Jieshi group was born.

I often say that since modern times, a group of people have been forming teams, some of them have failed at the beginning, and some have begun to fail successfully.

918, the 10900 troops of the Japanese army, the Northeast Army 190 thousand, the Northeast Army Zhang Zuolin, and Zhang Xueliang are the remaining remnant of the Northern Warlords. Do you think this team is going to do the job? Flee helter-skelter! In the two day, Fengtian was lost, and Liaoning was lost in a week. The East three provinces were occupied in two months.

The Lugou Bridge Memorial Hall for the war of resistance against Japan is a continuous stream of visitors every year. If there is a child who is not sensible, how can the war between nations break out in Lugou Bridge instead of on the border? How do we adults explain this?

China has a saying. "How can we sleep on a bed?" 。 77 Where did the incident happen? How far is Lugou Bridge from the south of Beijing to Beijing? 918 the incident happened in Shenyang. The devil has gone straight to your core, and you've been fighting with the devil. The remaining troops of the Beiyang warlords are doing this.

There is also a group of statistics, the Nanjing massacre. All Japanese troops attacking Nanjing city are less than 70 thousand. We do not say that all the troops defending Nanjing are Chiang Kai Shek's best troops. How many fled, how many evacuated, how much time to withdraw, too late to run by the Japanese devil in Nanjing 100 thousand, more than the number of Japanese devils.

After the invasion of Nanjing, Nakajima Imasago, head of the sixteenth division of the Japanese army, wrote in his diary:

(Chinese Army) with 1000, 5000, and 10000 people, even the armed forces were too late to lift them. They have completely lost their fighting spirit and are just coming in groups. They are now safe for our army.

Or is that power? A group of slaughtered lambs, with their necks waiting for others to chop, is the impression.

Since the beginning of modern times, a group of people have formed a team, and finally, each country has been scattered. In this case, the Communist Party began to form its own team.


Most people want to eat in the net.

A few have ambitious ambitions.

In the August 1, 1927 uprising of Nanchang, the Communist Party fired the first shot of the armed opposition to the Kuomintang reactionaries. At the beginning of more than 20 thousand people, 20 days later, there were 1000 people left, so it was so powerful that Mao Zedong was forced to pull the team to Jinggangshan. The 1000 people also formed a teaching team.

I often say, A man's ambition is not to show when you are full of ambition, but when you are broke. When Mao Zedong was in power, he also ran schools and trained his talents.

When Mao Zedong said, "a spark can start a prairie fire", the base area is still poor. What is strength? We have a saying. "Most people believe because they see and believe". If they listen to the truth and see the truth, you don't blow it with me, and I don't believe it anymore. But everyone noticed, "only a few people can see it because of belief." Mao Zedong believed that he finally saw that this is the power of belief.

American Toffler attributed his strength to three forms:

1. violence, whose fists are big, who will be the oldest?

2. money, money can buy everything, money can do everything.

3. knowledge, knowledge is power.

I say Toffler has forgotten the fourth power: the power from faith. The Communist Party is such a very religious group. At the beginning, there was no resources and no good environment.

In Chinese history, there are two kinds of people most fearful: one is a scholar who believes in religion, and the other two is a bandits who are driven by the mountains. What is more frightening is the combination of these two kinds of people. The Chinese revolution is the combination of these two kinds of people. It has produced magnificent and magnificent prospect on the stage of modern China.

But we all notice. The Red Army of the workers and peasants is not naturally advanced. It does not mean that the Red Army uniform and the red hat emblem are the advanced elements. In the early days of the founding of the Red Army, the strong rural concept, clan concept, enjoyment concept and free dispersion seriously affected the party's leadership over the Red Army and produced many tendencies which were contrary to the revolutionary purpose. For example, no one wants to go to war far away from home, Lao Tzu will fight for himself, not to others. This tendency led to difficulties in command and deployment of the Red Army, and also led to the collapse of the formation of the army. Today, 50 people, whether there are 50 people tomorrow will be a problem.

Marshal He Long recalled the situation at that time. At that time, the troops were like a handful of beans caught in their hands.

It is very difficult to bring this peasant team out. In history, peasants failed to revolt everywhere. This is the historical cycle. Can the Communist Party go out of this cycle? This is a great test.

