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Smart Life of grey system! Industrial designer's 130m pure land

@ 2019/10/09

Refuse a mediocre life with a lavish attitude. Detailed case DIY creative design

This is the new home of a male industrial designer. You can integrate your career and hobbies into the whole space and create a habitation with personal style.
Designers from the owners' hobbies and needs, in the Huxing did not make too many changes, but only optimized the functional zoning. Material selection, does not seek the eye-catching visual effect, with cloth, wood warm, to reconcile the cold feeling of cement and stainless steel. Unique and elegant temperament. Soft packing is not overloaded. Furniture that is full of design. Leave room for spacious and refreshing.

Housing information

Coordinates: Nanjing, Jiangsu

Apartment: Two rooms, two rooms

The measure of area: One hundred and thirty A kind of

Cost: 50W

A kind of Original structure diagram

Habitation problem: housing demand:

1. the pattern of the original Huxing is relatively regular but lacks reasonable planning for functional layout.

2. the entry position of the passenger guard is opposite to the main bedroom door. It is also not convenient to use on the moving line. The main guard area is small, and the position of the main guard door is on the bed of the main bedroom, all of which need to be reformed.

3. the wall of the study is prominent, which makes the guest dining room space not coherent in visual effect.

4. owners need to retain two toilet functions, no need for a separate cloakroom, need to add enough cabinet storage.

5. the function of primary and secondary functions and study functions need to be preserved.

6. kitchen longitudinal distance is small.

A kind of Layout plan

Design strategy:

1. change the location of the guest and the main bedroom door. The public area moves smoothly and ensures the complete consistency of the TV background wall and the visual effect is more beautiful.

2. study to remove the non load bearing wall, select " The long fan black aluminum frame glass folding door serves as a partition to make up for the daylighting problem caused by the small window of the study room. Space is more transparent.

3. the wall of the TV is moved to the side of the living room, leaving the wardrobe for the master bedroom and increasing the width of the main bedroom aisle.

4. change the location of the main guard door, re build the partition wall, increase the storage, and avoid the embarrassment of the bathroom door to the bed.

5. the wall of the kitchen moved to the next stage to expand the area of the preparation area.

A living room

The white wall is elegantly matched with the elegant rice white sofa. The sofa consists of several blocks. masonry , Proportions and ingenuity It can be combined freely, and is suitable for owners who like to transform and match their home furnishings. Low altitude, inspired by tatami and couch, add oriental flavor to the cold spaces.
Similarly, the low tea table made of low cement has a delicate shape, like a chess table, placed in the empty living room, emitting a cool and self-contained texture.

The linear chandelier in the corner can be controlled by line, and the wind has a leisurely rhythm when swinging. The geometric shape of the edges is also made of cement, which can be freely combined, and is small and restrained furniture with interest.

The combination of TV background wall and storage cabinet is made of white mixed wood surface decoration, and the lower wood grooves are used to break the white holes and bring warm colors.

The main bedroom door is hidden on the side of the TV background wall, and the invisible door with the same color system is adopted, which is unified with the simple style of the whole.

A kind of  Invisible door dynamic display

The living room space, on the elegant and gray tone, is also moist and white with elegant and elegant personality.

The curtain is a white vertical shutter, no matter whether it opens or closes, it will not affect the sense of transparency in the space. It also produces beautiful shadows and changes.

The living room and the balcony are directly selected, and the black aluminum frame glass folding door is adopted to cut off the lighting.

A kind of Look from balcony to inward view


The balcony is very spacious, with laundry area on one side and leisure on the other side. The wall is paved with dark grey bricks, and the curtain is made of black shutters, plus good lighting, highlighting the steady texture of dark material combinations.


A kind of Pan do magic floor paint

Except for primary and secondary lying areas, the ground is all smooth, smooth and seamless. Pan do magic floor paint , The silky luster gives the space a modern cool tone.

There is no side cupboard around the dining table, the layout is slightly spacious, so that the poetry of the fair faced concrete spreads in the air.

Matte iron supports the smooth surface of the cement table, and the table does not contain smoke and fire. The chair of the chair has a modern sense of city. The simple line of the legs is a mixture of rough and meticulous temperament.
The big picture taken by the owner in the white wall corner is a very personal decoration.

A kind of Guest Restaurant

The lighting layout of the restaurant is not complicated. The chandelier with cement material is used as an atmosphere for dining. It belongs to a cool and mild sense of cold.


On the left side of the kitchen, a whole row of cabinets is replenish, and the refrigerator, steamed oven and other electrical appliances are embedded in the kitchen to make the small space feel more clean and comfortable. White cabinets, light grey floor paint and dark grey wall tiles are suitable for color matching and feel a sense of constraint.


The paint on the wall of the study is not painted too much to satisfy the ultimate pursuit of the owner. Solid wood table and Eames chair Complement each other, the door is carved with the name of the owner of the curved stainless steel doorplate.

The corner of the study, which is placed on the bottom of the carpenter and the stainless steel folding cabinet, is very suitable for the style of the whole space.

A kind of  Long fan black aluminum frame glass folding door

Master bedroom

Through the television background wall move outside, increase the wardrobe storage space for the main bedroom. From entering the door to the side of the bed, the walls are pasted with wood colored veneers. There is no excess decoration, and a more warm and relaxing atmosphere.
The main guard door is moved to the aisle to avoid the embarrassment of the bathroom door to the bed.

Bedside cabinets and lamps and lanterns, choose the simple form, in the private bedroom space, let oneself be surrounded by the color and material that likes, is the most relaxed moment. And the minimalist hobby is a simple pursuit.

A kind of Bedside corner


The main defense space is re planned to increase the storage area. Aluminum frame glass door + log color cabinet, embedded inside the lamp belt, not only supplement dry area light source, but also foil. A private atmosphere.

The circular mirror has a lamp belt on the reverse side, and the light is softer. Convenient for daily grooming

A kind of Dry wet separation of secondary guards