Mao Zedong said that the team must be reformed and there is no way to reform the team. Mao Zedong's original words: "The hesitation and compromise of confiscation and distribution of land, the abuse of funds and corruption, and the avoidance or struggle of the white forces are not firm." At that time, it was found that people spent money in corruption in the Jinggangshan period, and anti-corruption started from Jinggangshan.

On one occasion, Mao Zedong's brother Mao Zetan sold pig traders to local tyrants, and confiscated pork for the army to improve their lives. Mao Zedong knew that he was very angry and blamed Mao Zetan on the street. He even tried to beat him, and was not persuaded by others. It also caused strong dissatisfaction among many officers and soldiers waiting to eat pork.

Why did Mao Zedong hit his brother? We look back on that scene today. We can imagine that Mao Zedong was faced with this situation and was very worried. At that time, a lot of people thought that they should eat alone. In the history of China, farmers have never been able to endure exploitation and oppression. It is not accepting the invitation to take the place of the emperor, but the success of the emperor only repeats the old and new topics of the feudal dynasty. Mao Zedong saw that the team that he had pulled up was going to be robbed of his family and went to the historical cycle of peasant uprising. He must bring the contingent out of this historical cycle.

Divide the light to eat clean. What world do you transform? Is it possible? Absolutely impossible. From the fact that Mao Zedong did not allow everyone to eat pork, we could see that the real awakening was not the majority but the minority. This is a few people's guidance and transformation to the majority. Most people have to eat clean. A few have ambitious ambitions.

We think today is the same. Most people also want to divide the light and eat the net. Today, ambitious people are still few.

Why did the Gutian conference bring the Red Army to Nirvana? The strength of the Communist Party's transformation of the team was unprecedented. If we do not give the team soul and blood, it is a team that can divide light and eat clean. This team can not win.

History has proved that great things require great determination. Under special circumstances, only by means of power can the majority of the people be transformed. Otherwise, they can only be assimilated by most people, listen to the opinions of the majority and follow the majority.

Mao Zedong said, "it is not for the individual to contend for military power, but for the party to fight for military power." The greatest significance is here. The reason for this is to reduce your deliberation, discretion and immediate execution.

This is exactly the same as that of Americans. Now the military guidelines set by the US military manual are: "Never forget a great truth. The source of credibility and noble behavior must come from the highest level." Let's remember this sentence. If there is no noble behavior at the top level, it calls for noble behavior. If Mao Zedong's brother caught a pig and improved his life to the army, Mao Zedong would eat pork together. That would be the end. How do you transform this army?

There must be advanced minorities in the leadership.

The Gutian conference realized the Phoenix Nirvana of a team, and let a contingent of others known as a "bandits" acquire the most advanced ideas. Let's take a look at the people in this team. If there were no Chinese revolution, they might always be farmers facing the back of the loess. The Chinese revolution greatly changed their fate, which in turn changed the fate of the Chinese nation.

Here I would like to tell you one of the many peasant generals, Han Xianchu. In the battle of Hainan Island, we did not know how to go through dangerous situations without the generals such as Han Xianchu. In June 25, 1950, the Korean War broke out. (US Navy) the seventh fleet cut off the Taiwan Straits in June 27th. If we do not knock Hainan Island down before June 27th, let's not talk about the Taiwan issue. First of all, the Hainan Island issue. What international tourism island will be built to avoid haze in Hainan?

But we did not know that the Korean War was going to break out. In January 10, 1950, Mao Zedong ordered the Hainan Island issue to fight for the two quarter of the spring and summer. The battle time in Hainan Island was postponed. It was solved in spring. Later, it was found that it was no good. The two landing battle failed, the first attack on Jinmen, and 9000 people returned to the island without any return, the biggest loss of the war of liberation. The second time on the island, three companies went up, no one came back, all the losses.

Landing operations are completely different from land operations. Therefore, Chairman Mao will postpone, Lin Biao of Wuhan will be postponed, the marshal of Guangzhou will be postponed, and the commander of the 15 corps, Deng Hua, will be postponed, which is equal to the four superiors of Han Xianchu to be postponed.

Han Xianchu estimated that there were no major problems to be dealt with.

Then Han Xianchu continued the telegram in March 31st: the conditions for large-scale sea crossing were ripe enough to fight. The telegram continued to be ignored. At the end of the day, the political commissar did not send a telegram to him. He said, Lao Han, I had made several suggestions, but I did not answer them above. I do not want to be consistent with the Central Committee again and again for three.

In April 7th, Han Xianchu's personal telegram sent to the fourth field army of the 15 regiment, called for the immediate launching of the Hainan Island campaign. If the 43 army was not ready, it would be the main force to cross the sea. Han Xianchu is aggressive.

What is the soul and blood of a team? Is it just what the leadership endows? I will do whatever the leader says, and if the leader does not say, I will not do it. Look at what Han Xianchu is fighting for in what circumstances. Han Xianchu listened to most people's opinions and did not fight this battle. Push back a little, hold on a little bit, and sacrifice less. A lot of cadres and soldiers said: Han Jun commander, you are active in the main battle. We are afraid that we will have revolution to the bottom of the sea this time.

So, let's see, the war is coming soon. It's not like our TV shows. It's the book of determination, the oath of office, the bloody book, the beating of the gong and the drums. It's bleeding.

What is the will of leaders? When the masses said to the East, I said to the East, the masses said westward and westward, and the masses said, "go ahead, I will follow." Look at this leader of Han Xianchu. This battle must be done by Lao Tzu.

In April 10th, Han Xianchu persuaded Lin Biao and Lin Biao to persuade Chairman Mao, Chairman Mao to dispatch Ye Shuai, and the Central Military Commission issued a massive command of the war. In April 16th, at the beginning of the battle of Hainan Island, Han Xianchu led the island, and Han Xianchu was the first to ascend the island in the capacity of the commander. In May 1st, Hainan Island was liberated, the Korean War broke out in June 25th, and the seventh fleet was separated from the Taiwan Strait in June 27th.

So hung up! It was less than a month. Without Han Xianchu's active main battle, what should we think of Hainan Island today? Can we still talk about the development of real estate and international tourism island in Hainan Island today?

So I often say, What is the victory of the Communist Party of China? Are you alone with the leader? Just when we listened to the wise instructions of our leaders, did we win? The team's soul and blood burst out of enthusiasm, initiative, creativity, Han Xianchu persuaded four levels of leadership, the 15 corps, the Guangdong Military Commission, the Wuhan command post of the Wuhan and the Central Military Commission, all persuaded, in accordance with the meaning of doing, to the end, down! This generals brought the greatest blood and soul to this team.


"Peace is the greatest corrosive."

From the past, we have long peace. Hagel said: "peace is the greatest corrosive."

Today we can see that the impact of the market economy, the fermentation of feudal residue, the collapse of ideological lines, the loss of ideals and beliefs, the formalism of corruption, the spread of corruption, and the absence of supervision and correction. Today, there are still a few ambitious aspirations, most of whom still advocate that they should be separated by light.

In some historical stages, most people do not have lofty ideals and lofty pursuits. It doesn't matter. As long as we have a few key leaders, you have lofty ideals and noble pursuits, you can bring your team out. Otherwise, if you expect the team to automatically generate, you can wait and never wait.

Man stands by thought, and the team is supported by soul. There are three outstanding models with teams:

One was Gen Gi Khan, who said, "the more you cannot climb mountains, the more you will ascend."

One is Mao Zedong. He said, "the Red Army is not afraid of expedition. It is only a long journey."

One is Ren Zhengfei. He said, "we have no way to go but victory."

Today, the United States leans against the state of HUAWEI, a private enterprise. Do you have such a precedent in turning the world history? I sent a message to Ren and told Mr. Ren: "today, this picture is not going to become the greatest enterprise in Chinese history and the history of Asia," HUAWEI said. Ren always tells us this sentence. "We have no way to win except victory. We must win!"

What kind of team do you have with Gen Gi Khan? What kind of team does Mao Zedong bring? What kind of team does Ren Zhengfei bring? They are extremely competitive, able to fight and win battles.

Our team must keep winning in the constant change, and guarantee our future victory with our soul and blood.

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